Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Moments Irina Shayk Should Be Jealous Of

Main Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Moments Irina Shayk Should Be Jealous Of

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      Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Moments Irina Shayk Should Be Jealous Of

      How does Bradley Cooper’s wife feel about his relationship with Lady Gaga? Subscribe to our channel: We all tuned into the Academy …

      Ashley Jacob

        Gaga is abnormal. She is shamelessly showing off her love for Cooper and gives a damn about anyone feeling uncomfortable about it. Cooper is just accommodating her and Irina adjusting to it. No sane person will stay longer with gaga.

        Gypsy Spirit

          I'm sorry but she would have no reason to be jealous . Really he's lucky to have her in my opinion. Irina is a beautiful young woman that has a gorgeous baby and a good career. I'd leave him if I were her anyway, lol

          Mona Liza Malapote

            Hello they both actor and they did a good job that is the most unforgettable moment at Oscar…

            MaryLou Hilborn

              Actions speak volumes ! Seeing is relevant !

              lia michelle

                No way his wife is gorgeous

                Irina Muscalu

                  oof im Irina ;-;

                  Miss Sparkles

                    Gaga is a joke – nothing more ugly inside and out.

                    Siddhant Kamble

                      Just leave them. Bradley loves Irina and Irina loves Bradley. It’s a love song and gaga amd Brad has to sing like that together.

                      Seblewongel Getenet

                        this is not a fucken normal friendship it's so obvious

                        Someone You know

                          You people will be the reason for bradley’s breakup

                          Awesome Slime

                            Her leaning her head on his at the end of their performance tonight was really sweet. I definitely think shes crushing on him.


                              "Are they doing it?" -Tiffany Haddish. Yeah, I wanna know too!

                              عدنان باشيخ


                                Andrea Koo


                                  Abi Gonzalez

                                    My thoughts on this stuff is that Jordyn is so dumb to back stab Kylie I'm not saying it because ky is a young billionaire but becaus she was so supportive of her and kind I also think is so stupid that she broke the most beautiful friend ship with ky for a frecken guy and of all the men in the world she had to go for another person I saw also supported her Khloe I liked Jordyn but hate backstabbers 💔

                                    Slime Vui Nhộn

                                      Why are people always trying to start static between two women? 🙁

                                      mco mco

                                        Irina has nothing to jealous. She's gorgeous, beautiful and hot. 💯

                                        LaTanya Porter

                                          Gaga wants to act did a great job,she wants to be hired again, Don't nobody want Bradley, ain't no peace in the Cooper house,😒👀😱


                                            It’s nice to see friendship between two people. I really don’t think Gaga wants that on her conscience. I “loved” some of my boyfriends, too. But my husband knew he didn’t have anything to worry about. But, I wasn’t beyond a hug, kiss, snuggle. Just nothing beyond that. Always cool. That’s what I think Bradley & Gaga have.

                                            Nadia Ong

                                              C'mon, can you talk about other things, like something real?

                                              pattie star

                                                You know who they remind me of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie when they did Mr/Mrs Smith or whatever

                                                L C

                                                  All about the publicity…
                                                  You don't see Lady Gaga playing the breathless romantic persona in every interview she does now… when she went from being a complete trash bag, to now this.. Lol

                                                  They're both fake people… as everyone is in Hollywood… and as every relationship is in Hollywood.

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