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      L'OREAL MACARON LIPS ... Worth it???

      Today I’m testing all of the shades from the NEW L’Oreal MACARON SCENTED Pro-Matte Lips! xo’s ~ Tati HALO Before & After PHOTOS HERE …

      Koko Ya

        LOVE your makeup today. You look so pretty and ethereal. Thanks for the vid. Loved watching it.

        Jessica Carter

          She has confused macaroons with macarons lol I dont mind but people seem triggeredπŸ˜‚

          Carrolyn Gonsalves

            Come to the Waldorf Astoria in Park City!!! If you loved Vegas, you would love it here for a mountain escape πŸ–€

            Kim Klein

              Love the Chagall in your bathroom!

              Olivia Waligorski

                These are my favorite formula of all time!! I just ordered 2 πŸ˜…

                Sandi Hartke

                  Could do without the loud obnoxious music in between each swatch!

                  Brandi Brown

                    This "no makeup" makeup look is giving me total Mandy Moore vibes. Love it!

                    kristine blay

                      Please share what eyeshadow you are wearin

                      Katy Unruh

                        I went out and bought one of these the day after I watched this video for the first time!


                          Actually every single color looks great on you!!!


                            Mon Caramel is my favorite shade. I just love a good nude berry! It's my ideal shade and matches the inside of my lips very closely. You don't get any of that weird-looking thing Safiya Nygaard calls "butthole" lip if your lip color matches the color of the inside of your lips. Matching your inner lip tone will always be the most natural-looking lip color for everyone. But that dark purple nightmare is gawd-awful! It might look really nice on really dark skin tones like Nyma Tang's. But on Caucasians it would it would turn every day it's worn into Halloween!

                            alyssa gwynne

                              Me too, it always gets on my chin! Drives me nuts

                              Kateryna Poe

                                My favorite shades are Guava Gush and Mon Caramel

                                Laarnie Zambrano

                                  I would love to gift this. Pls let me know how to get a hold of this. Ty

                                  S Douglas

                                    I think you look good in the third one, Praline de Paris and in the Mademoiselle Mango but with that one a darker eye shadow would have balanced the face more. Also, I love savory sandwiches.

                                    Skyler Smith

                                      Wow! Tati you’re skin is so glowy! 😍😍


                                        mon caramel is my fave

                                        Emma Halvorson

                                          Mon caramel is my absolute favorite!

                                          6 6

                                            So BEAUTIFUL TATI xo

                                            Brian Lee

                                              No one:
                                              Tati: If I start not putting THE D on things, I’m gonna run away from home.

                                              Melina Botton

                                                LOVE your makeup today. You look so pretty and ethereal. Thanks for the vid. Loved watching it.

                                                Potatoes RDaBest

                                                  French people are triggered

                                                  Ashley Crooks

                                                    Mademoiselle Mango was my favorite shade on you!!! So gorgeous

                                                    Ashley Crooks

                                                      Does each shade had a different scent related to the name/flavor or are they all the same? Like does guava smell like guava?

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