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    Nail Career Education
      Make Your Own Custom Glitter Polish Featuring the POTTLE!

      Suzie has fun making beautiful custom Glitter Polishes and uses a cool new invention – the Pottle! Would you like to train with Suzie? Check out her upcoming …

      Nail Career Education

        Hey Guys! Get 15% off the Pottle using the discount code: SUZIELUV

        Agnes Mina

          That is not a "pride" eyeshadow palette XD But then you're not 20 either, so a darker rainbow does make sense for you 😘

          Agnes Mina

            I need this kit in my life 😍

            Agnes Mina

              Look at all that glitter!!! Look at that marvelous collection 😍😍😍

              Loide Sirongo

                It's so great to see someone do what they love with so much passion. Sending you loads of love and great regards 💖

                Agnes Mina

                  You look weird. OH! YOU DON'T HAVE YOUR GLASSES ON 😂


                    damn i wish my glitter polish came off as fast as Suzie's ~_~


                      Both colors are beautiful love them
                      Where those your natural nails if so they look good as well… camera man didn’t have much to say on this one 🤣 love y’all 💕💕💕

                      Saitaina Malfoy

                        Su-ure, show me new shinies now that I've spent all my money and my rent goes up $200 next month (joy of being poor and getting gouged by my landlord, they've raised my rent three times in two years, from $500 to $1,024…looks like the only nail stuff I'm buying for a while is in my dreams).

                        Viktοria Tousi

                          I loved it!! I really enjoyed, your expressions are amazing, like a kid that just took the fave toy hahaha 😘😊

                          Cam Whisger

                            Suzie you are so stinking cuteeee, love your videos!!


                              glitters and stuff


                                Hi Suzie
                                I live in the UK and I love these Pottles because I love mixing nail stuff glitter gels or anything really that can be mixed. I've nearly blown myself up mixing stuff, it's just so much fun. But sadly these Pottles haven't reached the UK and it's far to expensive to have them shipped from the USA.
                                So not to be defeated, I've bought some 10ml and 15ml dark brown glass jars, with some small loose ball baring's and it works an absolute treat plus you can make up as many jars as you want at only a fraction of the cost, buy some extra brushes or use old nail polish brushes cleaned up and your all set.
                                I can't use nail polish because of the smell affects me so badly, I use gels and mica pigment powders bought in either 25'gr or 50'gr packets, mixed with gels or acrylic powder and glitter.

                                Tip, Ball baring's put in acrylic when your mixing colours, and shaken works really well.
                                For your subscribers, I made up many pots of gel colours with mica pigment powder and builder gel,
                                in cosmetic white plastic jars/pots, I discovered to my cost after time, the pots started leaking gels oozing out of them and making a mess in the drawer, so I've had to throw them away. So this is why most gels come in dark glass bottles. Lesson learned. Love your channel.💐😊👍💗

                                slim lzbn

                                  You get a better result applying glitter polish w a makeup sponge.👍😏👍

                                  Brandi Campos

                                    😊 Love the Q & A's.

                                    JenniG ThatOneCrazyDoglady

                                      How fun! They should make a clear one for regular polish concoctions.

                                      Kaye Carter Mature Woman Daily Dose

                                        Beautiful 🌸💗🌸

                                        Christine Men

                                          ooo you should try it with liquid highlighter!

                                          maria kyparissoudi

                                            So beautiful and i like it this nice work Suzie i love that

                                            Serhat Aganer

                                              The discount code doesnt seem to work 🙁

                                              Josephine Lubbers

                                                Hi Suzie. New Cosmetology student here!
                                                Do you recommend doing multiple coats of glitter polish or using a sponging technique and a top coat. ( Put the glitter polish on a makeup wedge and dab it onto the nail for a more opaque look.)
                                                Btw I love your channel 😍 it's one of the reasons why I have so many funky nail ideas for my growing clientele!

                                                Anya M. Rocha

                                                  Sure wish I knew about these last month. Custom made polish for my niece's wedding and had to use a syringe to put the polish in the bottle. And before when making a glitter polish I had to use a super small funnel to get the glitter in the bottle. I do think it will settle though, it took mine a day or so to completely settle, yours was just used. I was also waiting for you to do the "dab dab dab" Cristine thing. With glitter polish she does one layer with the brush, but then after that she paints it onto a makeup sponge then dabs it on the nail. Then repeat until it's as opaque as you like it. This way you don't end up with a thick bulky nail with all of the polish layers needed to create the same look done the regular way. If course it's best to use latex protection on your fingers if you're going to use Cristine's method. Beautiful colours though, I think I would add a bit of green to the peacock one. So wish I could join you in Vancouver, but I just can't afford it. Someday. Now here's something else I have to save my money for.

                                                  Fleur van Huet

                                                    This is so cool! 😍

                                                    Julié Larsson

                                                      What can i do about the acrylic smell?????😭🤮

                                                      Moonisha Baruah Laloo

                                                        Really love your nail mam wish to meet you n learn more nail advance from you


                                                          I'm usually not a fan of pink but the pink polish would look beatiful in a wedding or at a party, it just looks very elegan even as just one coat 🙂
                                                          In the blue one I'm just not a fan of the gold glitters and I think it might look good as a one coat on top of black 🙂

                                                          César Díaz

                                                            Hi Susie! You should try on the Holotaco set, it’s from @simplynailogical ❤️

                                                            Lisa Reinhardt

                                                              The possibilities are endless!!😍


                                                                Not my style and the blue looks so chunky and lumpy

                                                                But I still watch anything by Suzie because her voice is so soothing

                                                                Kaira Allen

                                                                  I feel like we nail artists and enthusiasts are the nerds of the beauty world. I am SO happy about that 😁💚😁


                                                                    Suzie, I love you girl, but you're killing me, how could you leave the nail polish remover bottle open .-.

                                                                    abberdail marie

                                                                      You heard it heat first. Suzie likes to SHAKE IT!

                                                                      Pretty Noona

                                                                        This was so much fun …🤗 I have seen another video (The Nail Hubb, I think that's name) where she introduced this product. Thank you for sharing 😉👍

                                                                        tammy beaty

                                                                          Tried to use the coupon code. Says it is no longer active code. I hate when that happens. Get your hopes up then it will not work. I always get stuck paying full price.

                                                                          Thylight Jess

                                                                            Question! : Could we please see your cat at the end of a video? Tell us about your fur baby?! ( After you're done with your nails of course. )

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