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      MARCH FAVORITES | 2020

      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Here is a video where I share all of my fav beauty products from the month of March with you guys! I hope you enjoy! Thanks for …


        Hi guys!!! HAPPY FRIDAY!! I hope you’re staying safe and healthy during this time!! I hope you enjoy this video!!! Ily!! Xoxo

        Lucinda Carrasco

          Thanks for the video.I want to try Rainforest from fourth beauty and the brown sugar perfume from fresh!🤗Stay safe!

          Maria Peony

            Hey Kathleen ! It’s so nice getting normal content from you ❤️ it’s so refreshing and takes me to a happy place . Also do you have an updated wavy/curly hair routine ? I guess if you ever feel like you’ve found the BEST products for like the best hair care routine please let us know 🙏🏼 stay safe ❤️❤️

            Jacklynn Gonzalez

              Can we get a Kat Chats video with you drinking?! lol those are my favorite!


                Can you do a hair care routine?? I have crazy frizzy curls and would love to see a video on how you manage your hair!

                Karla Barajas


                  Sarah Chapman

                    What is your favorite vanilla perfume?? I have secret genius by pin rose, I love it, but I feel like there is a better vanilla that I am missing.

                    Jai Ay

                      Thank you for mentioning what you’re wearing In the description 👏🏻😫

                      Lisa Shankle

                        My lip gloss like that was same way wand is horrible and old what to do??

                        Naa Zuhry

                          Fresh perfume is super good but unfortunately it didnt last long. The moment you spray it you smells heaven but it leaves you so fast like your ex move on from you 😭

                          Ana Tarnova

                            Honestly, thank you so much for doing your videos. I've been watching your videos for years and they're amazing at this time. I'm a nurse and after an exhausting day at work, I love nothing more than climbing into bed and watching makeup videos!!!!!


                              you explained the curl foam perfectly lol. Curly girl struggles.

                              Zoe Leung

                                Lol every month, i’m sold on everything.

                                Emily Rosic

                                  My report cards looked exactly the same 😂😂

                                  Chelsea Taub

                                    Wait did Kathleen get a new tattoo above her elbow crease? 😯 what is it? Have I never noticed it before

                                    Odeia M

                                      this time around is crazy, i was in exam period for two month before it became a thing in my country, and i haven’t got the chance to leave the house since then, so now everyone in my country are getting crazy from one month quarantine so far but i have two month ahead of them and i don’t even have the time to feel something about that because the new semester continues as usual from the internet. your videos are island of silence from all of that to me, and i appreciate you for that ❤️

                                      Jodes G

                                        Nothing beats a good old favorites video.

                                        Chelsea Taub

                                          I didn’t get a notification you posted! 😤 YouTube wyd not showing me my favorite YouTubed posted ?!!!?!

                                          Shreya Jadhav

                                            I love favourites videos

                                            Mackenzie Peel

                                              I’m sorry Dose Of Colors is $20 for one eyeshadow? Absolutely not.

                                              Alanis Velazquez

                                                Hi Kathleen! Can we get an updated hair routine with your curly girl journey. I’m starting the journey and would like to know the product you use and how to use them. This would be very helpful. Btw I love your hair!

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