Losing My $60,000 Birkin While Buying Drugstore Makeup

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      Losing My $60,000 Birkin While Buying Drugstore Makeup

      HEY EVERYONE… Welcome Back to my channel!!! Hi, How Are Ya??? Today I’m finally reviewing and testing out drugstore makeup in another country!

      Shay Lizzard

        dont you have a private jet??


          anyone else from the UK dying that Jeffree is calling 'Bourjois' Bourgeoisie? hahahah omg

          Hailey socha

            Did anyone else notice that he has one coloured contact in and one normal? I love his brown eyes!!

            Amaraaa Lee

              we love a little vlog moment


                Thank you Jeffree. You always make my day.

                Dona Hanks

                  Us poor english shop at boots and superdrug for our makeup 🤣 jeffree definitely couldnt relate !!


                    4:04 the bodygard had me dead

                    Mario Cati

                      How awkward was it in the taxi when you were talking hahahha

                      Adrita Anjum

                        I love you jeff so fucking much❤️❤️❤️😭😭


                          am i the only who laughed so hard about '' Bourjois' bourjousieee

                          Yofavv Lightskin

                            Yes queen

                            Evan Grande

                              Did anyone els notice 17:55

                              At 15

                                I don’t even do makeup and I just watched this whole video

                                Cool vibes

                                  Who do you like better
                                  Like for James comment for Jeffree

                                  Sebastiaan H

                                    Ever wish to just take the whole wall with you?

                                    Suzanne Kris Dianne Opendo

                                      Missed you so much!

                                      Grace Land

                                        I’m sorry but who is Mitchell


                                          Next time you’re in the UK try out Collection makeup. So cheap and one of the most full coverage foundations I’ve ever tried! Love you Jeffree 💚


                                            Just lost my dad on the 4th of July and u still managed to make me feel a little better <3 always have love for you jeffree can’t wait till the day I can see you in person

                                            Declan Larm

                                              This video makes me want to fucking die oh my lord.

                                              Andrea Canales

                                                Can I have his Body Guard????

                                                Alexis Bueno

                                                  Okay I love Jeffree but his only reaction to Zach’s bag missing is “oh no the makeup” like sure they’re just things but all of Zach’s possessions could have been lost forever and his only concern was the makeup for this video.

                                                  Lisa VH

                                                    " anyway, where's the fucking makeup?"


                                                      Ouf, when he squirted foundation all over his robe that probably cost more than my mortgaged

                                                      Nhatquang Nguyen

                                                        Ko hiểu ya ya việt Nam ahihi

                                                        Speed Stacking Maniac

                                                          Jeffree reminds me of when NicePeter played Lady Gaga in Epic Rap Battles of History

                                                          Alexis Hernandez

                                                            Whos trending #2 Jeffree Star. 🙌👌 and got his bag back.

                                                            Jodie is not okay

                                                              shouldve gone to bodycare and got some tecnic

                                                              Bubelgum Lover

                                                                Do you have different coloured eyes

                                                                REDWOLF 1705

                                                                  Jeffree: I lost my $60,000 Birkin
                                                                  Me: had to pay $2,000 rent so I dont lose my Apartment

                                                                  katherine flores

                                                                    I love how he didn’t know Number 7 was a drug store item that you can get in the US.
                                                                    I aspire to be that rich lolol

                                                                    5-Minute Tube

                                                                      Lol Guys

                                                                      Nicholas Cat

                                                                        Lol I literally refreshed the trending page on YT mobile and saw this jump to #2

                                                                        The Minas Parable

                                                                          What is a satanist?

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