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    Lisa Eldridge
      THE Eva Green and I discuss my Makeup Looks For Tim Burton!

      Delve into a makeup lovers paradise with incredible EVA GREEN X 100% of advertising revenue is donated to charity. Follow me on instagram here: …


        I love them all… The gold one the best!


          All looks are beautiful and so inspiring, great job Lisa! I would love to see you recreate the gold outfit look the most 😀

          Bettina Lorincz

            smoky eye with the black dress for the red carpet

            Natt Sweetrvng

              Eva you are my favourite actress ever, I love you and I would love to see The red look

              Karen scott

                Hi love all the looks but the gold is stunning and I love the blue eyeshadow you did for red carpet. Can I ask you what was the lipstick you had on when you where speaking at the start of video. Love it I’m looking for a peachy nude lipstick can you recommend any. Also any sign of your beautiful collection of lipstick coming back , I want to be ready next time and save up my pennies 😜 I’m a new enough subscriber and I have to thank you because. I’m learning from you😊👍🏼 have a lovely sunny day🌞

                Jaz Rand

                  Gold look pls



                    I Trucchi della Lepre

                      You did such an Amazing job, and you re still so humble.. i learn a lot from you Lisa, and i cant choose.. i would like to are them all!

                      Darren Kheng

                        I LOVE EVA OMGGG


                          I love them all but I'd like to know more about that plum eye look – how to get rid of dark circles/shadows so you don't look sickly. Plus can you explain more about when Eva said dry skin under the eyes/next to the nose and how to keep it moist/ keep the makeup from drying up and looking flakey.

                          P Heart

                            The gold one!


                              I can’t!!! You are iconic Lisa!

                              whip it good

                                Lisa has a beautiful personality

                                Noit Shahar

                                  Gold please

                                  Eva De Bruyn

                                    All of them!! 😃😃😃
                                    If i have to chose i would love the red one to see how you make it so seemless, but the gold and the black
                                    Oh and the red carpet looks are gorgeous too!!!

                                    Sarah Lopez

                                      Amazing 🥰

                                      Olga Sotiriadou

                                        The RED!!!

                                        Maheen Shaiq

                                          Omg please do the look with the gold dress and silver liner! That was phenomenal! I love a very cat-eye pulled towards temples eye look on Eva because it really suits her eye shape. Makes me want her eye shape and eyelid!

                                          Arlene Brogan

                                            The elaborate gold look please xx


                                              All of them are fantastic, but the gold and the red are my favourite.

                                              Ivee B

                                                So happy to see Lisa happy! I can truly feel how excited you are and i appreciate how humble you are when you said thr experience was such a learning curve 🙂

                                                Lexi H

                                                  The gold or the peacock dress look please!

                                                  Julio Cespedes

                                                    Do them all PPEASE

                                                    Gina Van Ulzen

                                                      The gold!!

                                                      High Hopes

                                                        I love this video so much thanks for sharing it with us. You both are amazing so humble and so talented 😍 I’m so inspired ❤️

                                                        Noway Nowords

                                                          Glitter look!!


                                                            I have to watch this movie now! Lisa and Eva….I mean…..what a combo.


                                                              They’re all perfect. 😍
                                                              But I love gold one❤️
                                                              Eva is stunning.
                                                              Thank you for your amazing work🙏

                                                              Lionel Lynn Kim

                                                                Eva Green is my favorote actressㅠㅜjust beautiful😭

                                                                Nirapat Jiramuny

                                                                  I watched the movie without knowing it’s you who created the makeup. Now it’s all making sense that Eva was soooo gorgeous in the movie and realistic. I love the red look as well. Can’t wait to see the tutorial. Lots of love from Bangkok <3


                                                                    They're all beautiful but definitely the gold!!

                                                                    Ana Laura Kuri


                                                                      Catalina Nazal

                                                                        This video is a Gem. Loving all the looks and the story behind them. Eva is gorgeous but the real magic comes from you Lisa ❤️

                                                                        Berenice Martinez

                                                                          The red one please!!!!


                                                                            The blue smokey eyes!


                                                                              the 40's couture red lip look please! <3 <3 or silver vamp! or red carpet, ugh loved them all !

                                                                              Sabine Jasper

                                                                                Oh my, it's so difficult to decide, they're all beautiful!! The golden one is the strongest and the look at the end is probably wearable in real life… Thank you Lisa, I love you and it's exciting to know that you were part of the process to make the movie.

                                                                                Cally Decherd

                                                                                  The gold with the silver liner!!


                                                                                    This was very intresting! Congratulations and thank you for sharing this with us 🙂


                                                                                      Her eyes are beautiful. Such a feature of her face. Would have been a delight to do her makeup.

                                                                                      the darlingdebs

                                                                                        I’d love to see the red. ❤️

                                                                                        Super Girl

                                                                                          The red carpet plum eyes look


                                                                                            I love them all. Hurry up Lisa, get the camera ready!

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