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      KKW CANDY HEARTS | Celeb Perfumes I HATE + LOVE

      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Here is a video where I review the NEW KKW Candy Hearts Perfumes & Give you my thoughts on other celebrity perfumes! I hope …


        HEY GUYSSSSSS today’s video was supposed to be a collab with RAWBEAUTYKRISTI but the video is sooooooo long, it’s taking me FOREVER to edit it!!!
        So, I uploaded this filler video today lmao & our collab will be up on Monday!!! Wooooo!!! Enjoy this random video lol

        Kelly Pompea

          Check out Zara perfumes!!! SO many amazing scents and they truly last all day, plus at most they’re $25 otherwise mostly $15-20 for 3.5 oz. I adore Oriental, Femme, and Midnight Mauve.

          Femke van Hemsbergen

            i love the beyonce one! the red one.. always get compliments when i wear it! also the original Cristina aguilera stays very long on my skin!


              I love perfume!!!! I have a lot of these already so when you were explaining the scents I was saying “YES!!” Like someone was here 😂😂 I’ve been waiting for this video.😌


                You haven't done a perfune video in ages! I love them so much. My perfume obsessions are the Ariana Grande ones. They last ages and are beautiful. Cloud is my absolute favorite but I'm allergic to it.

                Cesi 929

                  I love the rihanna perfume!


                    That JLo perfume is the bomb!

                    Kaitlin Beste

                      Your face when Smith smell the jlo cracked me up I lov it!

                      Leah Satele

                        You need to make your own line of perfumes! I would buy every single one!

                        Mrs. Serendipitous

                          Kathleeeeen I need to know your opinion. I got the flowerbomb nectar and it smells sooo good. I feel like it doesn't last very long, and nobody can ever smell it on me. Maybe it's the travel packaging? Helppppp I love that scent soooooo much and bought it based on your recommendation. I need it to work 😢😢😢🙃


                            Hey!!! Amo tu outfit y tu makeup looks so pretty great video…. About Nikki Minaj one…. I do like Minajestic more 😂🥰

                            Olivia Hegarty

                              guys what’s the best cruelty free perfume brand?? I’m so stuck😅

                              Emily Metcalf

                                I don't wear purfum and don't plan to buy any but I freaking love you so I HAD to watch this! I made it "this far" cause I love your bloopers. 😂😘

                                Gaybriel Stevens

                                  I LOVEEEE the Rihanna perfume! I get a new bottle every year for Christmas! I LOVE that you talked about it because I’ve had so many people tell me they don’t like it and I just don’t understand 🤔💕

                                  Jessica Najera

                                    I love perfume videos!

                                    Nicole Pages

                                      Still is an old school fav

                                      juveria nausheen

                                        This purple pastel jacket looks so good on u !!!

                                        Diana Odisho Skincare

                                          Omg I LOOOOOOOVE jLo Miami Glow!!! It really is the perfect summer scent. I wish she’d bring it back 😭

                                          Brenda Chavez

                                            Perfume collection please!!! 💖

                                            Alysha Kendall

                                              These videos actually help guide me to what to look for and what not, if you are a perfume person and know the notes you like these videos are super helpful! Thanks Kathleen 🥰

                                              Maite Zarrabeitia

                                                Gotta love all the perfumes videos! You should try those they sell at urban outfitters, I have the Açaí Baie and smells fucking amazing!!! Love u

                                                charissa casi

                                                  I love your purfume videos! Your love for purfume inspired my love

                                                  Megan Phillips

                                                    pastel queen!!!!!! perfume/fragrance videos are so interesting!! i would love to see you come out with your own perfume 👀👀

                                                    Fatima Sheikh

                                                      Video is still loading but I just wanna tell you tha I ADORE YOU AND YOUR STYLE 😍😍😍😍😍♥️♥️

                                                      Kristin Suzanne

                                                        J LO Miami glo is the GOAT. 🙌🏼🙌🏼 I used to wear it all the time in high school and I was complimented constantly!

                                                        Sara Neklason

                                                          I’m not a huge perfume fan but I am a huge Kathleen fan so I watch all of them 🙂

                                                          Juliette-Cyre Velez

                                                            Justin Bieber perfumes are still my fave celeb perfume

                                                            v e r a

                                                              thanks Kathleen I needed a new perfume and I just got the Rihanna Reb'l Fleur of amazon, only 25€ a reasonable price 😅 I like perfumes video idkw you think it's weird to share what you smell like 🤣 ok it sounds weird LOL no pero seriously I enjoyed this video 😘


                                                                I love perfume videos!! Def do more

                                                                Marilina Jiménez

                                                                  Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears, my fav perfume ever! I love it more than life!

                                                                  leah Lemessurier

                                                                    I actually really love Ariana's newest perfume and I find it does smell somewhat unique and it lasts but I agree 100% with a lot of the celeb scents that they smell the same. I love Elizabeth & James Perfume sooooo good!

                                                                    Stacy E

                                                                      I really really enjoyed this video! I was thinking to ask for a new perfume for Mother’s Day and this helped out a lot! Ps can you please say “spectacular” more often?! 🤣😂 lol I love ❤️ it! Sending much love ❤️ and support

                                                                      Summernight Sunsets

                                                                        Also just bought Miami Flow and Reb'l Fleur ….I trust your nose

                                                                        madi dearmond

                                                                          love this video 😍😍😍

                                                                          Christina Hatch

                                                                            you should try the viktor and rolf flowerbomb nectar!!! it’s so juicy and sweet. super fruity!!

                                                                            Katie Sago

                                                                              Love your perfume picks in past so I definitely love when you make new review videos. 😙

                                                                              Christine Woodard

                                                                                I love your perfume reviews!

                                                                                Lindsey Kay

                                                                                  This is the perfect video for Kathleen…
                                                                                  Kathleen: omg you know what this smells like?!


                                                                                    I looooove Ariana Grande Cloud!! It doesn’t smell like all the old ones, it’s so good and lasts forever. 😍

                                                                                    Colleen Sullivan

                                                                                      Kathleen! Love your perfume reviews! I bought the glossier you perfume bc of you and it’s AMAZING so I know I can trust your recommendations 😂🥳

                                                                                      jenny gomezzz

                                                                                        Yess a perfume video ♥️♥️♥️❤️😆

                                                                                        Mile Cavalieri

                                                                                          i loved this videooo

                                                                                          Ashlyn Corley

                                                                                            Last video you sang a bit of Blink in your bloopers, now this one mention Pokémon… didn’t know I could like you even more! 💚💚💚

                                                                                            Orly Dvr

                                                                                              You're such a smell person. I can't even tell what's in my perfumes lmao

                                                                                              Pastel Julia :*:・゚

                                                                                                who else is obsessed with her style? 😍 love this video gurl!!

                                                                                                – Also a youtuber btw

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