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    Tara Michelle
      Morning Routine in MY NEW HOUSE

      welcome to my morning routine in my new house!!! as you guys know, I recently moved into my new place & I thought it was time to share my new and improved …

      Tara Michelle

        I've been living in my new place for 2 months now & I thought it was finally time to share my new morning routine with you guys!!! What's your morning routine usually look like?!?

        kiersyn dewein

          Mascara. That's all I wear and I rarely wear it.

          Maya K.

            Avo & eggs

            Linda Emilia

              Eggs with avocado🥑


                I would do mascara too, my lashes are blonde and pretty much invisible without it. But they're actually pretty long!

                Darian Lynn

                  MASCARA FOR SURE

                  Ava Citano

                    breakfast: boiled eggs with avocado inside!!

                    Darian Lynn

                      Your two deviled egg recipe ofc!! I've yet to try it but def am soon!

                      Safiyya S

                        avacado deviled eggs!!

                        Marialena Mekeridou

                          Mascara duhh💁‍♀️💗love you Tara, you are my all time favorite YouTuber.💖💖Greetings from Greece 🇬🇷 ❤️

                          hey it’s cali

                            my alexa went off

                            hailey vincelette

                              hard boiled eggs with avacado and seasoning

                              Abby Bernadette

                                what's breakfast without Tara's signature deviled eggs!!!

                                Valentina Rosic

                                  hard boiled eggs and u mix the yolk with avocados and put a bunch of seasoning on it like pepper powder

                                  Joy Chen

                                    I had the problem with burning contacts too but I found that rinse it with saline before putting them in does the trick. Hope that helps!

                                    Emily MacMurray

                                      “sneaky fam!!!!!!” The purse you are carrying where is it from!?

                                      Luh’Shaeee Sa’Mon

                                        Your boiled deviled eggs always lol . Stay watching your vlogs pretty sure I've seen every one lol ❣🙌🏼


                                          Deviled advocado eggs 😛


                                            AVOCADO DEVILED EGGGGGGS

                                            Rebecca Yalda

                                              Either avocado toast or eggs and avocado on top literally I watch every vlog like every time I see a vlog up it just makes my day I love watching you and how you have changed through those years girl you are beautiful ❤️


                                                It used to be guacamole toast! But then you got obsessed with deviled eggs with guacamole? Oh you also used lovvveee scrambled eggs! Hahaha ❤️

                                                Kelli Hourihan

                                                  I guess hard boiled eggs w avocado in the middle!


                                                    Girl, I watch a lot of renovation or room make over video's and I just realized that our styles match perfectly, there has not been one thing in your house that I thought like 'nah' or 'I would do it differently' ! Sending you love from Belgium ❤️

                                                    cathy xo

                                                      I would use mascara too

                                                      Astha Bisani


                                                        Arlen Andrade

                                                          Super random but I hope you’re putting on sunscreen especially since you walk a lot and it’s super hot out! 🙂

                                                          cathy xo

                                                            Your house is so nice 💜

                                                            Stefanie Rose Beauty

                                                              Loving your new house so far! So cute


                                                                I just want to know why your garlic powder was upstairs. 😂 Cause I can RELATE TO THAT


                                                                  where is ur bag from?@

                                                                  Olivia Holguin

                                                                    Why do you buy pre boiled eggs? This is a genuine question.


                                                                      Is it the egg avocado thing? 😂


                                                                        Beautiful house your should be proud ♥️

                                                                        Abriana Carey

                                                                          Deviled eggs with avocado 🥑😁


                                                                            I started making those eggs, honestly such a nice filling meal 🙂

                                                                            Mara Furnish

                                                                              DEVILED EGGS WITH AVOCADO INSIDE

                                                                              Elizabeth Fawcett

                                                                                mascara or foundation

                                                                                Celeste Roberts

                                                                                  What lens do you use on your Canon m6??? Thanx! Love the vid by the way! Also, this is the girl tht works at Tocaya @ the mall 🙂

                                                                                  Maxine Cb

                                                                                    avocado toast

                                                                                    Melanie Gonzalez

                                                                                      ROOM TOUR!!!

                                                                                      Elizabeth Fawcett

                                                                                        What laptop do you have? I'm looking into buying one of those for high school because I've seen that they are light and simple

                                                                                        Michelle F

                                                                                          Guacamole deviled eggs!!!!!

                                                                                          Delaney Loghry

                                                                                            we all knew she is about to make her famous deviled eggs 🥚

                                                                                            Destiny Goraieb

                                                                                              two hard boiled eggs with avocado and u take the yolk out and mix avocado with a bunch of seasonings add it back to egg and sprinkle some paprika or cayenne on top 🤗

                                                                                              Sara Rashti

                                                                                                Expecting nothing less than the avocado deviled eggs 😂

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