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      I had entirely way too many loose powders, only the best will do, here’s what I think is worth keeping. xo’s ~ Tati HALO Before & After PHOTOS HERE …

      Sarah Robertson

        Nikkia Joy Cosmetics! Especially the powder!

        Ana Zimonja

          I love when you do foundation declutter please do it

          Ryan Whitley

            Decluttering the eyeshadow palettes!


              Tati, I have been wanting to see you in this kind of natural eye look! No glitter or strong colors, just subtle and sweet =) It's soooo beautiful on you!


                Bronzers next please!

                Libby Muller

                  I love declutter videos! Foundation / complexion are my favourites! xx


                    So did you have to return the 10M plague? Oh wait I forgot YouTube takes ages to deliver the button…


                      Could you do a video on the new Urban Decay Stay Naked line? Very interested

                      Lily Kemler

                        Sending so much love and healing wishes your way, Tati. My grandfather was sick and then passed away a year ago too. It’s such a terrible loss and I wish you and your family the very best as you continue to mourn your loss. πŸ’žπŸ’ž

                        Emily Leonard

                          can you do a video on how you make your makeup last in summer? whenever i wear sunglasses my foundation always rubs off on my nose😫

                          Danielle Tanguay

                            Where is Friday’s video? I need my Tati time!

                            Ranferi Antonio

                              wasn’t she at 11 million sub?

                              Chloe Gulbranson

                                A few weeks ago I saw the coty airspun powder at a local dollar general!!

                                laura langham

                                  this is the Best hair color for you !


                                    I'm really excited to hear your review on the Stellar Beauty powder! I've been hoping you'd do a review on it for a while! β™₯️

                                    Sincerely, LGS

                                      Ok I might be a little greedy here but I wanna see all the clearing out videos. Foundation blushes highlighters concealers lipsticks right I think you just did lipsticks. I want to see them all on a video right here on YouTube.

                                      I apologize for sounding really greedy hey, I'm taking up your precious time. But I absolutely adore you. You're the best in the business. We love you!

                                      courtney woods

                                        FOUNDATION DECLUTTER!

                                        Kordelia Taylor

                                          Tati did you know that a brand called Uvenux is using your face, and saying that you love their lipsticks?

                                          Jessica N

                                            Your piano playing is absolutely gorgeous πŸ§‘πŸ’™πŸ’š

                                            atziri cardoza

                                              Tati you look beautiful in this video ! 😻

                                              Amanda Perez

                                                Please do a foundation declutter! I always love foundation videos

                                                Polo Claire

                                                  Can you try the Flower Beauty pressed powder? I have it and love it but I’ve never seen it reviewed. Actually I wish someone would do full face of Flower, no one talks about them!

                                                  Mary Okonye

                                                    Still boring

                                                    truth prevails

                                                      the fillers aren't helping you look younger girl. and donating used hoarded makeup, be still our hearts, you are such a saint!

                                                      Sophie Filion

                                                        Pls pls do a foundation video like this ❀️❀️

                                                        Bridget Lowe

                                                          Tati, please make your halo/kiwi bottles recyclable!

                                                          Erin Yancey

                                                            Can you do an updated skincare routine? Also some fav drugstore skincare products?

                                                            Chocolate Starfish

                                                              'Really really embaraseeeeen' πŸ’œ


                                                                I'm sooooo glad you said that about the Fenty powder! I thought I was crazy because everyone seems to love it. It caked in my lines. And, it was messy. I had to give it away.

                                                                Harmony Vizenor

                                                                  Im going to stop buying cosmetics with mica. Theres a documentary about child labor mica mining on youtube if your interseted.

                                                                  Pam Silverman

                                                                    I love declutter videos keep em coming!! Nikkia joy cosmetics came out with a powder that is supposed to be awesome. I just ordered it!

                                                                    Petra Schumann

                                                                      Having transitioned to cleaner beauty, I just can't bring myself to used Coty Airspun, because it contains parabens and formaldehyde releasing ingredients. I was sad about Laura Mercier too, when I found out it contains parabens.

                                                                      The Beauty Elf

                                                                        I love your top in this video! You have great fashion sense! πŸ™‚


                                                                          what's yall favorite powders?

                                                                          hello there

                                                                            Please look at your email about my acne ❀️

                                                                            CMkarma 555

                                                                              Love this video I would like to see Wich powder foundation Irv powders it's great for sweaty skin I swear very easily please I hope you do a video on that I love in LA and it seems very humid here now.

                                                                              Lexi Cringan

                                                                                I need Tati to narrate my entire life with her soothing voice πŸ˜‚ love it

                                                                                Christal Christopher

                                                                                  Where do you donate

                                                                                  Hi and Oops

                                                                                    OH TATI YOURE SO FUNNY I LOVE U!!

                                                                                    karissa renee

                                                                                      single eyeshadows!

                                                                                      Jennifer Fernandes

                                                                                        please do a foundation declutter!!

                                                                                        Rayne Michael

                                                                                          Tati you literally look FLAWLESS!😍

                                                                                          Maricela daini

                                                                                            what is on her lips?! 😍 does anyone know?

                                                                                            Emily Johns

                                                                                              Coty airspun made me break out:(

                                                                                              Tyler Robinson

                                                                                                eyeshadow palettes!!

                                                                                                Amy Johns

                                                                                                  Do you recycle the containers? Or just straight up throw the whole thing away?

                                                                                                  Artemisia Gentilechi



                                                                                                      All categories! A video for every category please

                                                                                                      Chelsea Gipson

                                                                                                        Could you do a Cera Ve review video?


                                                                                                          Wished she would have listed the ones she kept

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