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      Kim Kardashian Scares Jordyn Woods And Here's Why

      Jordyn Woods Reveals Kim Kardashian Terrifies Her Given All This Scandal. Subscribe: …

      Save Pewdiepie

        Drama alert

        tracy clement

          Fuc Kim she ain’t nobody!! Really NOT…..

          Helen Pierce-Lamoureux

            I'm thinking maybe Kim can explain to the public OR Khloe how it is DIFFERENT for Khloe to bash ANYONE about Tristan! HE did not marry Khloe-so no commitment altho Khloe tries to sink her claws in as far as possible…even to have STOLEN and BROKE up the relationship he was in BEFORE she was his SIDE PIECE. Tricking and manipulating to get preggers w/a guys kid doesn't obligate HIM to HER or ANYTHING! Khloe may need to THINK again before bringing an INNOCENT <child> into her GRAB BAGGING world making ALL THE WRONG CHOICES OF MEN!


              I got an ad of kylie jenner and kendall jenner lmao

              Jane Dough

                The chemicals in her face are starting to take its toll, Kim's starting to get weird plastic look, just look at the state of face! omg!

                Tina Fox

                  I haven’t even heard this clip yet, but the only thing that scares Jordan about Kim is her FACE! She really needs to stop trying to morph into Osiris, I think that’s the pagan god she resembles….if I am remembering correctly 😂😂

                  Jane Dough

                    Is it just me? but these so called "snap backs" made by Kim don't seem to be particularly clever/witty in the slightest. Or is it that everyone in her circle is just as dumb as she is? I mean Kim has so many things that you could take her down with, so many that she's way too much of an easy target, why would anyone be scared of that/her? Because of this I think it's clear Jordyn is playing a game for sympathy. The whole thing is pathetic and sad just like their lives. I think the chemicals injections have affected their brains.

                    David Smith

                      …..and who's scared of KimYe??

                      Eliza Hernandez

                        She said Kim claps back with smart remarks but Kim isnt smart soooooo….🤔🤯

                        antoinette abela


                          MeMe O.

                            These HOEdashians are getting on my nerves. They are bullies and need to leave Jordyn alone. I would, I mean she knows where the skeletons are buried. Who is scare of Kim?LOL . Kim doesn't have the hands to back it up but of course she'll probably send someone to do her dirty work cause she has no means .
                            I'm so glad Will and Jada SHUT THEM DOWN!

                            Princess Barbee

                              Social media bad gal, Kim can't fight she need to try chatting like that to someones face in real life!

                              Y’ALL DON’T LIKE THAT KINDA’ TEACHIN’!

                                Kylie Jenner's former best friend signed an "ironclad NDA" (non-disclosure agreement) with the family, which makes her unable to discuss the Kardashian-Jenners at length. "She can’t talk about the family, so it’s unclear what she’s going to be able to say to Jada," a source explained to the mag. "She can apologize but can’t talk about anything really beyond that in terms of the family."

                                Pinky Lexus

                                  for all of this Jordyn shud have just fucked Tristan then

                                  Tonia Wilson

                                    This was dumb 😂😂😂. Your site need to find some better news to report. 🤡 🤡 Clown

                                    Ubah Mohyadin

                                      Omg no one is scared of Kim 😂 #fakestory

                                      Dee J

                                        Khloe Kardashian is the stupidest of everyone involved. "Once a cheater always a cheater" 🙄 "what goes around, comes around" stupid women deserve that kinda shit especially if they started that relationship as them being the homewrecker themselves 🤔 . Boo hoo Khloe, here sister 🍼🍼🍼🍼 suck it up 😉 oh, and the rest of the Kardashians seem to have forgotten how Khloe had an "innocent" relationship with her brother-in-law 🙄

                                        zenia welch

                                          Pfft kim is 5'3 n privileged ain't no one scared she can catch any type of handz🙄

                                          Sherry Donaldson

                                            She agreed to a lie detector test. I say go for it Jordan!

                                            Lava Jade

                                              get the f*** out of here!

                                              Angel Irizu


                                                Tj Reid

                                                  Karma hasn't come to them full circle 😒

                                                  Melissa Haletky

                                                    How come we are still on this topic? i thought Khole said it was Tristans fault. Kim needs to worry about her own husband.


                                                      i love kanye

                                                      HELENE KENFACK


                                                        Ice Ice

                                                          So is she so scared and everyone is furious why did the whole narrative change? I think the Kardashian’s don’t want the Smith smoke. ps do y’all get paid by Kris Jenner your stories are as bias as Hollywood Unlocked.

                                                          texas 2301

                                                            Kim k is a bully! All those kardashians take men away from women but if someone does it to them all hell breaks loose 😆😆😆


                                                              This news is stupid

                                                              Cassandra Bosquet

                                                                Bra jorden just kissed not hookup and the kard/jen has down much worst now maybe it pay back for the but my fav kardashian is klhoe but i wouldnt wish that to happen to her again

                                                                Zara Deas

                                                                  All Garbage as far as I'm concerned.

                                                                  rebel ram

                                                                    "definitely shock us" maybe you are the dumbest idiot to earth to make this statement!!!!!

                                                                    Mr&Mrs LOVE

                                                                      No body is scared of fucking Kardashian oh wait it’s kartrashian… if you are team jordynwood stop buying their products.. who made this family rich it’s us. Who can make them poor us.

                                                                      diva dwin

                                                                        Who cares…Assumptions….Jordyn will be aii. Oh please this post is pathetic…FOH

                                                                        Brielle bernard

                                                                          These had nothing to do with Jordyn,So what are you talking about?

                                                                          J.M Farmer-Martinez


                                                                            lourdes tu

                                                                              I don't really care! There's a lot of problems in the world. Let's focus on it not to this shitty issues of reality star who I cannot even call actors because they do not have talent.

                                                                              Luyanda Makola

                                                                                oh please! i wasted a whole 7:30min of my life!!! No one is scared of Kim

                                                                                Mena J

                                                                                  I believe the Kardashians are working harder than the devil with the predominantly white gossip news outlet. No one in this word is scared of Kim, Jorydan stay away from this terrible family. What Kind should be scared of is her husband's ever declining mental state. Jorydan GET OUT!

                                                                                  blue heaven

                                                                                    Mmm Jordy doesn't scare sucking big dinks but she scare of litlle petite pussy ? Jordy is 5'9 fatty liposactioned beast compare to 5"3 petite Kim Kardashian.

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