Kylie Jenner Reacts To Tristan Thompson Cheating On Khloe Kardashian With BFF Jordyn Woods

Main Kylie Jenner Reacts To Tristan Thompson Cheating On Khloe Kardashian With BFF Jordyn Woods

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    Khloe Kardashians Confirms Tristan Thompson Cheating With Kylie Jenner’s BFF Jordyn Woods. Subscribe: …

    Rachael Harveylol


    Konad B

    Why can’t people see Tristan is the problem here. Tristan is ugly but the women only want to be with him because of money. Because he has money he take advantage on these less than smart women.

    Slade Ramos

    I need a prove if it's true , before i give my comment! 😕😨😱 no prove photo/video that means it's not true, just gossip.


    Damn Khloe is suuuuuuuuuuuuper ugly


    nah this is fake

    Little Bebe


    Matilda Ramsey

    She's going to take him back.

    Lohee Zero

    who can blame jordan ? she learn from them..

    Hermione Granger

    Wow.. it’s true 😂


    Ironic considering Kylie did the same thing to Blac Chyna

    Sandra G

    Jordan and Tristan are DISGUSTING!!

    Andrew Thompson

    Why does anybody give a shit? Yes, cheating is bad no matter who it is but this has no impact on anyone elses lives but theirs yet here everyone is acting like this is the biggest deal since sliced bread.. I will never understand why these bimbos are relevant.

    Megan Marie DeCristoforo

    How could he disrespect the mother of his baby girl to this degree? Karma will get him SMH! 😐

    Christina Davis

    Wow poor Khloe and Kylie she is probably so hurt and confused. I always had a bad feeling about that girl, I am not going to say her name bc that would be helping make her more famous (actually INfamous) and she doesn't deserve to be in the line light anymore and Kylie needs to drop her like yesterday! Who's more impirtant to you Kylie? Your big sister or a so called "friend"????

    Chamama A

    If Thts so then why Kylie still having pics of jordyn on her ig same goes to jordyn 🤨


    Ivy awesome singer in hiding

    why can't I believe this

    it’s Sarah’s world

    I've always hated jordyn…

    Veselina Veselinova

    Considering the timing (the new season of their show coming up.) im gonna call this bulshit


    That’s a typical case of ungratefulness

    Lynee Anna Salvatore

    What if all of this was a test to see whether tristan had change or still a cheater?? Sorry my own conspiracy theory 😂 i wish khloe all the best

    carolina machuca

    Nooooo again!!!!!! Khloe :'(

    bella lynne

    what a scandal yikes


    My hearted cracked 🙄

    JK S

    While it’s unfortunate for Khloe, Kylie, and Jordyn , let’s all forget that Khloe has a pattern too. She took Trey Songz from Lauren London, who was friends with Kim. She took French from Trina, who was also friends with Kim. Karma is real and turnabout is fair play.

    We won’t even discuss Blac Chyna and Tyga, nor Justine Skye and Travis Scott in relation to Kylie.

    Hopefully she makes wisher decisions in choosing a significant other in the future.

    lori Brown

    That is a big nooooo nooooo

    supporting Alaïa Mcbroom


    javiera zuniga

    Jordyn is a
    And a man stealer and a betrayer

    Panthera Felidae

    What if Khloe went to "to catch a cheater" and jordyn was the accomplice? Who knows? I'll just wait for another episode of "to catch a cheater"

    hanna una

    everyone called Jordyn names but no one Talk about tristan

    Nikisha jean-jacques

    Blac chyna behind her screen Screaming "Karma within the family circle" 😂🤣😂


    Well i mean sure Tristan sucks but i am more pissed at Jordyn who did that to Kylie . Like u dont do that to ur best friends sister


    Oh well who cares

    Colt Niemann

    Very misleading headline.

    Infinity Mixtapes

    So we’re just gonna act like Khloe hasn’t done the exact same thing in the past

    Vlad Igor

    Thank you, Next!

    Emma Brooke

    What if the kardashian-jenner sisters decided to test Tristan if he will stay loyal and asked Jordyn? Can be a good theory tho

    Bad And Boozie

    i wonder what tristan is going to do if someone cheats on his little girl when she grows up. hopefully Tru will never have to endure being hurt like that, but i assume he has to be okay with it since he’s acting on the same

    Idalia Aragon

    Jordyn wants to be a Kardashian. Kylie needs to say goodbye to this traitor before she screws around with Kylie's man if she hasn't already

    Keziah Afrifa

    That’s mad ,,Kylie Jenner don’t accept Jordan back to your life she’s bad vibes

    Beverly Gaddy

    Oh Me oh Me oh Me oh mine!!!🙄🙄🙄

    Laura Dale

    Whores,,, they all share dick just not their clothes lmfao,, they’re funny af

    Celine Love

    Stop blame the girl blame the man to !!

    Princess Khia

    Ppl keep saying Khloe took Tristan from another lady while she was pregnant however the lady herself has said they were not together when Khloe came into the picture so I don't think it's KARMA LoL it's a man who has issues being faithful ! Khloe or any other woman can't keep a man who has no desire to be faithful !

    Zuhair Q

    banter aside, that's actually too low. Did Jordyn really think Khloe wouldn't find out?

    Navpreet speaks

    This guy has done everything to tell khole how much he doesn't want to be with her but she 🙄 ND not to forget Tristan cheated on his ex wife with her and that girl was pregnant too… ND Kylie did this with Chyna who was Kim's bf at that time so …Karma

    Sia Fan

    I love Malika

    Zeva AS

    No, they are still following Jordyn. I just checked like 5 mins ago. They followed her back? But why??

    KP Padmapriya

    Oh good God! Jordyn is also on the video they made for stormi.

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