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      🤔 MAGNETIC LASHES THAT ACTUALLY WORK ... Problem Solved! ⚡️

      Today I’m testing a “REVOLUTIONARY” new product I bought from a FACEBOOK AD!!! xo’s ~ Tati HALO Before & After PHOTOS HERE …

      Nonya Bidness

        I wonder if you could use their liner as a base and use your own liner over it without it affecting the magnetic power?🤔

        ayesha mian

          Ordered some right awaaaaay!!!

          Stephanie Duran

            Please do the hot iron next !!!!! I’m always curious on hot iron

            MarMar Snatched

              This some cool magnetic lashes! I would love to try it!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

              Lovelyn Cookie

                Where is your dress/Shirt from?😍

                Sasha Lisa

                  u can jus use ur regular liner then put a little bit of the mgnetic liner so the lash still can stick .


                    I hope this actually does work. This could be life changing for me because I suck so hard at lashes

                    Natalie Bordwell

                      Wow i didn't think that was going to work, mind blown!

                      kenia madrid

                        Please Tati, put captions

                        Ashley G.

                          I need these because I can't put on falsies to save my life 😏


                            Kenra dry shampoo

                            Haley Gilmour

                              Tati, I also have a latex allergy! What lash glue do you usually reach for? Most of them have latex and really mess with my eyes

                              Sheep :/

                                Her voice is so soft compared to James Charles or other offence to anybody. ❤️❤️


                                  Tati, I found the next weird product for you to try! Diablo Cosmetics TLM Color Changing Foundation! It's a white foundation that claims to color match to any skin tone.

                                  P Land

                                    Goofy video/baby shark portion
                                    I was cracking up 😂😂😂😂


                                      Oooh Tati you are GLOWING

                                      Laura Martinez

                                        Please try diablo cosmetics self adjusting foundation. The foundation looks white but is supposed to change colors to match your skin as you blend it in. I wonder if it actually works

                                        The Curvy Cuban

                                          I think it is absolutely genius….but still a little pricey for me at this point. Hopefully they will make some a little cheaper in the future, but I love the idea!

                                          Kassie Diana

                                            You should totally test this liner on another brand’s magnetic lashes.

                                            Angelica Munoz

                                              You. Are. So. Beautiful. !!

                                              Ross Dempsey

                                                I love you canon 5D 1st edition

                                                corrina bell

                                                  I must be missing something. If you have to apply a thick sticky substance, which ultimately peels off, to attach the lashes…. isn’t that the same as glue?

                                                  Brittany Leasure

                                                    I’m loving the reappearance of the super weird products! I really want to try these!!

                                                    Olivea Rodriguez

                                                      But wondering is this safe???

                                                      Michelle Figley

                                                        Tyme iron has literally saved my life.

                                                        Olivea Rodriguez

                                                          Every drag queen shaking in there boots!!!

                                                          Jasmine Paris

                                                            I know a lot of people hate Ardell lashes but I love their magnetics. They’re so pretty and easy to apply

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