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    Wayne Goss

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      beboo lee

        This video fucking sent me lol

        Karen Salazar

          4:11 “where do they get their money”
          They get it from like 20 2 part ads they put in all their videos so they could talk nonsense for the first 5-10 min and then get into the actual content. The fact that you don’t do that is the reason I highly appreciate you

          Sabrina E

            I just love when you go off on your rants lol 🤣🤣🤣.


              Have you reviewed any fenty ?

              Dianne from Canada

                Wayne's comedy hour! 😄


                  So her make up products are basically colorpop formula with her name printed on in it?

                  danielle lashea

                    you were so irritated omg lol 😂

                    Allyssa Flores

                      I have no complaints about the quality of your videos, your camera, lighting and back ground, it is all great to me. I just appreciate your honest reviews so I will always watch! Thank you Wayne Goss

                      Jenns Town

                        I love you Wayne goss! I use your amazing brushes every day! Best brushes ever! ♥️❤️♥️

                        Jessica Spence

                          This is the best video. Grumpy Goss is hilarious!

                          Bee B

                            5:20 "if you have green skin, you're in for a treat" bruuuhh 💀💀💀


                              “If you have green skin, you’re in for a treat!” Bahahahahah

                              ellen joy

                                i am a new viewer so i had no idea Mr Wayne Goss was so sassy and it really brighten my day but i hope he is feeling better now 😂😭


                                  Because of videos like this I continue watching you, I love how honest you are, thank you

                                  Miss Maia

                                    STOP. SLICKS. YOUR. HAIR. BACK.
                                    im tired of respawning myself.

                                    that gesture is very lethal to me.


                                      I LOVED your review!! you could turn frustration to entertainment & I really REALLY appreciated your honesty. Id also buy Colourpop, and I do, but sometimes Im pulled in by the shine of stg else. thanks for pulling me back to Earth

                                      Chelsea Belle

                                        i love this guy


                                          "So if you have green skin, you're in for a treat" 😂


                                            Lmaoooo.. this is the type of brutal reviews I am here for🔥🔥 do a lot more reviews, please.. replace some of those problematic beauty gurus. We need Mr. Goss!!


                                              Wayne are you OK?

                                              Monique A.

                                                I luv the "shit" review💩 this was a funny but informative review. Thanks Wayne😊


                                                  The cover photo has me dead💀💀

                                                  Olivia Penner

                                                    I’m pretty sure you’re literal Jesus. Cannot convince me other wise

                                                    Laurel Rettle

                                                      Ohhhhh hysterical!


                                                        I just LOVE seeing his true sassy personality show through!!!

                                                        Amy L.

                                                          I love your honesty, you are so funny!


                                                            Yes I agree with the concealer! They’re amazing


                                                              I LOVE when you're sassy you naughty boy!

                                                              Nesha Carter

                                                                This video reminded me that there’s better products than Kylie and I almost thought of buying a lip kit


                                                                  I thought her shadows are okay. Really enjoyed her lipglosses and shade range for liquid lipsticks. They wear well throughout the day ant I enjoy the powder like finish on them

                                                                  Stephanie RN

                                                                    “If you have green skin you’re in for a treat.” 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️cracking me up 🥰😘😘😘


                                                                      What do I do without you Goss. I have been watching you since the beginning and ur review it’s very trustworthy because of you I fall in love with makeup even more. Ur channel is one of few channels when I don’t feel make up is very commercial like everywhere else💛

                                                                      Cindy Luv

                                                                        Wow lol 😂 gotta say I luv this video 😂 “look at that!! all that money for that lense that doesn’t even work” I died 🤣🤣🤣🤣 made my night 🤣

                                                                        Erika Luna

                                                                          I'm crying over here! You had me cracking up. Thank you for the honest review!

                                                                          J. J.

                                                                            If you have green skin, you’re in for a treat. 💀😂😂😂

                                                                            Linda Reavis

                                                                              In terms of longevity in watching YouTube I’m very “new” but “old” enough to already be sick of those so called beauty guru’s.. what a waste of time.. “MAKEUP ARTIST GOSS”… he’s the only one who tells the truth.. so if you want a unbiased opinion you found your guy., 👏👏👏

                                                                              Lindsey Churm

                                                                                This video is my whole mood 🤣🤣👏

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