Kendall Jenner Changed Fashion Using Social Media And Here’s How

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      Kendall Jenner Changed Fashion Using Social Media And Here's How

      The Kendall Jenner Effect On The Fashion And Modeling Industry. Subscribe to our channel: We all know fashion is always changing, but …


        Am i the only one who loves Kendall Jenner?


          I was dreaming about her for some reason.



            Μυρτώ Καραγιώργου

              Nostalgic about the old supermodels but I think Kendall would be a supermodel in that era too

              Belinda Enata

                Tyra, Naomi,Twiggy,Marlyn = ICONIC . Kendall Gigi Bella = just wait a few years and they gonna trade in there footsteps

                Brittany Moneymaker

                  It’s so weird how she is the crotch goblin of kris Jenner and Caitlyn (Bruce then) Jenner 🤔

                  Smita Sarkar

                    Gigi got insta famous a lot later than coming in the modeling Industry

                    Somaliland Somalia

                      Bello donna

                      Sofia Loustaunau

                        love you guys


                          Kendall is gorgeous


                            Who is that at 14 seconds?

                            Charlotte Brackenbury

                              yeh stupid chavs don't deserve to be famous or rich Kardashians don't deserve it

                              Maria O’Leary

                                She is the only one who seem to have a brain. It doesn’t take a smart person to put on makeup.

                                Mrs J

                                  What made them Them?

                                  Nicki Minaj

                                    I am a supermodel

                                    Cardi B


                                      Ariana Grande

                                        Its cute

                                        Luka Qaldani

                                          I’m sorry but I don’t know who that is

                                          Sabah Asly

                                            Wtf why is it her dazzling personality or her insightful views on politics and other worldly topics, All those people following a person with zero activit brain cells the girl don't know the difference between Kurdistan and Kazakhstan she's probably thinking there makeup brands
                                            She is gorgeous get you money girl but ffs have some substance stop being so empty have your own thoughts our next generation looks at u see what ok or the norm and what's not and when ur at the top but your IQ is lower than your shoe size, girl read a booo please im begging you

                                            laura tarrago

                                              Hate Kendal


                                                Unfortunately for them, the whole Jenner and Kardashian brand doesn't have more than a couple years left. So they should milk it while they can


                                                  Was this an advert for Calvin Klein jeans? Because it’s sure felt like it was at the beginning yet nothing mentioned that this is an ad. Unethical.

                                                  Rudolf de Lang

                                                    0:39 Flat chest but other than that ur perfect!!!

                                                    Jarren Lumpkin


                                                      Natalie H

                                                        Give me a break .that Kardashian name helped her advance..nothing more .

                                                        Jalleel Bansie

                                                          Kendell is and will stay the best.okuurt

                                                          Slime Vui Nhộn

                                                            And she’s not even a good model

                                                            The Savage Show

                                                              I hear if your early, the talko hearts your comment

                                                              Prince J

                                                                Less goo shout me out ig mekhipedersen


                                                                  I don't understand why people hate this gorgeous woman 🙎

                                                                  Rays Uniquely

                                                                    Bella is that you?

                                                                    Anastasia Mwansa

                                                                      Hey can I get a shout out😇

                                                                      banu shaik

                                                                        How do u know wearing dis types using Calvin Klein?

                                                                        Tejaswani Bhardwaj

                                                                          You know I also want to be model but my height is just 5.2. 😭😭😭😦 Some time thing you want can't be yours. 😖☹️.

                                                                          Kelvin Osrio Jr.

                                                                            Kendall Jenner IS hot and beautiful, BUT im 12

                                                                            taetae’s smile gives me life

                                                                              Bitter truth
                                                                              Kendall jenner is gorgeous af

                                                                              Chochoi Lhoujem

                                                                                Kendall you go girl ♥️🌹

                                                                                DAISUKI _69_




                                                                                  imtilong aln

                                                                                    Finally early today

                                                                                    Yung khalif

                                                                                      when you're early but you don't know what to say

                                                                                      Sumit Kapur

                                                                                        Loovvvee this channel❤❤❤❤❤

                                                                                        Rylee Erickson

                                                                                          Yeahhhhhhhh insta is big

                                                                                          U Movie

                                                                                            Amazing girl,so beautiful ❣️❣️❣️💦💦💦

                                                                                            jhulia kristina japa


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