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      Game of Thrones MAKEUP + ASMR MUKBANG! WTF!

      Today my favorite worlds collide: Game of Thrones and MAKEUP! Urban Decay is coming out with a GOT makeup collection, and of course, I have to put it to the …


        WHO TAKES THE IRON THRONE?? sound off in the comments!!! 🤔👑✨

        michelle vaughan

          I love the makeup but tht hairstyle tho :/ not a fan


            GAME OF THRONES😭😍

            Sana Dehsabzi



                What's Dylan's zodiac sign?? lol


                  Storytime about Rihanna please 🔥🔥🔥

                  Diana Zaykova

                    The eyeshadow colors are so….meh. Nothing new, imressive or must have. I literally own 6-7 palettes which is not that much at all and all shades here i already own – that's now meh this palette is.

                    mike hunt

                      I want Danny and her nephew Jon Snow to take the throne together… is that weird? With the incest and all? I don't care… Danny and Jon forever!

                      Though they'll probably both die.

                      Teodora Daskalova

                        YASS for the Rihanna video!

                        Rachel Kerkdijk

                          I have my own draak at home as a pet. He always likes to set my house on fire but I hope he'll stop it because the next time will be the 54th time we have to move.

                          the Busy Bea

                            Also PLEASE GIVE US A STORY TIME!!!!! RIHANNA!!! i think i spelt that wrong – whatever. STORYTIME!!


                              jon snow is the only king, he literally has the most right and has the sweetest soul,, nothing but respect for MY king!! but also shoutout to sansa for being so smart and saving everyone 😭

                              # djux

                                Jon dies,Denearys take the throne🤞

                                Katie B

                                  Labels it mukbang, takes one bite and quits 🤣 nikkie you crack me up

                                  Rose •

                                    You should do makeup op like five different kinds of people/faceshapes! For example someone with hooded eyes, someone who has chubby cheeks…

                                    the Busy Bea

                                      Your amazing nikkie dont change!! Even if in some videos the views arent as good as you'd like them to be. That doesnt mean the video is ANY less good. I enjoy all the videos you make and i think you're an inspiration to a LOT of people – never ever change x love u nikkie x

                                      Guillaume Van Goethem

                                        She needs some milk 😂


                                          Story time about meeting Queen RihRih please 😍

                                          Yael Hoefs

                                            Okay, I have no clue who is going to survive or not, because it is game of thrones. But what I hope is: dany on the throne..Tyrion as her adviser… Sansa as a lady in the north. Or what is left of it with arya as her adviser and assassin.. and Jon probably survives and becomes the master of all whitewalkers or something…….the rest just dies…. I fear


                                              slay a dragon or two??? Bishh

                                              Pien van Putten

                                                This is everything <3

                                                Suga Kookie

                                                  other asmr artists:
                                                  eats tahalulu


                                                  Amy Kidd

                                                    story time with rihanna

                                                    Nyree Hinitt

                                                      Do a Rihanna makeup look whilst telling us??? X

                                                      Naziha Rahman Mohona

                                                        Hey Nikkie Do a indian wedding makeup on you sometime… Love you ❤❤❤


                                                          Two of the things I cannot bear: ASMR & mukbang. Bye.

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