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    Tara Michelle
      MOVE WITH ME ep.2 // i found my dream house!!!

      Things are moving QUICKLY over here & this week I legit found my DREAM HOME. Absolutely in love & told my agent to put in an offer!!! EPISODE ONE: …

      Tara Michelle

        What do you guys think about the houses I saw?? Which was your favorite?! 1, 2, or 3?

        Aya Diabb

          im sorry im confused did she buy any of the houses?:p

          fran tav

            a tip from a girl who loves watching HGTV: buy a “cheaper” home that’s not the most glamorous so that you can build your dream house from scratch (pinterest etc)! but at the same time, moving into a move-in ready house/condo is much more relaxing & laid back. wishing you the best luck on your journey girl!! 🌟

            InsideOut InsideOut

              I loved the fist house so much, but i totally get ur point. Do whatever feels right and the perfect place will find you 🍀

              Brittney Lynn

                Flipper here! My feel: #1’s appeal IMO are flowers that may die and decor that won’t come with it. You wouldn’t believe how easily staging sells a house and sucks your brain in. #2 has a far better kitchen and full baths (resale value!) has higher end renovation/fixtures, is more spacious. #3 the layout seems odd, skylights will leak and are expensive.

                Johanna N

                  This is so exciting. I have followed you ever since your first moving vlog. Loving these!!

                  Stephanie Garcia

                    i’m so curious to know where the 1st home was located in LA lol but the second house is my fav!

                    Melissa Why

                      I love this series!!!!!!!!



                        cathy xo

                          i wonder what part of la you're talking about! haha

                          Anahi Leon

                            You should look into the Valley, much safer and calm area! Very pretty houses

                            Calista Magana

                              Did you check out the valley yet ??

                              Monica Sanchez

                                Your dream house is niceeeee, but not gonna lie that last one was stunning!!


                                  Please do an updated video on how you edit your IG photos!

                                  Kellie Painter

                                    I love the move with me videos!


                                      I like the second house more than I like the first house! I honestly liked the 3rd even more than the first house lol


                                        I like the third house, honestly. The first one I didn’t see your style and you need a big kitchen!!!

                                        Terry Coleman

                                          Absolutely safe then sorry nut tara your on the right path so happee for you peace/Love 🏡

                                          Rosalee Gingras

                                            please include the prices of these places!!! just to give us a better idea


                                              Lmao 😂
                                              I’m giving this a thumbs up 👍 for Taylor pertaining getting pulled 😂

                                              ALI BUZZELLI

                                                I loved #2 but also loved the old feel of #1 but you made a smart decision. Location in LA is so important, also if you plan to resell at any point, you have to take all that into factor for resale value is and what you put into the home
                                                Have you thought about moving a bit farther out of LA? Surprisingly, Irvine and OC are not as expensive as they used to be for a nice home


                                                  You can definitely get a safer area by buying a condo or townhome. The thing I always learn when buying homes is that everything is a trade off and you have to compromise. If safety is your #1, you’ll find it! Good luck!


                                                    As a single girl, I would buy a condo for security reasons. Houses are great but for families or for more than one person. All the best Tara. Love from Toronto.


                                                      i love watching youtubers grow up aw


                                                        Taylor in the basement pretending to get pulled killed me!!! 😂

                                                        Jasmine Lyons

                                                          I never comment on videos but I've been following you for a long time and was so excited to this series as I just went through this process myself as a 22 year old female.

                                                          The first thing I wanted to say is that the housing market is crazy right now! I live in a small town in Ohio and the houses I was looking at would all sell in 1-2 days. My realtor let me know of a listing that was coming up and we made the earliest appointment we could to see it. I knew that if I liked this house, I would have to make an offer within 24 hours because it would go quick. We walked through and I LOVED it. Again, I didn't have much time to think about it for fear of losing it to someone else so we made an offer four hours after we looked at it lol I ended up getting it and thought I was going to lose it when the inspection came back and my realtor said that the inspection didn't sound good (just looking at the report) and she recommended I walk away. I literally cried for like two hours until I was able to set up a phone call between me, the realtor, and the inspector who assured that there wasn't anything to worry about. Fast forward to now and I'm all moved in!

                                                          I didn't realize how long my comment was going to be! but I like hearing people's stories of how they found their houses. You made a good move deciding not to put an offer on that first house. It would be HORRIBLE to live your life every day with the constant fear that something may happen to you, especially as a young female living alone. There's a town next to mine that had some really cute, affordable houses, but like you said – they're affordable because they're in a sketchy part of town. I stopped looking at those houses so I wouldn't get too attached to them. Good luck to you and I can't wait to see more videos!

                                                          Grace Mathias

                                                            where is the nirvana shirt your wearing from?? and what size??

                                                            Nathan Jamal

                                                              I’m gonna say this and I hope it doesn’t offend anyone but honestly idc. Crime happens everywhere. The only difference is that in “whiter” neighborhoods they don’t publicize the crime as much. I live in a gated community now and packages have been stolen, I’ve seen people doing drugs, and I’ve been woken up by police sirens and I live in a “safe” area. I understand what you mean but I’m just saying you can get robbed and snatched up anywhere.

                                                              Gabi A

                                                                Taylor in the basement 😂😂😂

                                                                Kristen Leblond

                                                                  I am at 1:16…Great choice in viewing houses, in my opinion. I know, I'm old and could be your mom. But, I would want my own daughter to invest in a house. Something that you own, that you don't have to go an HOH meeting. Something that you could change and no have to ask a HOH board if they agreed? Condo's, in my opinion, are good to lease but no own. So, I have said enough and I will now continue the video….I am excited!!!! After watching this I totally agree with you mom and dad!!!

                                                                  c marie

                                                                    Omg I loved the second house way more than the first!!!

                                                                    Cassandra Sapien

                                                                      Seeing you smile the way you did in this video makes me so happy! Pretty much I'm happy that you're happy! It's unfortunate that you didn't get your dream home but safety comes first! I hope you get the perfect place for you!

                                                                      Sarah Barela

                                                                        Lol your thing about the in between places in LA is so true

                                                                        Mary Im

                                                                          The basement thing looks scary af but it would be a really safe place to take cover in case of like a tornado. climate change is turning things wild. but i love love the beautiful tiles on the bathrooms

                                                                          Jaime Brooke30

                                                                            I hope the home process continues to go well. The homes were beautiful. I understand the feeling of looking in a market where homes go within a week.

                                                                            Rebecca Yates

                                                                              This is SO clickbate, you say your buying this house throughout the whole video

                                                                              Milena M

                                                                                Yess you definitely don't want to rush into things, I was about to move out with my boyfriends and a few days before submitting our application he got hurt at work and I swear it was a sign!! On my second channel I'm going to start a whole series about moving and I can't wait this totally inspired me!


                                                                                  I love moving vlogs 💙 Good luck on the house searching 💕

                                                                                  Sarah Lozano

                                                                                    You definitely want to take a look at the neighborhood before you buy. Especially if you didn’t grow up in the area you could potentially have no clue what you’re getting yourself into. I’ve had to do research on places i see and have to say never mind because the area is sketchy. I’m with ya girl


                                                                                      Taylor is so funny lmao

                                                                                      Valeria Leandra

                                                                                        7:43 IM DEAD 😂😂

                                                                                        Elizabeth Ryan

                                                                                          You’re young and I think choosing a better neighborhood is such a wise decision. Like you said in a few years you can look at houses but in my opinion someone with as active of a life as you have, and your love of traveling a such I think a condo makes so much more sense and in an area like LA I think it’s just as decent of an investment. Places like here in MN sure condos aren’t going to sell as well but I don’t think that’s the case where you are. You’ll find the best of both worlds, I’m sure of it! Keep doing these series!!

                                                                                          Dakota Huls

                                                                                            Your hair is looking so good girl! That length 😍

                                                                                            Erika Poirier

                                                                                              Hey Tara, i love this video girl and have a wonderful Tuesday beautiful 😊😊💕💕

                                                                                              Hannah Tyler

                                                                                                i’ve been a long long time viewer, it’s so exciting to see you invest in a house! it’d be fitting because you’ll have a bigger space for your office, room etc. hopefully you can get a dog! congrats 🎉

                                                                                                Talia R

                                                                                                  I liked the backyard of your dream house but somehow the kitchen looked to small and enclosed for your cooking vedios an open concept kitchen living room is more better. I enjoyed this series and it was nice seeing different home styles however your apartment rocks n your comfortable n safe there so I agree with your parents.


                                                                                                    I didn’t love any of them (no views out the windows!!) and all I thought was of people breaking into them. Have you considered the lush hills above Studio City/Sherman Oaks/Encino? A lot of YouTubers rent safe homes up there in the hills. Just as an example, Jason Nash from the Vlog Squad has a safe home with lush backyard in the hills above Studio City and he rents. See tour video of home here.

                                                                                                    Lifestyle Of O

                                                                                                      what’s the name of the font u use for ur thumbnails btw can’t wait for house vlogs

                                                                                                      Jera Antonio

                                                                                                        very good space i think and very very stunning… 😊

                                                                                                        Sofia Zavoli

                                                                                                          I didn’t like your dream house to be honest, I liked the third house better because it’s more modern and it has an extra bedroom

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