Monte & Lori Have To Step In To Help Rookie Bridal Consultant | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

Main Monte & Lori Have To Step In To Help Rookie Bridal Consultant | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

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    Say Yes to the Dress

    Chontelle has a specific gown in mind, however, the dress has been discontinued. Will this bride be content with another wedding dress? Catch Say Yes to the …


    It’s pretty, but she can do better.

    Khnoct kiryuu

    Should have called the store first if they have the dress she was looking before confirming an appointment to not stress yourself and everybody like that but stunning dress!


    Who is Lori & Monte's hairdresser? 😆 That should be the real question!

    Aditi Kale

    At 7:05 all three got emotional, I can see that in their eyes.

    Gaby P

    I love her dress. It looks a bit like my wedding dress.

    Edm Lover


    Johanna Kleine

    Omg they both look sooooo amazing… Like WHAAAT?!?!?

    ketki ponkshe

    Ohhh… Corona is not affecting them?! How??


    I'm telling you Lori and Monte don't age.

    Alexandra Tonico

    Loved Montè's outfit! And Lori looks amazing♥️♥️♥️

    Mariela Armendariz

    I feel like I will have the same problem , I’m 20 looking 12….

    Billie Little

    Lori and Monti look great. The sales associate looks a bit like Sofia Vergara

    Toi DaScorpian

    Lori and Monte are thee ..ish!! They made it happen.

    the_Lovely _Artist

    The way she deflated and said,
    “It’s a ball gown.”
    Left me so sad for her. She’s seriously sounded like she DID NOT want a ball gown.


    The Consultant look alike Brazilian actress Isis Valverde


    Why would you go from fitted to ballgown. Cant go from apples to oranges. What a rookie

    J D

    Finally monty and lori have style, looks very British

    Joan Pashinsky-Greve

    Holy Botox Laurie and Monty look 10 years younger 💋💄

    Vanshika R Gupta

    The bride's mom looks 25! Woww😍

    Kala Bell

    Why didn't they see if that shear dress could be lined? If I'm not mistaken, most shear dresses can be lined so it's not see threw.

    Then again, it probably couldn't have been and that's why they didn't being it up.

    akansha john

    Monte and lori both are looking so awesome

    Rashmi Parbagga

    Her hair♥️

    Daniel Ponomari

    They look a like

    You Comment

    Monte and Lori look incredibly younger and beautiful.

    Cat Cat

    I still can’t get over Loris gorgeous hair!!

    Tola G

    Her friend Jessica looks abit like Jessica from 13 reasons why…

    seanel danielle

    Monte and Lori both look so good omg!!!

    The Jenna Endeavour



    Lori and monte new hair make them 10 years younger

    jessica stephenson

    They kept giving her ugly dresses no wonder so didn’t want to come out

    Elizabeth Quan

    I love when Monty does the bride's hair.

    Priti Kashyap

    Lori seriously
    Your hair look so amazing
    You're looking so young and sweet.
    Just watching you ❤️


    This is my favorite dress so far in the show. Looks so Elegant and the sparkles were so on point.


    Why is Monte wearing a turtle neck with a Gucci belt?? Hahahaah

    Feadóg Mhór

    Wow, that’s Lori? 😯 For a second there I mistook her for Robin…

    Stranger Sez

    I LOVE this show bu my bank account DOES NOT!

    Yandere Queen

    "It's cuuuute ~ and I hate cute ~"
    Love this line HAHA

    OxyJIN Air


    Mina M

    I am literally addicted SYTTD it is like a drug

    Happy Ngulube

    Yaaaaas, Lori and Monte looking revamped. Loving the new looks

    Ayushi Singh

    The gown in the picture looks like someone was farting snow.!

    Elle Southernbelle

    Lori's it🥰🥰


    I love Lori’s hair like this more than her usual one, it makes her look younger

    Mellisa Nti

    Yh Lori looks beautiful and monte

    Dyh Who

    Monte n Lori, kalian terlihat fresh dan cakep dari waktu ke waktu😍

    shrgh 18

    she looks neither cute nor young… don't know where she's getting that… dress is nice though, more modern and much better than the picture

    Wan Humiوان حومي

    Why did they look much prettier 😍

    Madison Smith

    I didn't recognize Lori with longer hair 😬

    Healthy Food Recipe,Kitchen Tips

    Bride – aww it's cute ,it's cute
    Consultant: do you wanna show this dress to ur family?
    Bride :NO

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