MOVE WITH ME ep.1 // im moving! + touring houses!

Main MOVE WITH ME ep.1 // im moving! + touring houses!

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    Tara Michelle
      MOVE WITH ME ep.1 // im moving! + touring houses!

      IM MOVING!!!! I am going to be BUYING a place in Los Angeles, wow. Seriously what a dream! This is going to be the first vid of the Move With Me series that I’m …

      Tara Michelle

        SO EXCITED TO FINALLY START THIS SERIES!!!! Moving is always so much fun and TOURING houses/apartments/condos has always been such a hobby of mine! Hope you guys enjoy!!! 🙂 Which was your favorite place that I saw?!

        Rebecca van Rooyen

          I would think that you should go for the house because it is a place where you can grow into and truly make it your own 🥰

          Emilia Sabel

            The house was gorgeous! 😍😍👏

            Armyl blink Jwje

              How do u tour houses if they r already bought. Like a lot of the units u said “recreated by the person that live here” stuff lidat.

              Lily Howe

                Sneaky fam!!! 😘

                Landery Roe

                  I like the 1st one the best!

                  fran tav

                    i love sunrooms! i have one of my own & sitting out there when it’s sunny = the most relaxing feeling ever!!

                    Keegan Levine

                      I loved the house and the townhouse that was a little out of ur budget and I hope more opportunities come your way to find your dream home 😍😍😍😍

                      AnneMaren Nordbø

                        Condo #6 was my favourite😍 the view was amazing❤️


                          This might just be because I live in the midwest and we don't have many condos but I say go for the house. The open space and no upstairs and downstairs neighbors is just so nice!

                          kary stam

                            OMG!! I'm soo happy for you💖💖

                            cold summer

                              YES! Looking forward to this series!

                              Joann Ho


                                Monserat Sanchez

                                  The house is beautiful!!

                                  Mike Sullivan

                                    A suggestions for an episode in this series…… run through what defines a house vs condo vs apartment vs townhouse in LA. Also how does having an agent work what do they do for you what do you get out of having an agent versus not having an agent. I think this would be very interesting ep.

                                    Jaime Brooke30

                                      I am excited for you to find a place! I like the house the best, and I understand not wanting to buy a house while living alone.

                                      danyelle white

                                        you need that house 😍😍😍😍

                                        c marie

                                          What ever happened with your visa?

                                          Anntedoot Desalago

                                            I'll go with the house its really nice 😍

                                            Katie Lynn

                                              i love the house! i can definitely see you living there 😭😭😭

                                              Cece Kurtz

                                                omg cannot wait for this series ! the house was my fav. or the second townhome

                                                Sierra Kay

                                                  Either condo #1 or the house!! Both amazing

                                                  Cj Inabinet

                                                    Definitely feel like I was watching HGTV 😂

                                                    Raquel Mancilla

                                                      i loooveeeddd the house! i could see you staying there for a long time and growing there! so happy to see the next chapter of your life and so happy for you !

                                                      Yara 99

                                                        I know you didn't want a house but i love the house that you showed us tho❤️❤️

                                                        Yara 99

                                                          Is this means that you're staying in LA?😍 Hope it is

                                                          Yara 99

                                                            I LOVE THIS SERIES

                                                            Celeste Lopez

                                                              The house is the best in my opinion 😍😃!

                                                              Jenna Neff

                                                                The house!!! & the one with the outdoor indoor window room lol 💜

                                                                Abbey Awesome101

                                                                  i just moved from texas usa and then after high school i moved to oregon usa after high school and i moved for collage so im going to lane community collage but i have to wait six mounths for residency so since im covered as disabled under he american with disablities act and m going to apply for disablity check i have poor eyesight and consiered blind so i cant live alone or drive but i can see erffctly during the day and i couldent work long at domnios id have a youtube channel ansd i am going to do a video on the pas nine mounths i also loved the video and wish you well with moving

                                                                  Lesley S.

                                                                    The house was beautiful 🤩🤩, lots of things and plans that the house would fit perfectly for!💞


                                                                      its called sunroom, in the condo #4 townhouse

                                                                      Lucy Emmerson

                                                                        seriously can't believe i've been watching you since the 1 bedroom apartment. time really flies omg


                                                                          I wish u mentioned prices😭maybe u could put the estimate in the description?

                                                                          Kelsey Rodeffer

                                                                            Totally think you should go with a house. I feel like it would suit you, but at the end of the day need to get what you LOVE and are happy with!

                                                                            becca fields

                                                                              The house 😍

                                                                              Katia Luyo

                                                                                Actually loved the first one and the Silverlake one! Tara would love it if you shared how you planned out your finances (having an independent job) to get you to this place and a little bit more of that side of your life. Looking forward to more condo videos 💕

                                                                                Julia Skiles

                                                                                  The first condo is what my dream place looks like. I’m so in love

                                                                                  Fanny Kogan

                                                                                    THE HOUSEEE

                                                                                    Stephanie Hart

                                                                                      The first place was the Best one it was very nice!!!! You need to learn how to drive…

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