Morning Routine, Unboxing Haul, and Why I Don’t Speak French! // VLOG

Main Morning Routine, Unboxing Haul, and Why I Don’t Speak French! // VLOG

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    Alex Centomo
      Morning Routine, Unboxing Haul, and Why I Don't Speak French! // VLOG

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      Erin Cardentey

        Loved the morning vlog Dan! Such good a good idea. Need to implement it into my own mornings

        kristina smith

          What happened to ur friend cath

          Missy Marandola

            My 63 year old dad was born and raised in Montreal and I was born there (have grown up in Florida🙂) and he says the same thing! He hated having to speak it and even when he did he said he was constantly judged for how he spoke but yet he would also be judged if he spoke English! You’re the best regardless Alex💕


              I am French and love you and would never judge you ❤️I sometimes have a hard time understanding les Québécois because your guys' accent is very different from someone from France like me. I don't think people comment on the mistakes you make, they just think your accent is funny because it's different. It's night and day. Like someone from rural Texas vs someone from California.

              Charlène Aubert

                I'm french and I feel so ashamed that french people have the nerve to judge your accent…Majority of french don't even talk english or they have an accent which is normal!! Urghh sorry about that

                selin çeçen

                  I realy like dans vlogs thats very fun

                  ANAIS ANANAS

                    Putting out a video in french would also help you reach a french audience


                      Dans great keep vlogging

                      Miriam Habib

                        I love when Dan vlogs! This style of vlogging is super fun. Keep it up 🙂

                        Élizabeth Brind’Amour

                          I live in mtl and I feel the same the way but about English ahaah, I don’t like my accent when i speak in English and English orals in high school were my worst nightmare so I understand you
                          on this 🙊 We shouldn’t care about what people think 🙈

                          Marie Eusebio

                            Love when Dan vlogs!

                            Rennie Alli

                              yay Daniel is vlogging again we missed you Dan it's good to see you and Boo on your walks again

                              Geneviève Lefebvre

                                This is why I don't understand the French Canadians that complain about how our language is threatened by English because they are the ones that end up making fun of the anglophones that do try to speak French. It's just so ridiculous like I'm a French Canadian and think we should all try to learn both languages so why would I make fun of anyone who is trying their best. Anyways I understand where you're coming from Alex! Love u!

                                Martina Piroddi

                                  What happened with Cath Belle?

                                  Mia McPhail

                                    Oh the struggles of growing up as an anglophone in Montreal are very real. Growing up in the West Island and going to school within the EMSB (despite them being immersion programs) did not prepare adult me to have to speak French fluently. I've gotten to the point where I have instilled weekly French evenings (soirée de français). Husband and I interact only in French, watch French shows, or youtube videos, respond to texts and phone calls from (French-speaking) friends and family.

                                    bismah khalid

                                      tbh i've always loved dan's portions of the vlogs

                                      Aly Medina

                                        Love vlogs 💕
                                        Already waiting for the london travel vlog 😅 hope you guys have a nice time there 😊

                                        Dani Chudler

                                          girl I'm in the snow too don't worry

                                          Rennie Alli

                                            Finally been waiting for the vlog I love all your posts from London and France

                                            véronique bourassa

                                              Love vlogs!!! And I love that Dan is back 😊😊😊


                                                who else is inspired by her?!

                                                ps im a youtuber too 🙂

                                                Susan Salvatore

                                                  lol the Catherine pronunciation and alexandra pronunciation. I have the SAME problem. all the french people say Suzanne. like… it's susan, english, not french! what is SO HARD. LOL

                                                  Susan Salvatore

                                                    omg that soup looks amazing !


                                                      Dan loved the morning vlog! Very uplifting and calming

                                                      Ivana Roháčková

                                                        I love Dan in the vlooog! ♥

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