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    All Things Adrienne
      Life Saving Underwear and Fashion Hacks

      Honestly, 9 times out of 10 the outfit is only as good as the underwear. If your undergarments are digging in, bunching up or leaving you hanging… girl, you …

      Guadalupe Martinez

        Thank you for all the amazing tips !

        Vanessa Flores

          Loved it !!!!

          Filipa Breda

            Adrienne love all your videos ♥️ This is really importante: the reason your bra straps hurt so much is because you are not wearing the right size bra, the straps should only do 10% of the support. You are probably wearing a cup that is smaller than it should be and a back number that is bigger than it should be, in other words, your back is small for your boob size, its like you have a back that is an S and boobs that are XL, so you don't have a standart bra size (in wich the bra back and bra cup are "porprotioned"). There are some stores that provide bras to all type of breast and back size, go there and have the ladies tell you what is your true size, if they come to you with a measuring tape: RUN, because when you have big boobs the measuring tape wont measure your cup size the right way, the ladies should be able to figure out what is your bra size by looking at you. For real Adrienne, I had those strap problems all the time, until I decided to invest some money on good bras and I discovered that instead of being 34DD I was 32H (european size), it truly made a difference! (Sorry for any mistake, I am portuguese, English is not my first language) Big kiiiiiis wish you the best 😊♥️


              I wore a stick on fabric type bra.. ripped my skin off and i still have scars. Had to run into the shower with it on to help remove it because it was so painful. Been like 3 years and im still scared to buy more

              Veronica Ivanova

                Great tips, Adrienne! I also struggle with finding shoes my size but I have noticed Spanish and Brazilian shoes are smaller, so I buy from such shops 😉

                Maikano Victoria Keletso Ramatswere

                  I wish i could like this video more than once, its so informative and full of love

                  Shanda Chalwell

                    This was 100% helpful. Thank you!!!!!

                    Chenai David

                      OMG! Push up tape is a game changer 😍 the backstory too

                      Nasha’s Knowledge

                        Ladies if you have thick thighs like me and dread the summer chaff season, monestat make a chaffing powered gel, that’s works wonders. So happy I purchased some last summer.

                        Shaina White


                          Ana B.

                            Thanks for the tips, Adrienne. You are cute and lovely as always!

                            Karasi Adjoa

                              Such a practical video; thanks A!

                              Nancy Martinez

                                Adrienne, I absolutely love your hacks. I’m here to make a request. Ok, here I go. Can you please try to put on magnetic eyelashes. I think you’d be a total hoot trying to get these things on. I’ve been trying for the last hour and I am now perspiring but not close to giving up. Lol.

                                Jasmine Rivera

                                  LOVE LOVE LOVE !!+


                                    Can we get more makeup videos I love the looks you do on the real !!

                                    Daisy Giselle

                                      Wow. I am speechless. These are the best fashion hacks ever

                                      Diana Chipres

                                        Love you and your videos. Can you gift us a video of the most comfortable heels and heel hacks to make wearing heels more comfortable. Thanks

                                        HZ HZ

                                          You are funny 😆

                                          Natasha Amin

                                            omg, can you please come out w a high heel line for small feet. I'm tired of getting my shoes off of alliexpress which takes like 2 months to come in. ( I remember you said you wanted to do this on the real and im patiently waiting)


                                              Good God I needed that bra strap hack like I need air!!!!!!! My arm and back are always hurting me!!! Thank you Ade, love you so much ♥️

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