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    Say Yes to the Dress
      Miss America Tries to Console Insecure Bridesmaid | Say Yes To The Dress Bridesmaids

      Former Miss America, Caressa Cameron, wants her bridesmaids to be comfortable in the dresses she picks, but that might be easier said then done. Catch Say …

      Say Yes to the Dress

        What do you think of the dress the bride chose?

        Vanessa Desir

          2 minutes in && I LOVE Rita already!

          Kreole Taurus

            Omgosh! Group hug everyone! We need love here stat!


              wow i didn't expect to cry at this episode…x

              Missing Girl

                I’m glad they all liked the dress in the end

                tahia banu

                  I thought of James Charles hearing the bride talk that fast!!

                  Indu Seethanathan

                    I saw this brides wedding pic… But the bridesmaids wer wearing a black dress i think. But not this.

                    Koko Weltal

                      Highschool sweethearts Aaaawwwwwww 😘

                      Mor Xiong

                        Why not have the insecure friend tried on the chosen dress too?

                        Rosa Jessica

                          Whoa! Okay, did her beautiful bridesmaid just referenced a Backstreet Boy?

                          lovely me

                            Rita hunny you're gorgeous. NOONE LYING TO YOU.

                            Kaycee Girl!

                              I think the bridesmaid looks beautful! !😍😍😍😍

                              Sara Samaletdin

                                Does anyone else think all the bridesmaid dresses in this show look very cheap (even though they aren’t) and dated (early 2000s style).

                                Hend Ashraf

                                  I don't really understand why people with different body types weights and skin tone should wear the same dress?
                                  I believe it is kinda selfish
                                  Maybe the bride can decide the colors but the Bridesmaids decide on the style.


                                    Bride acting as a boss

                                    Stormie Key

                                      Seems like a great group ❀️ they were all so sweet to each other, her wedding will be bombπŸ’πŸ’„πŸ‘ 

                                      Dallis Jett

                                        This has be bawling lmao

                                        Upasika Rai

                                          What a lovely friend relationship..
                                          She was not fat ..
                                          She was gorgeous ,hot ..πŸ˜™πŸ˜˜

                                          Niha Khan

                                            She took so much of time to hug her

                                            viewer 1

                                              I actually liked the first dress on the bridesmaid to the far right. The one who had on the dark dress with the purple bow.

                                              Maybe it simply looked nice on that particular girl. I would need to see it on everyone to truly decide.

                                              Trinity Halsey

                                                Omg I just want to hug her 😭😭😭

                                                The Oreo Jedi

                                                  I am having this feeling right now too. People always told me I lost weight but I never see it. Now I'm about to be a bridesmaid for not one but TWO weddings. I can feel those tears like it hurt me 😭 but she looked so beautiful ❀️❀️❀️❀️


                                                    Damn I'm fucking crying

                                                    Christina Rivera

                                                      The bride is so kind

                                                      Joyce Hoffmann

                                                        You look fantastic. And no one was lying to you whenever they told you looked great. They saw YOU, the warm, loving woman you are.


                                                          I'm in tears. What a lovely group of women!


                                                            I loved the black boatneck one. Id have that my wardrobe

                                                            Living With Freddie

                                                              These bridesmaids are a pleasure to watch for once im not rolling my eyes at how they treat the bride and her decisions even though sometimes the bridesmaids dress choice that the bride chooses is questionable. Losing all that weight she looks fabulous. Great team for this wedding day.

                                                              Captain stark

                                                                She looks so good

                                                                Stolen Queen

                                                                  They all are so supportive to each other

                                                                  My rock solid heart Melted

                                                                  Light Yagami

                                                                    Awe, I want to give Rita a hug. I haven't been through what she has, but I, just as almost every female has, knows what it's like to be insecure/self conscious about their body.

                                                                    When I was younger my parents took my makeup away from me as a punishment and I broke down in tears because I felt un-pretty without it. Now everyday I walk proudly without makeup.
                                                                    I hope she finds her self worth. 😊

                                                                    Simran Makandar

                                                                      When you're constantly told you're fat, nothing convinces you that you're beautiful too. I relate to her.

                                                                      Aanya Pillai

                                                                        I'm like the 30th person lol

                                                                        Robbie Gabito

                                                                          She doesnt look pretty to be miss america

                                                                          T cnBrooklyn

                                                                            Luv this respectfull friendship

                                                                            Disha Biswas

                                                                              That was such a sweet gesture.. And I really love the bride.. She has such a sweet soul

                                                                              jazz moharana

                                                                                Bride n bridesmaids all are so beautiful n lovely … i love how thy support eachother

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