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      MAY BOXYCHARM UNBOXING | 2020 (Try On - First Impressions)

      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Watch me test out May’s BOXYSHERM!!!!! I hope you guys enjoy! Thanks for watching! xoxo! Products In My Box: Tarte – Micellar …

      Erika love


        Bianca Maycott


          Emily Lovesmakeup

            You’ll love the la roche posay miscellar water. The only miscellar water that doesn’t burn my skin or irritate my eyes. I’ve been using it for years.


              Hi Kathleen, you should try the KohGenDo Cleansing Spa Water. It's my favourite besides Bioderma Micellar Water 🙂

              Melissa Ridsdale

                Does she get the regular box?

                Mari Gomez

                  Kathleen you're simply so beautiful! I wish my makeup looked like yours 😭

                  Brooke DeLong

                    She would rather it smell like her childhood ❤️❤️❤️

                    Jessica Medel

                      I love that movie. Ain't you ever seen a western hahaha. I love when she can't ride the horse hahaha what happened to your equestrian lessons…. Are you asking me a question hahaha

                      bites of wisdom

                        You’re so fun to watch.

                        Pamela Dandley

                          Watching in bed before sleep, I saw this video but I save them for at night. Ahhhhhhhhhhh lol

                          Stefanie Smith

                            Love you and your energy. I can only use Bioderma and KohGendo cotton wipes too. ❤️❤️


                              I love that movie when I was a child. I was happy to watch it again when it was on Netflix… 😁


                                Yes! It takes two was the best! We’re close in age and when you talk about stuff I can relate it’s so nice. My best friend and I would watch that so many times I stayed at her house. I bought it the other year on dvd for myself because it’s ESSENTIAL in my life like the rest of their movies lol

                                Monica Gabbard

                                  I love your nails. Please tell me the three colors you are wearing. Thanks.

                                  Angela Sulik


                                    erica isaev

                                      So sad that I didn’t get any of the same products you got in the box this month! Mine was completely different


                                        Does anyone on here know how I can make my “choice” on boxycharm for the next month I haven’t figured it out 😕

                                        Rosabelle DuBois

                                          how do you get your hair to lay so flat in a low pony? your part is so neat, too!! what product do you use to smooth it down?

                                          Tiffany Poirier

                                            Dude…. Mary Kate and Ashley were my FAVORITE growing up. I had ALL the movies!

                                            รุ่งนภา ดำเกิงลัภนวณิช

                                              Love your eye liner shape so gorgeous😚

                                              Linden Jenesse

                                                Haven't received my box yet. We shall see!! 😉💜

                                                Krystal Dittman

                                                  As soon as you said "I caught it" I immediately thought of It Takes Two!
                                                  Watched it recently because it's on Netflix. Yes I'm 35 and watched a Mary Kate and Ashley movie by myself at midnight. Haha

                                                  yessenia vasquez

                                                    Hi Kathleen! So I have been a fan of your channel for some time now. Your adorable to watch and Its so much fun to see you in your videos. I also have dry to very dry skin and thanks to you and your recommendations I have bought so many. SOO MANY products from Sephora. LOL. SO i came across this product that I wanted to see if you would get and try so you can do a video on. Don’t know if you have heard about it its called Alastin Hydratint pro mineral sunscreen. I actually oredered mine just now (as if I needed to buy any more products) i know you feel me on that! so if you do happen to get it I would love to see if you can do a video so I can see your thoughts on it. See you in your next video

                                                    Meg Neary

                                                      Omg when you said “I caught it” the first time I was immediately like It Takes Two! One of my faves from when I was a kid. So quotable. “All this money and these people eat slugs?” 😂


                                                        I’m sure you’ve gotten this comment before and if you wanna keep doing what you’re doing go for it, just throwing it out there!: Monsieur is pronounced like “miss-syir”. I don’t know why they spell it that way lol but change “mon” to “miss” and you’ll be perfect!


                                                          When you started talking about it2 I paused an fast forwarded soo fast lol i hate anything scary with a passion!

                                                          Danielle Sutton

                                                            When you said “if you are, hi, please subscribe” but I heard “of you are high please subscribe” lmao. I had to go back because I was like “wait..what did she just say” lol

                                                            Alyssa Gonzalez

                                                              It takes two was my favorite movie growing up!!!!! I absolutely adoooooore it 😂

                                                              Sheyna Sishitharen

                                                                Idk who can dislike Kathleen’s videos! Her energy is infectious and she never fails to put me in a good mood 🥰

                                                                Tiff Marie

                                                                  I got boxy charm for the first time today!!! I have the regular one not the deluxe

                                                                  Mandy H

                                                                    I don’t know what it is with Boxy Charm not putting the “theme” cards in their boxes but Manny MUA has the SAME problem with the cards being missing?! Cmon boxy charm, please get your crap together 😂😭

                                                                    Kimmi P

                                                                      Oh how I miss the Olsen twins!!! Alyssa Calloway (spelling?!) omg haven’t heard that in so so many years! 💙💚💛🧡❤️


                                                                        “I’d rather not have parfume in my skincare….” Hyram is giving you a standing ovation right now!!

                                                                        Kim Scott

                                                                          Now, every time I get my boxy I have to say, “it’s time to do my boxysherm unboxin!” LOL!!!

                                                                          Haley Pryor

                                                                            My box didn’t have a card either.

                                                                            Elena Ramos

                                                                              I believe they send you a virtual card now for your box! I would check your email 🙂


                                                                                That lip combo looked so pretty!

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