MOVE WITH ME ep.3 // I BOUGHT THE HOUSE!! how it went down!!

Main MOVE WITH ME ep.3 // I BOUGHT THE HOUSE!! how it went down!!

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    Tara Michelle
      MOVE WITH ME ep.3 // I BOUGHT THE HOUSE!! how it went down!!

      IT REALLY HAPPENED! I really really can’t believe I just bought my first home. The cutest little townhouse I’ve ever seen! I’m moving THIS WEEK so if you’d like …

      Tara Michelle

        I honestly can't believe this is real! I'm so excited and so so beyond grateful! I can't wait to share an empty house tour later this week ❤️

        Lucille Babel

          I am not so ready yet to watch this video without my morning cup of iced coffee but I needed to comment right away how proud am I of you and how much I enjoy watching your vlogs, from the time you and Boo were hanging out in college go this, you are such a motivation for me and thank you for sharing your life with us! I feel as you are a friend of mine I never met. Keep thriving girl💕💕💕 now off to get me some coffee!

          Katrina Y.

            ok I was just on Pinterest and I saw some of the things you pinned and I am actually so excited to see you new place and how you decorate it!!


              I am seriously so beyond happy for you! Congratulations Tara x

              Kaylee Deisering

                Ohhh please do an empty house tour! It'll be so cool to see it and then a comparison once you finish moving in and are decorated!

                Rishika Vangari

                  Omg so happy for you😭❤


                    Aw I’m so happy for you I love you thank you for your amazing video💗

                    Hannah C

                      Congratulations! 🙂 xxx

                      Twinkle Tito

                        Yaaayyy renovation

                        Allie Marie

                          I’m so proud of you Tara I don’t even have words. Just proud. Love you and your videos lots, I hope everything goes well with the move.

                          Anie Stiles

                            YEESSSSS!!!! Love moving vlogs!! So excited.

                            Ericka Irica

                              I LOVE YOU!! 😭😭💖💖 this is so PRECIOUS!!! 💖😭 SUBSCRIBER SINCE THAT FIRST APARTMENT!! 😭❤️ I LOVE U TARA SO PROUD OF YOU!! 💕

                              Daisy guzman

                                Empty house tour!!❤️ so so proud of you😭

                                Madison Elyse

                                  ahh im so proud of you tara, your vlog channel is probably my favorite channel on youtube i just love how you're just yourself i'm so happy for you 🙂

                                  Tanya Castro

                                    Ahhhh congrats!! So excited for you!

                                    Lifestyle Of O

                                      please do a empty house tour

                                      Becca Mintkenbaugh

                                        So so happy for you!! My mom actually just bought a house too!

                                        Hannah Colemer

                                          Congratulations! This “sneaky fam!!!!!!” member is loving this series!

                                          Kailey Elizabeth

                                            I’m so happy for you Tara! 💕 Congrats on buying your first home!

                                            Michelle Sánchez

                                              so so so so so proud of you. i love you.


                                                So happy for you,I been watching since forever ! so crazy

                                                Cynthia Blanco

                                                  congrats i'm so happy for you tara!! 🥺 can't wait to see the empty house tour!

                                                  Navdeep Sharma

                                                    Where u got ur new house???..usa or Canada? ?

                                                    Alexis Grimek

                                                      aw Tara we love you 💕

                                                      Trini Brunner

                                                        I cry the whole video, I can’t believe this, I’ve been watching you since your first apartment, and I’m so proud of you, this is amazing and I can’t wait too see the place all done 👏🏻 I’m so so so proud of you tara 🥰🖤

                                                        Maude Picard

                                                          Girl I’ve been here since the beginnig aka naturallybrunette on tumblr !! I remember following you on there and then youtube 🙈 congratulations, you deserve it!! Can’t wait to see how you decorate it 🙂

                                                          Chloe Ellis

                                                            Awh yay Tara !! Thank you for sharing your life with us, been watching since your days at FIDM ♥️


                                                              i’m so happy for you!!! can’t wait for vlogs in the new house! ❤️

                                                              Mariane Enriquez

                                                                WE ARE VERY HAPPY AND EXCITED FOR YOU TARA! we luv you! 💞 greetings from Philippines 🇵🇭!


                                                                  I’m so happy for you!!!! Congrats on your new house! 😭🙌🙌🙌❤️

                                                                  Brianna Webb-Harris

                                                                    Can’t wait for the day where I’m overly excited & constantly saying “I bought a house” 😂😂 buying a house is such a bomb ass accomplishment !

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