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      Little Mix Girls Private Struggles Made Public

      Inside The Lives Of Little Mix Members Personal Life Struggles Subscribe to our channel: …

      Hannah xPezz


        Soap fan

          I’m a Harmonizer, but I have to admit, Little Mix are smashing it right now. Honestly, you can just tell how hard they work and some of the music they released has actually been so good. I just hope they’re getting plenty of rest.

          Sama Abdulkahar

            STRONG QUEENS❤👑👑👑👑

            TWill Too Real

              Wow I React to Little Mix. Subscribe to me

              Nima Tamang

                Wow love the stories.. Go girls.. Rock the world…

                Sarah the autistic mood

                  Jesy my favourite I love her at their struggles weren't too bad with a happy ending 👍👍👌

                  NotABeautyGuru :c

                    Ermagerd I love near where jade lived!

                    Max Christina

                      ONE WORD. KW33NS👑👑👑👑
                      I LOVE YOU LADIES💘
                      UR SUCH AN INSPIRATION…

                      Todd Beaton

                        spic girl are still are most successful girls group of all time

                        khushi dadwal

                          These strong dour woman's ♥

                          Shakayla Graham

                            Perrier and I have the same birthday oh so does kulture and I.

                            Hiba Taher

                              My QUEENS 👌🔥❤
                              LOVE THESE GIRLS😍😍❤❤❤


                                Omg I have rosacea too !! 😭😭😭

                                lola .F

                                  my baby leigh ❤❤❤

                                  Best _ Girl

                                    Wait? Am i the only person that thinks that Jesy has an amazing Bodyshape!

                                    baGby Sepins

                                      Please let the documentary be on Netflix I so want to watch that. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

                                      Israel Soria

                                        Still the most underrated girl group. Idk why the U.S. hasn’t accepted them. They need to tour here!

                                        iconic audios

                                          Jade’s is so bad, held down, thrown bleach, bullied up to the point that she gets anorexia after a family death, called racial slurs. Why are people like this?


                                            I love them all ❤

                                            Jessica Potter

                                              Jesy is the most independent woman

                                              Shadena Trinidad

                                                Stong queens 😍

                                                Keira Foord

                                                  I also live in South Shields

                                                  Keira Foord

                                                    Perry Edwards is my cusin


                                                      they've been through so much

                                                      Apurva Kasbe

                                                        Powerful Queens

                                                        Ciara Loves

                                                          I love little mix so much and I hate it that they had to go through all of those problems, but I guess it’s normal💖💜

                                                          Deqo Abdulqadir Abdi

                                                            The best and the strongest people in the world

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