KITCHEN ORGANIZATION // organizing the pantry in my new house!

Main KITCHEN ORGANIZATION // organizing the pantry in my new house!

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    Tara Michelle
      KITCHEN ORGANIZATION // organizing the pantry in my new house!

      I finally got the opportunity to start fresh and clean with a new kitchen in my new house! Therefore – ORGANIZATION!! I legit love organizing and started off with …

      Paqui Marín fornieles

        Hola tara desdé España un vidio de ropa 💕😍

        MeKenna Plansky

          Where do you get all your music where you dont get copyrighted? I love your music choice and I don't like YouTube's free music 😭

          Lena Ferchland

            Looks great Tara!😇❤️

            User name

              It seems like you're living in this grey oversized sweatshirt, but I can't blame you because I do the exact same. It's just so comfortable 😂😍😍

              Ruth Adelbai


                Catarina Santos

                  totally obsessed with your moving videos!! love you Tara xx

                  Odalys Ramirez

                    Love it! Can’t wait for your place to come together 💕


                      just a friendly tip if you go to a supermarket one can use reusable bags to save on the plastic

                      Hannah C

                        Love these videos! I moved house earlier this year – I’ve already reorganised the kitchen a couple of times since then, based on how often I use things and where I use them! 🙂

                        Anna’s Alcove

                          So excited for this!! I love organization so much:))

                          Santana Morales

                            Seeing your progress on moving in to the new place just made me realize this is the new location for a while and there’s no going back to that apartment. It feels weird but I’m proud of you Tara 💘 I’ve been watching you since your second apartment to now

                            Chantelle Clark

                              Love it! Keep up the good work on ur new place. Glad to see ur doing good!

                              Lydia Nicole

                                For the pantry ( at 8:05 ) u should put cleaning supplies in it.

                                Yaneli’s Diary

                                  with the same logic you used for putting the spices by the stove, you should also put the rice and pasta there too

                                  Cathy Corner

                                    SUCH A LOVELY AND SATISFYING VIDEOOOO love itttt SO EXCITING AH

                                    Lea Butler

                                      Everything looks great! I don’t understand why the febreeze is in your cabinet above your coffee station though 😂 seems random

                                      Meredith Brown

                                        it looks SOOOO good! go girl! xoxo

                                        Autumn Lear

                                          Love all this content!!! And can we talk about your hair!! 😍

                                          medina gul


                                            Sofi Steele

                                              You should get a small stepping stool, I got one from target cause my cabinets are too tall for me also 😂

                                              Simone Gouveia

                                                Omg that fun dip tho!!! My childhood 🙌

                                                Sofi Steele

                                                  I love these moving vlogs 😍


                                                    This moving series has been so much fun to watch ! Now I want to move 😂

                                                    **follow my flight attendant channel ! New videos coming soon !

                                                    Fatima Restauro

                                                      what's the song title ?

                                                      Jane Fischer

                                                        I’m on my last year of college and this is making me so excited to get my first “big kid apartment.” I love the way you style and arrange things and it is giving me so many plans and ideas!!
                                                        P.s. sneaky fam


                                                          loving all these little house update vlogs so much 🙌🏻💗

                                                          becky rodriguez

                                                            Love your place a little friendly advice I'd do the coffee bar with tea, sugar, drink k mixes, vitamins and booze and glasses you use for wine ect. Then in the kitchen do all the stuff you cook with spices, pasta ect, then in the opposite from the coffee bar I'd do chips, and more snacks foods. I think it would flow better so it's not all over the place makes cooking easier.

                                                            Yesenia Romero

                                                              Hi!! Everything looks great!! EXCEPT the Fabreeze Spray in your coffee Cabinet. Maybe you can store it under the kitchen sink? 🤪I love the riser idea I may use it in my cabinets. 💗

                                                              Beatrice Serrano

                                                                Looks awesome.

                                                                Ashlynn Loll

                                                                  Random, but you look so good in the shirt in the intro!!

                                                                  Kiley Rae

                                                                    Kitchen goals

                                                                    alyssa chase

                                                                      I love the picture idea!!


                                                                        You should move the febreeze somewhere else.


                                                                          Clear bins would work better so you can see what’s in them

                                                                          Shawdi Alahverdi

                                                                            already like the video before i can even watch!! who can relate?! love you tara!!!


                                                                              i love that you always link the stuff you mention! it is so helpful and i very much appreciate it!!


                                                                                Does anyone else just immediately like the video before it plays orrrrrr?

                                                                                Mallorie Olivia

                                                                                  that tea draw is beyond satisfying lol

                                                                                  Alexandria Czajka

                                                                                    Wait rice and pasta near the coffee?

                                                                                    Almost Adulting

                                                                                      Just cut the baskets in half

                                                                                      Fruit Salad

                                                                                        A lazy susan completely devoted to hot sauces? Love it!

                                                                                        Stefanie Rose Beauty

                                                                                          I’ve been loving these videos! Can’t wait to see the whole house done 🏡

                                                                                          Blue_dyed _

                                                                                            Sneaky fam!!😂 Hey Tara!! Love you, your organization, and videos!! Where did u get your light blue tank top towards the end of your video!? It’s super cute!!

                                                                                            pipsqueak ungster

                                                                                              YOU ARE SO CUTE, IM LIVING FOR THESE VLOGS

                                                                                              Vi Dao

                                                                                                Ughhhh I love movie vlogs you have no idea. Best part of my day for sure its kinda sad lol

                                                                                                April Herrera

                                                                                                  Try contacting mr. Kate!


                                                                                                    sneaky fam 🤪

                                                                                                    Kelsey Lawson

                                                                                                      I have super tall cabinets in my apartment and the biggest thing that helped was a collapsible stool! Definitely recommend so you can use more cabinet space. Loved the video btw!:)

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