Mid 90s Grunge Look using the actual products #eyemakeup #90s #makeup #new #tutorial #vintage

Main Mid 90s Grunge Look using the actual products #eyemakeup #90s #makeup #new #tutorial #vintage

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    Lisa Eldridge
      My Perfectly Imperfect - Mid 90s Makeup Look #eyemakeup #90s #makeup #new #tutorial #vintage

      Tessa Castro

        90s Grunge makeup looks never get old. You wear this look beautifully, Lisa!

        Amanda Velvet

          I think I need to go buy some vaseline, stat.

          Ilene Cohen Asuncion

            Wish this listed the actual products used.



              Gladys Garrity

                Beautiful ❤


                  i've been trying to find a tutorial on how to do kiera knightlys iconic smokey eye and found your channel, low and behold you are the one who does it!!! beyond happy to find your channel and absolutely love your videos. i'm learning so much about makeup and how i can do it to flatter myself more


                    how does she make every look so effortless and stunning but as soon as i grab an eye pencil and a brush trying to replicate it, i look like a pennywise if he was a hooker

                    Jorgie C

                      Timeless and stunning xx

                      Scimmia LaRatta

                        One of your best looks! 👏🏻


                          Perfect! Exactly how I did mine back then, but you're missing a dupe for the iconic "vamp" lipstick that Chanel released back then. I had a Revlon dupe for back in those days. I wish I could remember the name.
                          Truth be told, I still do my makeup like this the majority of days, unless I need to look more polished. You can't take the grunge out of the girl 😂


                            I think you need those dark lips though.


                              perfectly accurate! Source: I was there! haha

                            Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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