Kylie Jenner And Jordyn Woods: A Complete Friendship Timeline

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      Kylie Jenner And Jordyn Woods: A Complete Friendship Timeline

      Will Kylie Jenner forgive BFF Jordyn Woods? Subscribe to our channel: …

      Reyna Rios

        where are the auditions to be kylie bf lol

        its ms marley

          Kylie should forgive her… her sisters has done worst shit remember? this whole story was clearly a way out for TT to get out of this relationship with Khloe.. I kinda feel sorry for her.. but once a cheater…. forgive, forget and move on!

          Titania Evil

            For kyle is one of those losers THAT CANNOT DO SHIT BY HELSELF.

            Shrek Daddy

              I have autism

              Janet Johnson


                Nedra Williams

                  I hope they make up. True friends will work this out.

                  Slime Vui Nhộn

                    Who ever is reading this have a nice day!

                    Coco P

                      There goes 12 minutes 12 seconds of my life.. SMH.. Excuse me while I go throw up.. Jordyn do all of us a favor and yourself.. run!

                      Lu GioF

                        Kylie Jenner And Jordyn Woods: AKA : 12 Years a Slave … go Jordyn! Run girl! Run ruuuuun

                        Erica Galas

                          I think kylie should call it quits bcoz cheating is cheating kylie nothing less nothing more..

                          Erica Galas

                            Maybe their friendship is too much thats why it was ended

                            Cassandra Bannerbie

                              I think Kylie wants her friend back but because of her bitchy sister she's holding back

                              Olga WW

                                Khloe and Tristan weren’t even together to say that it was cheating, Kylie and Jordyn will find their way back together fingers crossed 🤞🏼

                                Jaz Bennett

                                  Khloe should allow Kylie to be friends with Jordyn again cos they had a deeper, meaningful friendship. Tbh what Jordyn did was more of a betrayal towards kylies family, and not so much kylie herself. If i was Khloe, i would allow my lil sis to work things out with her bff again, but only on the condition that Jordyn is kept far away from any family events or parties. Plus no family members should ever talk to her again (except kylie of/c)

                                  Emily Marie

                                    I don’t see how Kylie could possibly ever be as close as she was with Jordyn again. Hopefully they’ll still remain friends, but I doubt will see Jordy moving back in or any more colas between the two.

                                    sarah brune

                                      Elles étaient des meilleurs copines c est dommage

                                      Grace Helps

                                        I think its deeper than the kiss no one just kisses someone so i think

                                        Kendra Shavonne

                                          They didn’t hook up. And she didn’t do shit to Kylie. Her and Khloe don’t have to talk but I think her and Kylie should still be friends

                                          Songül Denizer

                                            Tbh i hope they will be besties again cause their relationship was really cute and yes everyone makes mistakes. Khloe did forgive Tristan after he cheated multiple times on her, so Kylie should actually give Jordyn a second chance again.

                                            Erica M

                                              I’m sure Kylie will forgive Jordyn

                                              Shane Jason

                                                Nah. Blood is thicker than water.
                                                You never dbl x sisterhood. Ever.

                                                shayla patten


                                                  Anne Murdock

                                                    Sounds suspiciously like Mama Chris nabbed on this little kiss to kill two birds with one stone. One, she could break up this duo, Kylie and Jordan and, two, she could get mucho attention for the Kardasian brand. Wow, Mama Chris is always manipulating things to keep the money flowing! Have to say she is a smart manipulator, however, don't think her motives were the best thing for Kylie who seems to need Jordyn around for her emotional well being! Will see if Kylie eventually bucks Mama Chris and makes up with her long time best friend. Hope so! Being "best friends" for years isn't a relationship that one can ever really replace!

                                                    Markina Houston

                                                      I'm so annoyed by this…😒😤😒🤬🤬

                                                      Shannon Jackman

                                                        They did not hook up he he kissed her as she said khloe's deserve better and to no the man move on already he made a move she was not intrested and she felt bad but triston did the shit they blame the girl and the guy was the one to blame and they still try to make him look good when he made the move they all full of shit.

                                                        Yahminah Ain

                                                          A one-sided or mutual kiss is Not a hook up!!

                                                          Angela García

                                                            I couldn't bare to live without my best friend, so I can't imagine how sad this must be.

                                                            Bucky Buckminsterfullerine

                                                              She called the shade Jordy…… oh the irony

                                                              Samia Phillip

                                                                Love thetalko❤️


                                                                  Damn codependancy issues 😖

                                                                  Audrie Rodgers

                                                                    Jordan woods and Tristan Thompson did not hook up

                                                                    MaO Cat

                                                                      Good luck with money business bad luck with human relationships.

                                                                      No name

                                                                        They a little bit too close to be just bff's. wtf

                                                                        Hortencia Clare

                                                                          I will be very sad😢 if they end their friendship😭😭😭😭😭😭

                                                                          JUST ME

                                                                            This is sad.

                                                                            Tiffani Wells

                                                                              TALKO. STOP talking about this Jordon shit. Who cars now it's been weeks. If not I'm unsubscribing. I'm sick of hearing this dumb shit

                                                                              caricia angela

                                                                                Heard the Kards want lie derector on jordyn. Live on tv. Well, then we want paternity test on Khloe, live on tv. To see if Rob Kard Senior is dear ol' papa. You owe that much to the fans. And lie detector on Kris. And Kim, about having an affair with Kanye before divorcing Humphries. Yeah we want all of that. Plus paternity test on Reign.
                                                                                Let's go groupie!

                                                                                Vala Dina

                                                                                  Why are y'all still trying to drag this little girl but I didn't see all dragging Khloe when she slept with her best friends men including Tristan when he was with his pregnant fiancee👁🙄🙄


                                                                                    The fact that Kylie could trust Jordyn to keep her pregnancy hidden, that speaks volumes. Jordyn doesn't owe Khloe anything, she's Kylie's best friend.

                                                                                    Siddhant Kamble

                                                                                      I hope they remain friends. Like duh. It’s all Tristan’s shit.

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