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      Mortician Vs. Makeup Artist: Makeup Challenge

      “This makeup has not been used on dead people.” Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: Subscribe for daily videos & series about beauty, …


        I don’t like either one of the makeup looks 😬😐

        PwikachUwU Mish

          Of course the mortician have straight, heavy bangs!!! 😂😂😂

          Patricia Nicole

            Why is that girl frowning the whole time

            Angelica Garcia

              Did she use the same brushea she used on dead people just asking for a freind

              Keanne Lee

                Mortician: If you were alive. I would…
                Her: I AM ALIVE

                Nayana Nagaraj

                  when i’m dead i want my makeup to be done by james charles


                    Thats a makeup artist? He was so nice and genuine but his work seemed more amateur with the liner and the entirety of the eyeshadow look.

                    Your Life Is A Great Story

                      I’m disappointed there are no My Girl references in the video and in the comments.


                        Most people are saying they like the mortician's makeup better but I think the makeup artist's looks WAY better.

                        Bhanu 95

                          I dont know why but I hate this girl.. I find her irritating

                          Nellie Valencia

                            What was that form called

                            Hey There

                              When I was 6 in first grade the teachers sent me to the counselor and called my parents cuz I said I wanted to be a mortician so I can work with people who won’t complain about my skills

                              Autumn Summers

                                Didn't like the makeup artist makeup. The mortician did a way better job.

                                Lauren James

                                  Living for the look the mortician gave her, outstandingly beautiful on her. The makeup artist’s just looked kinda messy to me in comparison.

                                  Kaitlin Dils

                                    Is it just me, or does Nina seem pissed during the majority of this video?…At least with the MUA.

                                    Fatma Atma

                                      The mortician made her look dead like a corpse.

                                      Xathina Bloodstorm

                                        this is such an interesting video to me as im gonna start the schooling to become a mortician when i finally move out of state

                                        Aadya Khatavkar

                                          Buzzfeed why do you keep doing useless stuff…Genuinely concerned

                                          stephie 90

                                            4:424:47 I died 😂😂😂😂😂

                                            Rosario Mata

                                              why isn't she laying down for the mortician?


                                                I didn’t know morticians also did the makeup, I thought they got someone else to do it

                                                Dulce Guzman

                                                  Why don't morticians use bare minerals spray on makeup type?


                                                    We laugh and have a media image of a makeup artist that works on those who past away.
                                                    We need to Appreciate them very much. Science and magic for those left behind. Not something any person could do… and I’m sure it helps so many people in the process of grieving

                                                    Jane Justice Doe

                                                      At first I didn't want to watch this, because I'm still grieving, but I'm glad I did it. Not because it gave me some sort of peace, but because I was uncomfortable and did it anyway. I'm working though it. Will say a bit of it was triggering though. Made it out to the end so I'm pretty proud of myself.

                                                      Ooky Spooky Chic

                                                        when i die please put my favorite fake lashes on me.

                                                        PerthBeast Zzzz

                                                          Well it seems both them couldn’t make her look good


                                                            I'm getting some 1960s tv star vibes from the mortician's look! Like something you would see someone wear on Star trek


                                                              I love stuff like this <3


                                                                Shoutout to Ask a Mortician for doing this first

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