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      Maddie Ziegler Sad Struggle Growing Up A Hollywood Star

      The Sad Life Of Child Star Maddie Ziegler Growing Up On Dance Moms Subscribe to our channel: …

      Neha Russo

        Maddie deserves a documentary about her and her life.


          I was just watching the fabletics part at a fabletics ad came up😂😂

          Sarah Space

            Omg I got maddie advert

            Jacinda Rose

              She’s such an icon


                Jojo did it right. That’s girls face is everywhere. She is a brand now.

                Kayla Jones

                  1:42: That wasn't even towards Melissa (Maddie's Mom) it was toward Kira (Kalani Hiliker's mom)

                  Pam Young

                    Why don’t you take some of that money you have and go get your ugly teeth fixed……… in case someone has never told you this, you have buck teeth…….. And while you’re at it, get some work done on your face too……..

                    Alexia Danielle Anast

                      I'm the opposite of her. I love seeing footage of myself and reliving moments.

                      Ariela Gaiete

                        I literally just had a Maddie Ziegler ad before this ,how wierd is that

                        Tally N

                          Maddie is a great dancer. I’ll give her that, but there are tons of kids who can do everything she can do and more and they don’t get the same recognition.. I’m sorry, but does she even realize that she wouldn’t have had all of the other opportunities, such as working with Sia, if it wasn’t for Dance Moms? Maybe, but it would have taken longer. Don’t forget where you came from.


                            Ahh man I feel so bad for Maddie. I cannot even fathom the difficulties and pressure she must face, being in the spotlight at such a young age. Keep your head up sweetheart, you are SO very talented! Keep being yourself, and never stop dancing! 🖤🖤

                            Cup Cake

                              I don’t know her but I remember seeing her meme on fb hahahaha can’t believe she’s this grown up now

                              Camille 101

                                Her commercial showed before the video

                                Damage Control

                                  Instead OF Askin Young Stars Why
                                  They Act Like That Why Not Ask Em What
                                  Are Those People Doing To Em

                                  Quinn Munc

                                    Maddie’s awesome and I totally support her, but I will never understand why people film themselves they cry? Like what is that?


                                      I'm sorry I don't really get the "struggle". Her life seems pretty damn luxurious to me.

                                      Astrology Wolf

                                        Anyone remember….


                                        Danica Huard

                                          Maddie ziegler fabletics add plays!! freaks out

                                          JC Sales Music

                                            I just love her, since she was born.

                                            Alycia Wilson

                                              1:42 Abby is talking about kalani, not Maddie when she is yelling about wanting the kid with her.

                                              chey and em

                                                I got a Maddie Ziegler commercial right before I saw this

                                                Aisha Omar

                                                  she is such beautiful and strong women

                                                  Kathryn T

                                                    Awww…poor sad Maddie.

                                                    Narutoismylover 22

                                                      I remember when Maddie went to the Grammys and Abby thought she was going with her but secretly Maddie went went with sia at the last moment. It made me realize how much sia changed Maddie because she would’ve never went against Abby before

                                                      Jenna Tuller

                                                        It's amazing how from such a early age winning and showing off all her well earned trophies and awards, that she was able to grow up GROUNDED, even thru perfectionism and is so not about it now as a young adult. Complete opposite on how she had to grow up. Such a humble grounded and beautiful girl👏🏼❤️❤️❤️

                                                        Go Toads

                                                          Yeah, calling her a "grown up" is odd. She isn't a kid but but she isn't an adult, either. She is what people in the sane community call a "teenager."

                                                          Melissa Charlton

                                                            I’m pretty sure Maddie said Sia is her Godmother now

                                                            Delaney Martin

                                                              Lol the Maddie Ziegler’s ad right before the vid

                                                              Sarah Re

                                                                who else knew all of this

                                                                Basic trash

                                                                  Haha I got a Maddie add while watching this😂

                                                                  Anastasia N

                                                                    She doesn't nessicarily HAVE to do anything I feel like she can just say no I'm not gonna do it that's what I would do if you have an illness just be like no I'm sick I'm not doing this sorry

                                                                    amber Lockhart

                                                                      What is the struggle?

                                                                      vicky chan

                                                                        "she loves Chinese food"
                                                                        She's eating sushi 😑

                                                                        emily laila

                                                                          just because kenzie sings doesn’t mean she’s good at it LMAO

                                                                          Peace & Namaste

                                                                            As long as she doesent start butchering her face and body like typical hollywood guinea pigs, i think she is great.

                                                                            Elizabeth san

                                                                              Maddie and kenz should get a documentary to explain their childhood and put down the haters

                                                                              Dee Walker

                                                                                Where's her baby?

                                                                                Olivia SHARKEY

                                                                                  5:35 she got excited about that yet I got them present the security guard said put them to the side so I don’t know if they got them 😭😭😭

                                                                                  Apricotic Peaches

                                                                                    NO LIE, DEADASS. I got an ad for her clothing line before this video!! :0

                                                                                    Olivia SHARKEY

                                                                                      Why don’t Lilia and Maddie hang out anymore

                                                                                      צופיה קורמן

                                                                                        Clearly you obsses with maddie z. Me too.

                                                                                        Olivia SHARKEY

                                                                                          Mailand,kaddie 😍😀

                                                                                          Olivia SHARKEY


                                                                                            Molly Roberts

                                                                                              I got two ads from fabletics シシ

                                                                                              World full Of Wonders

                                                                                                OMG I GOT THE ADVERT FOR THE FABLETICS THING ON MADDIE!!!!

                                                                                                R H

                                                                                                  Wow she's growing up so fast! I still remember her from Sia's videos.. Can't wait to see as she keeps growing up into an even more gorgeous woman.

                                                                                                  K T

                                                                                                    Oh no it's so hard to have money and not have to clock into a 9-5 job everyday.

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