Milk Bath – Acrylic vs Gel – Part 2

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      Milk Bath - Acrylic vs Gel - Part 2

      Suzie creates the popular Milk Bath Nails using Gel. She then sculpts the Acrylic and Gel Nails, and shares her secret to a Perfect Polish. The Acrylic Milk Bath …


        Do you plan on coming to Europe (maybe even Germany) to give some classes?
        And do you know if it's okay to put acrylics or gels on top of nails with psoriasis under the nails?


          Where can I buy the NCE hand files she is using?

          Ane Eik

            Just started to subscribe to your channel, and I’ve been binging your videos! You’re like the Bob Ross of nails! I’m working on starting my own salon, and I pick up so many tips and tricks here, thank you! 🙏🏼

            Sugi Baker

              Looking forward to this. Looks amazing. Thanks Suzie and cameraman for great videos.

              Rita Gathercole

                Thank you so VERY much for this absolutely fantastic video! I just love watching you! You are amazing! Thank you to you and cameraman for your love and dedication!
                Kindest regards
                Rita G
                P.S. i still wear pantyhose. Especially when it is a formal event….
                I'm old school LOL

                Miss Merx

                  Ooh, when are your files/products going to be available, Suzie? 😃

                  Lisa Reinhardt

                    I am a little late reading your June issue but just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it!! As a mom to 3 young children, I truly enjoyed reading about your experiences as a working mom!! Inspirational!!

                    American Woman Nails

                      I used clear and white Polygel

                      michaella clark

                        Would love it if you came to red Deer Alberta

                        michaella clark

                          I think your nails are exquisite and beautiful


                            So lovely!! I like both nails, but I have a slight preference for the gel. But tell me, did you knit the beautiful sweater you're wearing? My two favourite hobbies are knitting and nail art!

                            Ella Cinder

                              I like them both for slightly different reasons. The acrylic because it's a little more translucent under the flowers; the gel because of the base pink gel. And if the milkyness was halfway between the two on both nails they would be spot on perfect.
                              I'm going to attempt this for my next set in about 2.5 weeks!
                              But with a twist!! Glow in the dark powder (turquoise) as my base.😊😒😌

                              Jess N

                                I watch many nail channels a this is my favorite by far. She has talent, personality, very knowledgeable, and great style of teaching. I hope YouTube is paying you what your videos are worth.❤

                                Melissa Amonds

                                  If you pause at 20.53, it almost looks like the nail is mirroring the piece of purple flower. Those nails are soooooo pretty! ❤

                                  Stefanie Hase

                                    When will we see Grant again?😊

                                    Hoàng Vũ

                                      you should try ramen nails like jenna marbles, suzies!!

                                      Victoria Villarreal

                                        What's a cleanser?

                                        Teresa Brinkman

                                          Hi ,Im so glad you decided to do a gel tutorial! I have always loved embedding dried flowers & so much more to nails! Licensed since 1999, yes I am old,but didnt arrive on the Titanic! Love your work,!!,Can I ask why you chose to do gel differently? By this i mean you sculpted a thin clear base,then added flowers, so why start with the milk prior to adding the flowers?? Also Ive been dying to try one of your kits, are they available for the USA??? Thanks hun!

                                          Amber Jenkins

                                            What am I doing wrong if I’m cutting myself a lot while hand filing?

                                            Andrea Whisenant

                                              Suzie can you do a one time pipe acrylic nail? I’m really struggling with this shape and most you Tube is a French Gel and I haven’t found an acrylic one. Please!!!

                                              Carmen Făt

                                                When applying gel, whether it it base, builder, color or top coat, you can turn the finger upside down and let it settle into a small apex, an so no need to file (when it comes to builder, no need to file all that much because the basic shape is there) afterwards to have them perfect. 🙂

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