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      Some of you may absolutely love these products, I just think there are much better options for your money! xo’s ~ Tati HALO Before & After PHOTOS HERE …

      Michele Chavez

        I seen a video where Thattaylaa recommends Bondi Sands Self Tan Eraser ….she said it works great for her to remove self tanner…

        Lauren O’Sullivan

          Lemon and sugar can take off my tan they that

          Milica Milenkovic

            Oooh I love this more blush-less contoure look 🙂

            Aimee Jean

              Can you please review on younique products please..

              Julie Valencia

                I died when she said someone said to put toothpaste on your arm ‘ I DID THAT ‘ 🤣🤣 same Tati when I have a problem I look up diys usually even if there weird and random

                Alicia kers Latina

                  It’s been 2 months since I ordered your halo beauty. And still haven’t recieved it. And never even had a proper response. So not gonna be supporting you nor your Chanel anymore. Still love you. Goodbye. 🙂

                  Aditi Sawant

                    Too mucj talking honey

                    Elizabeth Feng

                      Thank you for talking to my friend and I today! Sorry for being awkward LMAO but you are his idol for so long! You are so so pretty and nice in person!!! 🤗

                      kathy quiroga

                        Personally i love the ulta self tanner the 2hr one is a dupe for loving tan at half the price! I just leave it on a little bit longer usually 3hrs for a "dark" tan (datl compared to my skin)


                          Although my skin wasn’t bad, I’ve used halo for 3 months and people keep commenting on how good my skin looks. Trying the HIS multivitamin next. THANK YOU!

                          Ziqing Zhou

                            Ohii's mascara is also working pretty well for me. It's thin wand and it's a bit weaker than the Benefit Roller Lash but I love it. Really curious Tati try the brand out~

                            blpacked laine

                              tati! wheres taylor?!

                              Barbara Paz

                                Dear Tati….lemon!!! Just rub lemon on the strikes of your self tan and it will go away 😉

                                goci larisa




                                    Christy Woods

                                      Nars also didnt make a dark enough one for medium to deep

                                      Alycia Wilson

                                        Anybody know if she’s tried that new liquid eyeliner I think it’s L’Oréal or maybelline… and it has like a wing liner stencil with it?

                                        Christina Scafuto

                                          $75 brush? No Tati nooo!

                                          Zivile Mat.

                                            Bioderma serum amazing for more oily, mixed skin as I have. It gave me flawless, blurred out pores skin effect.

                                            Evelyn Torres

                                              Did she talk about the jergens!?


                                                Hi Tati, could you please go over the list of ingredients that you prefer to have/don’t have in your foundation please? I’d love to experiment myself but don’t have the budget for that

                                                Lilith mah

                                                  Im sry for what happened to u but u can use foundation to cover ur arm !


                                                    Lol I thought she said “red bull” instead of “red bowl”.

                                                    Tarynl Dancer322

                                                      You should do a video where you do your make up with your bad hand.

                                                      Tuấn Anh Huỳnh

                                                        Can you try holo taco from Cristine ?

                                                        Elizabeth Peebles

                                                          Loving tan has a self tamer remover

                                                          Tiffany Jett

                                                            I mixed the commentary on the Jergen's, it's featured on the thumbnail but not discussed in the video. I'm confused. 😕

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