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      LION KING COLLECTION | Beyonce's Makeup Artist SIR JOHN

      Beyonce’s MUA Sir John created a collection with Luminess Cosmetics for Disneys Lion King. Follow me on my multi-day wear test for my unfiltered thoughts.

      Joely P

        I heard Luminess Cometics is an MLM…yeah, I'm not down with that.

        Zarnish Naeem

          Tati you are beautiful

          Kerri W

            I think it's a ok collection, Most definitely be keeping the big lion pict & frame it.Sadly I have many shade's that are very similar to the browns & lipstick yet I'd try the red's. Love the contour pallet. Don't think I could do that highlight for face but would be trying it on shoulder's.

            Jose Ascencio

              Keep it up! Tati

              aljiesa sy

                jeffrey stars concealer baby

                Asha Karmakar

                  Thanks eyeshadow palette looks exactly like the tarte tartlette palette formate and shape🤔

                  Mariyo Queen


                    arshad ray

                      I wish can block your youtube account

                      S P

                        LOL Match your candle… are a hoot.

                        Tracie Gonzales

                          Ok y’all… but she’s doing a makeup quality review , not a business ethic review.

                          Drew Uribe

                            Wait she’s going PR again?

                            Tracie Gonzales

                              Tati is absolutely stunning .

                              Chrissy 8675309

                                What a beautiful collection. Your makeup looks stunning. Have an amazing trip!🦋🦋🦋

                                jason roy


                                  Jessica P.

                                    Hi Tati 👋 do you know RMS beauty? It’s supposed to be natural makeup & skincare made with organic ingredients… It’d be awesome to have your review 💞

                                    Behind BluEyez

                                      Lol I still have hundreds of VHS tapes. Love them. Lion King included lol


                                        I love this video! You showed more than one look and I love it!! I love your sweater too:)

                                        dani girl

                                          I thought Beyonce's make up artist was going to be in the video…. Lol clickbait


                                            I watched other videos about this collection and thought they were nice, but I don't even consider getting the palette. I watch your video Tati and now I'm wondering where I can go purchase this palette. 🤔🤔

                                            SOLAI THE GREAT

                                              For nighttime glam r u wearing contacts because I'm straight freaked out. Either ur eyes are that mesmerizing or ur reptilian lol🤔🤔

                                              Emily Sanchez

                                                Ughh you make me want to get this pallete

                                                Marissa Smylie

                                                  I don’t see why you don’t run the ac every video, I seriously never hear it and I don’t want you dying of a heatstroke!

                                                  Kristal Polk

                                                    I want all the lip products!! I can’t wait til the lion king comes out!! Too excited lol. Love you Tati!

                                                    Toi-ya Foster

                                                      🤭Am I the only one who does the Kiss💋 & Blow😚 at the end!?!?!? …. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL🤗, L❤VE YOUR REVIEWS AND MAKEUP LOOKS😍 😘💋

                                                      Izzi Rogers

                                                        Maybe lions are your spirit animal 😮

                                                        Mariam Moheb


                                                          Cassie Jo

                                                            It’s a no from me 🙁 I don’t support MLMs

                                                            Zefanya Tesalonika Valencia

                                                              Cydney Hernandez

                                                                Retrograde is so fricking real omgg the universe is trying me!!!!😅🤦🏻‍♀️

                                                                Denisejulia Benn

                                                                  Lion of the tribe of Judah !!


                                                                    I watched the lion king vhs so many times growing up that my mom hid the tape from me to protect her own sanity….she gave it back to me when I moved out. I still have it in a box of Disney vhs tapes in my closet. I can’t bring myself to get rid of them.

                                                                    Lezlie p

                                                                      lol I am 20 and growing up we watched VHS tapes, that's all we had.

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