Letting My Followers Control My Life For A Day… AT DISNEY WORLD

Main Letting My Followers Control My Life For A Day… AT DISNEY WORLD

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    Tara Michelle
      Letting My Followers Control My Life For A Day... AT DISNEY WORLD

      You guys controlled my life for a day while I was in DISNEY WORLD! I gave you guys complete control and you got to decide everything for us! How well can this …

      Tara Michelle

        LOL I had so much fun filming this video! hope you guys enjoyed it! like this vid if you think I should do more like this! 🙂

        kiara silvas

          What is the of the song you used for the video plus the artist ??

          Rman Nayr

            OMG DISNEY WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Brooke Johnson

              Your mom's drink looks good. What is it? Lovin the Disney vlogs

              Victoria Karmels

                sneaky fam!!!

                lynn anne

                  I'm going to Disney World in 2 weeks….I am sooo ready!!!

                  Claire Allen

                    God bless you all

                    Julia Walker

                      Oh no!! The slinky dog dash is definitely worth the wait!! I was just there the first week of April

                      Taylor Paige

                        You did such a good job on this video!!!! Love you

                        Carmen Galindo

                          Your relationship with your mom is so cute, it reminds me of my mom and I😁 I’m a Capricorn and she’s a Virgo lol

                          Carmen Galindo

                            You’re one of the most genuine Youtubers I know

                            Carmen Galindo

                              Your trip with your mom was so cute, you’re doing great sweetie💖🙌🏼

                              Carmen Galindo

                                Yasss Tara✨

                                Q Schwenk

                                  I was terrified of splash mountain we were just kids lol my dad made us go on it and I just found the picture the other day lol I almost fell out going down I lifted right out of the seat that was like 20 years ago 😂

                                  portia persaud

                                    your hair looks so good omg

                                    holland taylor

                                      just sat through the worst singing i have ever heard for an ad for smule so u can get that ad money taraaaa. love u the most 🖤🥰


                                        aww this made me want to go to disney world again 🥰💕🌟

                                        Claraines H

                                          I love Disney but the wait time sucks.. I always go when I have a fast pass 😂😂 but I’m from here so it’s easy. Glad you had so much fun!


                                            What song does she use in the background?

                                            Ava Kathryn

                                              I fr love you way too much🤭❤️🥰


                                                Loved this video, and I loved voting in your insta at the time! The castle there looks so much bigger than the LA one! I sincerely hope that even if your followers had voted against you staying for the fireworks you would have disregarded it because man, that looked incredible! 😊❤️

                                                Hayley M

                                                  More of this!

                                                  Monica Sanchez

                                                    Ugh so OBSESSED with your vlogs :,)


                                                      so much funn !!

                                                      Caitlin Johnson

                                                        such a fun video to watch…i love voting for these things and it being at Disney made ten times better. Love you <3

                                                        Emily Lopez

                                                          Where did you get your biker shorts? They’re so cute

                                                          wendy herrera

                                                            Watching you eat that sandwich got me so hungry 😩brb gonna go grab a snack

                                                            jessica wise

                                                              You should do the Starbucks baristas chose your drinks. Or the one where you order the same thing that the person ahead of you orders. I am enjoying those videos recently.

                                                              Natalia Lindo

                                                                I WAS LITERALLY BEHIND YOU IN THE ROCKIN ROLLERCOASTER LINE HAHAHAHAHA

                                                                Nikki Smith

                                                                  Can you please make a video on how to get a boyfriend when your homeschooled

                                                                  Hannah Taylor

                                                                    THIS IS FUN!! Ive never been on splash mtn bc I cant stand getting wet and being wet all day at an amusement park☹️ I’m glad you vlogged the ride so I can see what it’s like!

                                                                    Sarah Mo

                                                                      Your Mickey Mouse ears look SO CUTE with your new hair!!!

                                                                      Breanna Besseling

                                                                        Your hair is so cute!!

                                                                        Sarah Mo

                                                                          omg i LOVED this video! i love when you post vlogs on your main channel every once and in while. 🥰

                                                                          Sarah Rexha

                                                                            Ily Hollywood studios rock a roller coaster is my fav ride

                                                                            Lourdes Gomez


                                                                              Ty Hik


                                                                                Madison H

                                                                                  Okay but Dance Gavin Dance was there the same day

                                                                                  Catelyn Kennedy

                                                                                    When I was 5 I almost die on tower of terror. I thought that when you got to the top it was over and was just about to unbuckle. My sister slapped my hand down so fast to stop me from doing it. I am not 19 and still can’t do that ride.

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