Maid Of Honour Threatens To "Pop" Bridesmaid In The Mouth! | Say Yes To The Dress Bridesmaids

Main Maid Of Honour Threatens To "Pop" Bridesmaid In The Mouth! | Say Yes To The Dress Bridesmaids

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    Say Yes to the Dress
      Maid Of Honour Threatens To "Pop" Bridesmaid In The Mouth! | Say Yes To The Dress Bridesmaids

      Tensions rise as a high school rivalry between two bridesmaids resurfaces. Will bride LaShanae be able to find the perfect bridesmaid dress for her Hollywood …


        The bride’s eyes are STUNNING

        Anuradha Kumari


          Blueberry maple syrup Pancakex

            I love how Ariel just keeps quiet😊

            NISHA purweni

              I'm 24 .. And single and a sad person ..I'm feeling old 😥

              Cora Chambers

                that red sash maid the dress ugly…yuck

                kuku davis

                  Isn't there a thing like getting over it and who cares..???

                  Hayfa Mess

                    If you know already that your bridesmaids don't like each other the best idea to do is to choose the same dress for everyone from the beginning 😎

                    Watching Listening

                      For vintage I'm thinking they should have long or mid calf length at least
                      Edit the dress she chose is really pretty

                      Annie Harding

                        The dresses she chose were so tacky and the bright red with the black is awful


                          I liked what she picked they were actually different.

                          Michelle Anderson

                            Ok..those ladies were out of control outrageous! Serve them right if that bride eloped and got married by Elvis in Las Vegas without them

                            Andy Wijaya

                              So are all bridesmaid dresses supposed to be ugly and outdated, cause these dress are

                              earlene wallace

                                My God, such childish bickering. At some points it was almost painfully embarrassing to watch. Thank goodness she finally found dresses she liked. I was a bridesmaid at my cousins wedding and admittedly I wore a dress I didn't really like. But I did it because it was about her and not me, because she is someone who I love and I was pleased that she had chosen me to be part of her special day.

                                Jasmine Valencia

                                  I swear if I was Brandon I would’ve quit already I can not handle all that arguing and all the negativity it’s also very annoying😂💀

                                  Justice Carter

                                    Lord oh lord typical is all that i can say hahahahahahajajajjajajaaj

                                    QQQ QQQ

                                      Lookin like a black widow

                                      Gymnast Kelly

                                        i love her eyes


                                          seriously just 21 she looks over 35

                                          nic ford

                                            This is what happens when ya get married at 21!!

                                            Camille Tourdot

                                              The consultant Brandon always makes the video better !!


                                                The bride has the most beautiful blue eyes!

                                                Taylor McCranie

                                                  not to sound rude but that lady is way too gorgeous for that jealous ass maid of honor to call HER a hot mess…like no boo boo….she just hot

                                                  Angel Bulldog

                                                    Ditch those bitches altogether! They are NOT friends and don't deserve to be in your wedding. Stand up for yourself, girl! Whose wedding IS it??

                                                    Tuxedo Cat

                                                      Why do these girls think their friends wedding is all about them?

                                                      Joy Rebresh

                                                        OMG it’s just a dress, calm down

                                                        Rawan Walaa

                                                          Well, I think Ariel is so cute

                                                          The K Squad

                                                            I love her beautiful blue eyes with her black hair!


                                                              Sis the contacts 😔😔

                                                              Quetta Panda

                                                                Both of them were annoying but Alisha just seemed to keep it going like could you stfu

                                                                Songbyrd Jackson

                                                                  Why they have to go in there acting so childish? Like seriously not on film! Chill! It's not YOUR day! Take that jr high drama and burry it already! Smh..

                                                                  Hannah Banana

                                                                    lashanae’s eyes are soooo pretty!!


                                                                      Very immature – embarrassing


                                                                        Those contacts were wild…

                                                                        Karen McCabe

                                                                          OMG such high school drama! Why are bridesmaids gowns so ugly.

                                                                          syd cannoli

                                                                            That face at 5:17 🤣

                                                                            marwa boss

                                                                              I absolutely hate this whole Episode

                                                                              D. Va

                                                                                Shit I woulda popped her in the mouth too

                                                                                Cats and Gacha

                                                                                  That bridesmades dress made my day! It was beautiful

                                                                                  Lil ms. deafpastrychef

                                                                                    Thank god my friend circle is small because i dont have the day or time to deal with someone like that

                                                                                    Anisah chowdhury

                                                                                      For once I want to see a bridesmaid dress that actually looks nice.

                                                                                      Sopphire Leigh

                                                                                        I never really liked the consultant and I don't even know why. Anyone?

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