LUXURY MAKEUP … That I'll Never Buy Again!

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      LUXURY MAKEUP ... That I'll Never Buy Again!

      Tis the season to save your money and not waste on bad products. #Fail xo’s ~ Tati SAVE w/ HALO DISCOUNT BUNDLES …

      H100786 1

        Yes! My boyfriend also says that i change when I'm wearing some good make up πŸ˜‚

        Money Monroe Says

          Tati, love your look today, inspired me to straighten my hair ☺️. When my makeup, and hair, turnout great, best bet to watch out πŸ™Š.

          Fathima Shainaz

            I absolutely love her family throughout this video πŸ˜‚β™₯️

            Ivanova Silvia

              Why is Tati uploading 1 video a week?

              Claire Wilson

                Please do a video on sustainable eco-friendly brands!

                Nevada Wiensz

                  Tell me why I feel guilty for not watching this when it first came out? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ a momma has to rest. Still love you to pieces πŸ₯°

                  Nazareth Talamantes

                    Super helpful loooove

                    Brookiee Savannah

                      Constructive criticism:
                      Too many interruptions that throw this video off. It's one thing to film a video with a guest, it's another to be interrupted many times and not edit it out

                      Anne Hale

                        I have high end and drug store and just love it when drug store outshines the higher end…… I still buy it though! What a great year you've had Tati, much love from the UK 😍😍😍

                        Jordan Thrasher

                          PLEASE do a video on your skin care routine!!

                          Linh Tran

                            Lol but Tati’s glitter eyeshadows do the same thing to your fingers πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

                            Mikki W

                              I need to know what's on your eyes!!!

                              Hibiscus Angel

                                Im getting Victoria Beckham and Avril Lavigne vibes with your makeup !

                                Joni Corak

                                  you look really pretty in this video, even with the metallic lip you don’t like; it ended up matching your eyes really well!! 😘

                                  Olivia Pearl

                                    Dior makes the worst polish. I had a set and they were all awful

                                    Zohra Khan

                                      Hi tati 😍



                                        Martie Gallego

                                          You have always been helpful !! You are one of the very few that I trust !! I want to Wish You and Yours a her Happy, Health filled, Loving Holiday Season !! Luv Ya !! Getting my Tati Pallet on Friday !!! Yeah !! I can't wait to use it !! It's such a wonderful Pallet !! Luv Ya !!

                                          Mar G. Escorcia

                                            The YSL lip things maybe you could try using on your eyes? as a base?

                                            Emily Fu

                                              Please try the glow skin brand! Everything ingredient wise is heavily focused on fruit extracts and AHA/BHA/LPAs etc. So amazing, so well priced for the quality of ingredients


                                                Tati I love you, but I think Cristine's Holo Taco deserves much better than a late, half-assed shout-out mixed in the middle of a "never buy again" video.


                                                  Funny that she doesn’t like having glitter staying on her fingers as my Tati palette does that every time I use it 😝

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