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    Say Yes to the Dress
      Modest Bride Brings Her Pastor To Her Bridal Appointment | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

      Tameria is a minister and wants a modest wedding dress that fits her personality, however, her mother and sister have a different vision in mind. Catch Say Yes …


      Natasha Matu

        Every dress she tried on was ugly to me, sorry to say


          The shape and ruching of the third dress were awesome! The flowers …. hmmm well OK then 😂


            Chelsea c'mon, your dress didn't work one bit…🙄


              Both of the sister and moms choice ain’t good

              Franziska Maria

                A dress should always be in the comfort zone of the bride

                Gymnastics Superstar

                  Every single episode

                  Everyone hates brides pick

                  Puts on vail

                  Everyone loves it.😂

                  Bruce Coleman

                    I love those big flowers! Very chic.

                    Zenora Azita

                      1st dress was cute but them flowers 😭. The 2nd dress was so ugly and didn’t even look like the bride likes it. The bride looked cute in them but they didn’t flatter her or make her happy. The last dress was so her and was so cute on her.

                      Thrive After Abuse

                        All of the dresses looked wonderful on her, but the last dress was absolutely stunning! The giant flowers at the bottom are so unique and lovely.

                        Komphort Ampadu

                          The pastor coming for the appointment is so cute…. Aawww

                          Jolynn Gibson

                            Why bring all these people? And what is wrong with some of these mothers? MY dress, MY vision? Nope. Your daughter's dress. She should respect your budget and you should respect HER vision. The only member of my entourage was my mom, and she's the only person I wanted there. She paid for my dress, but she didn't tell me which dress I could or couldn't get.

                            Sharon Duke

                              The flowers on the 3rd dress are ugly!

                              Maria Hussain

                                There always has to be someone to disagree with THE dress and as soon as they get jacked up, the dress becomes the best thing ever invented😂

                                Amy :P

                                  As soon as you saw the title you knew this was going to have a lot of different tastes

                                  Global Warming Is Real

                                    Does anyone know what religion they are? I’m a Christian, but I don’t know what denomination has female pastors.

                                    Angelreborn Kuroko

                                      lmao I love where the sister is coming from but she is a minister so what she wears has to be on the more conservative side, she can have fun with it but see thru clothes is a no go

                                      Aurangzaib Mughal

                                        I want to smack the bride with a hammer.she is annoyimg.

                                        「Nonexistent Simmer」

                                          Why tf did my nonfications just decided I tell me about this a day later 🙄

                                          Alyssa Bissada

                                            Cute clip, but this wasn't about the pastor at all!

                                            V W

                                              Mom needs a better fashionista wig. Sister style is stiff n neat. Neat doesnt mean dressed to thé 9s.

                                              Kadesia T

                                                O man…it's HER wedding so she should pick HER dress..Whatever she is comfortable in and that flatters her body..
                                                On the day if she is uncomfortable we will have problems"bridezilla"

                                                Light Yagami

                                                  Is it just me or does her facial bone structure kind of resemble Michelle Obamas?

                                                  Clara Montgomery

                                                    As much as I’m not Christian I totally adored the Christian Bride the most! She is so sweet and adorable.

                                                    Brenna Walters

                                                      I don’t think that the sister was being controlling or over opinionated, if you have a sister then most of you know that you’re going to speak your opinion around them because that’s just what sisters do.

                                                      Caiter Tater

                                                        The catch it it’s not your wedding It’s hers so your vision don’t matter

                                                        Janet M.

                                                          Lordie Lordie. Have mercy..I'm with you Lori

                                                          Dwayne Robinson

                                                            Faith without works is dead.

                                                            Plippy :p

                                                              its the same dress as her mother's pick but the flowers are just bigger

                                                              Rajani Biju

                                                                Bridal. Girl comik play🤔😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😀😀😀😀😀😆😆

                                                                DeathLight 0Craft

                                                                  The mom looks younger than her own daughter


                                                                    Smack a veil on it and everyone's crying

                                                                    blood dragon

                                                                      We literally never heard a peep from the pastor

                                                                      Jazzlin Vega

                                                                        Why does the bride expressions give me Kayla Nicole vibes 😂

                                                                        Vickie Rayhill

                                                                          I don't know, but I hate strapless/sleeveless dresses in church. Unless you are 5 years old in a sundress, show some respect and modesty in church.

                                                                          LPS Peanut

                                                                            “I wanna keep it conservative*

                                                                            I couldn’t help it I HAD to hit that like button. 👏🏻👏🏻

                                                                            Terri g

                                                                              Lmao she damn near picked the same dress as her mom but uglier with bigger flowers..but hey if she comfortable and feels beautiful that's all that matters 💐

                                                                              Antonette Strong

                                                                                Wait who getting married cuz at this point confused

                                                                                Chrisalee Sereniticat

                                                                                  Oh, she looks so beautiful and radiant in her dress.

                                                                                  Luz Angelica Pascasio

                                                                                    5:26 Agent Monte ❤❤❤

                                                                                    Fatima Akbar

                                                                                      The poor pastor didn’t even speak a word and was still used for the title 😭😭


                                                                                        The bride is sooo sweet 😍❤ she smiled the whole time
                                                                                        She's so precious 🥺❤


                                                                                          “Seeing her in this dress is what I visioned..” says the mom. Why does it matter? It’s her wedding, not her mom’s 🙄.

                                                                                          Rinny Dale

                                                                                            💖💖💖💖💖 She's Beautiful 👍🏻👍🏻

                                                                                            Mika Baggins

                                                                                              she is such a lovable lady

                                                                                              but why dies everybidy want fit dresses nowadays

                                                                                              ASH KHAN

                                                                                                It was awful…mums 1st pick was similar but better…..the oversized silk flowers were tacky

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