Kylie Jenner Reaction To Travis Scott Cheating And Deleting Instagram Account

Main Kylie Jenner Reaction To Travis Scott Cheating And Deleting Instagram Account

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      Kylie Jenner Reaction To Travis Scott Cheating And Deleting Instagram Account

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      Linn Jinn

        Lol! Khloe change of tone is fast. Hate when people use their emotion as excuse 🤣


          Get a taste of your own medicine😂 that's what happens when you take someone else's man.

          Happy Lisa

            I thought they were cute and getting back together now she got cheated on again



              J E ss E Y

                people are sayingits the kardashian curse, when really is KARMA for the kardashians


                  Kanye the only one loyal? 😂😂

                  Jupiter Jewelz

                    I feel Like Jordan and Kylie are secret lovers! The world is bisexual!

                    Arianator Grande biggest fan

                      Is it real i don’t believe it

                      Lily B

                        I don’t even believe that Travis cheated. I swear all we hear about is cheating over and over

                        Orian Mariefaasoo

                          SHAME BITCHES 😂😂😂KARMA

                          Rezvoz Van

                            Why they still keeping trash …

                            J demitri

                              How many publicity stunts can one family pull in one week?
                              And who cares if Travis cheated, there'd be no baby stormi and he probably wouldn't even be with that boney goblin if she didnt have plastic surgery.

                              Charlene Gibson

                                I don't think travis is the cheating type, I think its a nasty rumor

                                Rudy G

                                  Ok but Nina bonina brown should have been Blac chyna 👁👄👁

                                  Simoné Aggullis

                                    Probably kris Jenner trying to shift the drama away from khloe and leaked a bullshit story of Travis ! I don’t trust these hoes!

                                    Joaquin Alex

                                      look kylie became lowkey again

                                      Bitch please

                                        Travis loves kylie…
                                        i dont believe it.

                                        Adar Sherzad


                                          Priyankshi Kenwar

                                            That is why I love Kylie❤ She knows how to handle situations!

                                            N S.

                                              Kylie is always attracted to PURE TRASH!!!

                                              Royal Stoners

                                                Kylies staying quiet cause shes lying

                                                Royal Stoners

                                                  Did anyone else realize kylie didnt say travis cheated till khloe was getting more attention smh

                                                  Natasha Chillaxing Melts, Candles Body Products

                                                    Jordan could of said no

                                                    lu’ lc


                                                      DEAD MIND

                                                        I don’t know why but um, it sounds like Tristan wanted to get Jordyn out of the family on purpose

                                                        karekezi Etienne

                                                          where these news came from???

                                                          Triesha Vermani

                                                            Both these girls rushed to their pregnancies. Starting a family with someone is a big deal,and your want of a baby shouldn't overpower the fact that things like these deserve to take their times.

                                                            Páris msp

                                                              Travis could never cheat on Kylie period i need Proof

                                                              Siri W

                                                                Literally nobody cares.

                                                                Rachel Daniella

                                                                  If Tristan can cheat on Khloe with Jordyn so does Travis with Jordyn

                                                                  L. Renzi-Resmini

                                                                    I would never believe that Travis Scott cheated on Kylie. He comes from an intact family with good moral values. Travis loves his beautiful Kylie and Stormi.

                                                                    Onyi A

                                                                      Kylie is handling everything way more maturely than Khloe, who’s a good 10+ years older than Kylie

                                                                      Gryffindor X slytherin

                                                                        This family is the most dramatic and fake family on planet, they would die for attention.


                                                                          the new season is coming out
                                                                          just saying 👯‍♂️


                                                                            Travis is dumb if he cheated, there goes his 401k

                                                                            angie stones

                                                                              ALL MEN cheat that's not new even, U ARE STILL YOUNG KYLE THIS IS A CONTINUOUS THING YOU MUST EXCEPT IT, STAY WITH YOUR MAN

                                                                              Candace Norwood

                                                                                The Jenners tend to be more “private” than the Kardashians.

                                                                                Scarlet Videos

                                                                                  This channel is obsessed with the Kardashians/Jenners. 😂😶

                                                                                  Andrae Elite

                                                                                    I don't feel the least bit sorry for these "girls", stop choosing trash men. Rappers and athletes.. really😒. Kylie is still young and dumb but Khloe should have learned her lesson by now. Women need to grow up and get out of this badboy phase.

                                                                                    Lavender Asia

                                                                                      All I know is rumors are not far from the truth


                                                                                        jordan lied. jada asked if she apologized to khloe&she said yea but khloe said she didnt on the post


                                                                                          Fake news

                                                                                          Evie’s Evolution

                                                                                            If kylie has another baby? What would a boy look like? 🤷🏼‍♀️

                                                                                            candy javier

                                                                                              NO MAN WILL TAKE THE HO KARDASIAN SERIOUS THERE FAKE AND SO ANNOYING 😒

                                                                                              candy javier

                                                                                                THE KARDASIAN ARE A FUCKEN CIRCUS CLOWNS 🤡🤡🤡

                                                                                                candy javier

                                                                                                  KARDASIAN CURSE!!

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