Khloe Kardashian Reacts To Kylie Jenner And Jordyn Woods Reuniting As Friends

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      Khloe Kardashian Reacts To Kylie Jenner And Jordyn Woods Reuniting As Friends

      Kim Kardashian Reveals Tristan Thompson Should Not Be Invited To True’s First Birthday. Subscribe: …

      Mr Meeseeks

        A monkey can do your job


          Kourtney and Kendall have been silent on the matter, and for good reason too

          Jane the dragon x.o

            the talko is pretty bias on the kardashian sense, they leave out so much information to paint a picture only fans will believe its time to unsubscribe, i advise everyone else to as well

            Shinning Sparkles

              HEY GUYS ITS ALI FROM

              HOLLYWOOD LIFE

              T T

                Kylie don't look like she feeling you in the picture.

                jorden c

                  but is chloe REALLYYYYYY kylie’s sister O_o #conspiracytheory

                  1 mill subs without a video Sub to me

                    Contact he just hacked me 1000$ on PayPal

                    Richard Eduardo

                      Stupid when he get your man just call yourself stupid ok. That snake belong outside she screw him and injoy it. Watch out for travis

                      Andrea Ross

                        It was not cheating! They were not together. Please stop pushing this narrative. He doesn’t have a side chick. He is single!!!


                          All Hoors!

                          abigail wakere

                            who cares

                            Avis Avis

                              LOL WITH JORYDEN THE PHOTO IS JORYDEN SISTER

                              Day6 Harmony

                                Starts at 2:38


                                  I'm sorry but she is not to be trusted. Along with Tristan. Forgive and tell her to move along. Don't need friends like that. That was just total disrespect for Kylie and and the family.


                                    Omg who gives a flying fuk


                                      do all y'all talk about is Kylie Jenner I swear every other post is about her.


                                        Who gives a shit there hoes and there going to hell

                                        Josh Lovely

                                          I knew it but they all just fake.

                                          KK and sims 4

                                            Nothing without them wtf bullying at its finest

                                            Jennifer Lopez

                                              Who are these people and why am I watching this?

                                              KK and sims 4

                                                The tea is drunk and peed out already enough

                                                Desiree Rampershad

                                                  Khloe doesnt even look like herself anymore….


                                                    Again Khloe is still being a hypocrite and seriously get over it.

                                                    Emily Har

                                                      tristan is trash everyone knows

                                                      Peter McGlothin


                                                        peneueta lualua

                                                          That was Jordyn's lil sister lol

                                                          Naomi King

                                                            Why blame the woman when it was Tristan fault for cheating on her!

                                                            Laura Tina

                                                              Tristan is not worth being the cause of all this strain between families and friends. i love the post of being jordyn being greatful fr a new day, u just hv to take control of ur emotions an decide to be happy, "he dat is without sin shld throw a stone". this whole drama gives me a very different perception of some of the kardashians

                                                              Davonne Hayes

                                                                if Jordyn is like her lil sister you forgive her yr man was wrong PERIODT!

                                                                Michael’s passionking

                                                                  As friends , not best friends

                                                                  Edited : PERIDOTTTT

                                                                  Vanshika Tripathi

                                                                    Honestly True is better off without Tristan as a father figure.

                                                                    priscilla sigauke

                                                                      I am all for team Jordan. I don't really care what happened.The Kardashians can NEVER sell me virtue. All this is karma in my eyes.

                                                                      Gambelian Gambelian

                                                                        The Kardashian’s didn’t make Jordyn successful she was already there before they’re

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