Life in Hong Kong | Toddler's First Haircut, Changing my Hair too, california friends! HD 1080p

Main Life in Hong Kong | Toddler's First Haircut, Changing my Hair too, california friends! HD 1080p

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      Life in Hong Kong | Toddler's First Haircut, Changing my Hair too, california friends! HD 1080p


      Chiara d’elia

        This hair-style looks so cute on her

        K K

          do you miss the states karen?

          caroline martín

            The matching outfits and bowl cut 😭😭 Dove is the cutest! 🥰


              These vlogs are the only videos I watch on this channel! Love them!


                Ur videos make me miss HK so much 🥹

                Miracle’s Food Adventures

                  Dove is too cute! I love the matching outfits! I love y’all! 💕 So adorable. 🥰

                  chloe lai

                    hello karen. where did u get ur nails done? they looked soo good!!!😍

                    Jen Byers

                      I am loving the vlogs 💓

                      Em H

                        I love that you moved to Hong Kong it really was the right thing to do – and dove is growing up so fast !


                          I just had a daughter recently and I'm so looking forward to her first haircut too 😍 Dove is soooooo cute


                            Dove is sooooo duk yee 😍😍😍

                            Linda’s Favorites

                              Ahhh! The sweetest family to watch

                              Nhi Tran

                                Please film more life in HK, even just walking around silently or local shops, local foods, local markets….

                                Lithisha Islam

                                  Your daughter are really cute 🥺🥰.
                                  I love her 🤗♥️.


                                    THE MATCHING OUTFITS STOPPP y’all tooo cute 🥹❤️ aw Dove is in her asian kid bowl cut era

                                    Alejandra Rascon

                                      Makes me wanna move there


                                        The matching outfits are sooo cute 🥹! Love the HK vlogs, makes me want to visit. Do you have any tips for folks who want to visit?

                                        RMW GROUP

                                          Another excellent video. I've lived her all my life and haven't even heard of those lovely places that you folks go to! Got me thinking a lot LOL

                                          J C

                                            Girllllll love your vibes !!! Dove is so cute makes me wanna have a daughter!

                                            Britney Lucas

                                              This literally just made my week Karen! Also little Dove has grown so much.🥹🥹


                                                i would love another skincare video from you!! your skin is glowing <3

                                                tania navarrete

                                                  I love your hong kong life videos!!! 😍

                                                  Amanda Manaois

                                                    hi karen!!! just wanted to say you’ve given me so much comfort over these past few weeks bc i went thru a miscarriage recently, and seeing you and Dove has just given me so much joy and hope!!! 🥹🥹 btw my husband’s name is Leo too!!


                                                      i’ve been lagging on youtube lately but i just wanted to say i’ve been watching you for years and i am sooooo happy for you !!!!!!!! 🤍🤍🤍
                                                      thank you for sharing your life with us!! 🫶🏼 i shall watch this on my lunch break 🫡


                                                        The hand jacket?? It looks custom it’s soo cool do you know where you got it from? 🥹
                                                        Also I Love (!) Dove’s new haircut she literally looks like a little doll


                                                          Is there a lot of English in Hong Kong? Do you speak Chinese?

                                                          Angie Torres



                                                              Little Doves cut looks so stinking cute! I know a lot of people don’t like to go that short with their kids but it really suits her 🫶🏾😭🤍

                                                              Marc Emmanuel Fernandez Coloma

                                                                Enjoying your HKG life, Karen! 😍💖

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