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      Moms Answer Childbirth Questions You're Afraid To Ask

      “Did you poop on the table?” and other super fun questions! Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: Subscribe for daily videos & series about …


        I’m terrified of having kids idk if I would be able to handle that mentally ;_;

        Silence Is Better Than Nonsense

          They should explain this in schools so it could possibly lower the teen pregnancy rates

          Calise Salter

            I don't know why I watch these I'm not gonna have kids any time soon. Kids are super mean these days.

            Rebecca Revello

              This makes me FAR less sad that I won’t be having children


                yikes, I'll be diligently taking my birth control pills for the foreseeable future.

                Kaitlyn Baldwin

                  This still doesn't scare me lol

                  Karlos Khaos

                    My mums a midwife i got the lectures without even asking lol

                    Marisol Cole

                      27 weeks here scary but some good info 😅

                      Keira Jones

                        Oh and frankly labour can be painful ( especially if you are scared or anxious and fight against the contractions ) but it's pain with a purpose and doesn't last forever, the real pain comes later. There is no epidural for a tantruming toddler 😒 maybe wine I guess ( for you, not the toddler )


                          My 1st birth story is almost identical to Ashley except when I went in for my weekly check-in I found out that I was in labor and got sent to the hospital but my next two pregnancy’s wasn’t as bad as the first because when I ripped I wasn’t properly stitched up so it wasn’t a tussle to get them out

                          Keira Jones

                            Not sure why I'm watching this, five kids, five vaginal drug free births, been there done that, got the tshirt and yet here I am :-/

                            ixora jasmine

                              Even after watching this video… I want to have my own bby

                              Naomy B

                                who needs birth control? just watch this video lol

                                Kat McClaw

                                  Currently 35 weeks and I wasn't scared till I saw this lol

                                  Melody Ogoke

                                    I had a vaginal birth and just listening to this convo has me scared lol. It's like I'm reliving the moment all over again 🥴

                                    Allison Chandler

                                      The older white woman is hilarious 😂

                                      Hope A.

                                        6:43 OMG 😱

                                        natalie granados

                                          i never wanted kids and for a little bit there i was like hm maybe nd this video reminded me completely on why i don’t

                                          Love, Live & Laugh

                                            Almost Everything about pregnancy ESPECIALLY labor scares me and this was a great video but I’m even more scared now


                                              I can’t believe they didn’t include a mother who had an unmedicated birth (or at least no epidural)… it is so different. And a lot of people are doing that now.

                                              Chenai Sabeta-Boadi

                                                My mom's abs ripped apart when she had one of my brothers, I hope that never happens to me!


                                                  I never get cramps and the one time I did u felt like I was gonna die so I feel like this is gonna kill me 💀

                                                  Loretta Hall

                                                    yep, this is 100% accurate. I labored for 6 hours and ended having an emergency c section and all of this is truth.

                                                    Peachy Teen

                                                      I had a catheter once and it hurt


                                                        To all the women with period cramps: Cut out refined sugar!

                                                        I wish somebody had told me this sooner. For years, my cramps made me too sick to function, but as of late, they are so mild that I don’t have to take pain killers!

                                                        If i eat too much sugar during a cycle, my cramps will become very painful and I will be bedridden once again.

                                                        It has worked wonders for me and I hope it works for you too. I’m not a doctor, merely a woman who wants to help other women.

                                                        Tina Gaming

                                                          i am even more scared now

                                                          H i n a –

                                                            I feel like if I get pregnant I’d die of pain tbh. I can’t handle pain well

                                                            Randi Lee

                                                              I gave birth to 4 kids in three years. My first two were in the hospital and very scary and traumatic, last two were natural and at home in my bedroom with practically no pain at all!!!


                                                                This is one of the many reasons why I don't want kids. I'm happy being an aunt. haha.

                                                                Vivian Longini

                                                                  7:57 lol


                                                                    I’ve always been so scared to give birth and this just confirmed my fear. I also don’t want to go through pregnancy and I honestly find a baby being inside you and moving creepy and gross. I don’t know how I’m ever going to have kids. I remember when I was younger I told my mom this exact thing and I remember her saying oh it’ll change once you get older, we’ll I’m 23 now and I still think the same!

                                                                    Nicole Vahle

                                                                      That one mom needs to be a comedian

                                                                      Ruby Guenther

                                                                        What about natural birth experiences?! Come on people! It’s 2020.

                                                                        insta kittylover

                                                                          Well im never having children

                                                                          Lensa Dugassa

                                                                            Still terrified of giving birth

                                                                            Alexandra Tavares

                                                                              I'm sooooo scared of the labour process. It almost brings me to tears of imagining it, not only it changes your body permanently but women describe like it's the worst pain to exist, but they are also able to endour it, it confuses me. I dont think I could stand it.

                                                                              Joy Anthony

                                                                                Yea no . I’m adopting after watching this


                                                                                  When they stitch you can you feel it?


                                                                                    Not to mention, if you have painful periods chances are your labor is just gonna be that much MORE painful. Can’t catch a break

                                                                                    Somya v

                                                                                      Thank you so much

                                                                                      Marisa Tamayo

                                                                                        this is why i'm not having kids

                                                                                        Nicole orozco

                                                                                          Yah sorry mom, no grandchildren for you😂


                                                                                            There's not enough love in the world for me to do this for no man/women or child ctfu

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