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    Cute Girls Hairstyles

      Little ASH Surprises Brooklyn and Bailey!

      In today’s #BehindTheBraids, you’ll see us taking the kids to the Fort Worth #Zoo, Kamri taking Dax & Paisley on a sibling lunch, and a quick trip for Ash to Waco …

      Cute Girls Hairstyles

        What is your favorite animal?? 🐷Comment below! 💋's – Mindy

        Kendra Watson

          The zoo where I live in Ohio has the number one zoo in the world. The Columbus zoo and aquarium

          Amalia Grace

            Super cuteee.. ☺️👌


              Cockatiels ❤️❤️

              Clarinda Craig

                Those birds are cockatiels. We have 5 of them😁👍

                Aahana Krishnan

                  The closest Zoe to my house is the Philadelphia Zoe

                  Pampered Panlickers

                    The birds are cockatiels and budgerigars I thought both native to Australia but I might be wrong about the cockatiel

                    Jehanzeb Akbar

                      Hi, love y'all!❤

                      Skye Mckenzie

                        I have and I have swam with them more then once and I am from Australia

                        Farhat Aziz

                          Book. For dinner. Their are so. Intelligent

                          Esther Apps

                            Who else thought the giraffes tounge at the beginning was a slug?😂😂😂

                            Nancy Đinh

                              The birds are cocktails

                              Grace S

                                Why is daxton soooo cuuuuteee 😢😢😢❤

                                Miranda Michalak

                                  the birds are called cockatiels and the little bue birds are called budgies

                                  Kiara Costamagna

                                    Those birds are cockatiels!! I have one as a pet! (:

                                    Mansi srinivas

                                      Those birds are called love birds(I'm not sure:))

                                      Nancy DV

                                        The birds are cockatiels!! 💛

                                        FiFi 7896

                                          Who else is satisfied that the video is exactly 10 minutes long

                                          emilee Janelle

                                            San diego zoo which I've never been too

                                            Emma Tacchino

                                              I could literally smell the flamingos through the video hahaha

                                              Thomas Montella

                                                that zoo was the bomb cools thanks for the tour!

                                                Nope Nope

                                                  Super cute what kind of camera do u use the video is super crisp


                                                    I fed stingrays in the Bahamas!

                                                    Diana Tavares

                                                      By the way, those yellow and grey birds are cockatiels and the other smaller ones you were feeding are budgies/parakeets!

                                                      Sierra Bitters

                                                        Dax and Pais bringing books to dinner is literally me😊

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