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      Kylie Skin Review with Shane Dawson

      HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! Today Shane Dawson and I are trying Kylie Jenner’s new skincare line, Kylie Skin! This has been such a …


        This is actually the BEST video I've seen on YouTube in weeeeks!

        Sayani Sengupta

          If derma rolling is good for your skin because it causes micro tears and gives signal to your brain to produce new skin cells to reveal smooth skin, why isn't the walnut scrub good if it does the same??

          P. S. I m throughing no shade just asking out of curiosity because I know there are people here who are knowledgeable enough to educate me on this.

          Queen Sara

            Jeffree should make reality show or something 🤣💕

            Ben Lopez

              I hope they stay friends forever.

              Michaela Lenae

                Shane with that foam had me cracking up😂


                  Please do a video where you read people’s messages they’ve sent you on your social media or at least read them. I’ve sent something on Instagram and I would love it if you took a few minutes to read it. My username is ksvx_668. Please read it. Thank you 💕

                  Gorg RITA


                    Chacha MINt forYoongi

                      Is just me or the ending part looks like a tribute for someone who died, with all the grey and white effect? haha! this is the funniest product review that I have watched so far. More like this pls! YAAAS!!

                      Machae Nichols

                        Jeffree you and Shane had me laughing!!! Shane it is okay to be honest if she was reviewing one of your products she would be honest so please do not feel bad about being honest! Shane's skin looked really red and it did look like it was inflamed a bit. Jeffree do you plan to come out with a skin care line? I think that would be awesome!! ❤️🌈🌈🌈🌈


                          I can't believe I just sat here and watched this for 30 mins

                          Asma Okaybye

                            Oh my goddd! I can't stop laughing. This is just amazing! ♥️♥️♥️


                              Best duo ever omg 😂😂😂

                              ELYANA ISAAC

                                i think jeffree would be such a good dad!

                                cool friend

                                  when my skin tingles when washing my face for me it’s always a good thing i’m really confused… when me and my friends or sisters fontsve masks and it burns usually were all like jealous

                                  M P

                                    shane at the beginning of the video: i don’t wanna get in a scandal

                                    shane at the end: beggin strips 💀

                                    hopeh ShadowOfTheGravestone

                                      shane has such an elegant nose, he really is very pretty

                                      Brianna Ortiz

                                        THE END LOL

                                        Divine Goddess

                                          This video screams “damage control.”

                                          hunter jackson

                                            The hole in Shane’s shirt not only soo on brand but fucking iconic for him lmao

                                            Serenity Huffine

                                              This is possibly the funniest skin care review I've ever seen 😂

                                              Livin’ The Life

                                                Everyone in my squad is Jeffree and I'm Shane

                                                Happy Clark

                                                  omg I noticed at 4.36- All the stuffed copied of Jeffree's puppies/ babies

                                                  glo dragon

                                                    I actually LOVE the face wash will continue to buy it. The moisturizer is for the day. Other than that meh.. 🤷‍♀️

                                                    T Mack

                                                      I love Jeffery’s brown eyes

                                                      tedy_bu kawaii

                                                        I hate when they complain that there is fragrance but when there isn’t they complain about the smell. Hypocritical

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