Khloe Kardashian Attacks Tristan Thompson After Jordyn Woods Red Table Talk Reveal

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      Khloe Kardashian Attacks Tristan Thompson After Jordyn Woods Red Table Talk Reveal

      “We Never Kissed” Jordyn Woods Claims On Red Table Talk Sparking Khloe Kardashian Backlash. Subscribe: …

      K Kouture
        Restlessnreal107 Xx

          Why we dragging Khloe for having the same emotions any woman would have in this situation? If that was me, Jordyn would get beat down & so would Tristan. I think she’s handling it well🤷🏻‍♀️

          ciyarah eliana

            you lose them how you get em🤷🏼‍♀️

            Jaiyna Smirnova

              Poor girl 🙁 Chloe should grow up.


                I can't listen anymore like WHO CAREESSSS

                Yvette Brown-Johnson

                  I don't see why the hell Khloe is trippin because Tristian is everybody's man. You can have him, you can have him, and you can have him! Hell, at this point this serial cheater is not picky. Unfortunately, it took a close family friend for Khloe to get the message.

                  Christine sambrano Sambrano

                    I don’t recall Khloe giving Jordyn(Tristan’s 1st babymama) an apology. Khloe totally acted as if she didn’t exist.

                    Ana Morel

                      Everything i learned about the Kardashian's was against my will. But i'm not neccesarily mad about that, tho


                        Who cares. She is telling the truth. Stop

                        nene durano

                          These white blogs are not talking about how Khloe the hoe has ruined other ppls homes

                          Jocelyn Rosado

                            I think Tristan took advantage of the situation and a young female who trusted him and Jordan's ashamed of what really happened at the time the attention was probably nice but not the outcome

                            Marie Dames

                              I would rather be watching and following Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry they are newsworthy real Royals.


                                Karma knows khloe addresse. She met her match

                                Keli Smith

                                  Khole is in denial. Jordon did the interview is the best thing. Kardash need to stop running ppl lives like their own business

                                  alex rola

                                    Khloe u a hoe how do u expect a man to be loyal to u
                                    Don’t make sense

                                    Rachel McK

                                      Why is this her fault when he's the one in the relationship not on her in my eyes. It's ok for them to cheat with people can't expect to be treated any different.

                                      A A

                                        Welp she wanted to be someone’s baby mama now you live with what it comes with🤷🏼‍♀️!!

                                        crystalpiecupcake Agboola Kolawale


                                          Read the second line

                                          crystalpiecupcake Agboola Kolawale

                                            I am so over this let's move on


                                              tristen isnt even that good looking

                                              Spa in

                                                Jordyn is easy to scare . She has a lot to lose . She is the one telling the truth

                                                Spa in

                                                  She even offered to take a lie detective test. I really believe this girl Jordyn

                                                  Spa in

                                                    She told the truth

                                                    Macy Smith

                                                      ok but she tried calling khloe and kylie but they never answered. Khloe just needs to stop Tristan is clearly not the one and she still does not see that someone needs to knock some sense into her.

                                                      Night_ Slayer500

                                                        What made it worst is dating a cheater.
                                                        Like sis.
                                                        Dis tew much.
                                                        But like honey ya gotta give up on him. He is the caused.

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