MOVE WITH ME ep.5 // MOVE IN DAY!!! Unpacking!!

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    Tara Michelle
      MOVE WITH ME ep.5 // MOVE IN DAY!!! Unpacking!!

      THE DAY FINALLY CAME AROUND WHERE I GOT TO MOVE INTO MY NEW HOUSE!!! I’m obsessed w my cute little townhouse and the move in process has …

      Tara Michelle


        Rebecca D

          You could make the other videos in this series about buying new furniture, organizing the different rooms and, when the time comes, the remodeling of the bathrooms and the kitchen 🙂

          Kate Orchard

            I’m so in love with your beautiful new house!!!! You did good!!!

            Katie Lynn

              so excited for you tara!!! ❤️❤️❤️

              Finja paschke

                Yesssss moving vlogs 😍😍 and love to see you and Taylor so happy 😊🥰

                Amber Tantog

                  Ah this is so refreshing to see! I can’t wait to experience this in the future 💛 congrats on the house!! And your bf is straight up MVP!

                  Elvira H.

                    you should get a baseball bat or something of that sort because you can never been too safe!! i’m so happy for you! you deserve this!!

                    Raluca Popa

                      I think you can erase those writtings using acetone. You Can try at least 🙈


                        I saw that right when u posted it on ur story, what a dumb lady lol

                        keesha cooper

                          For those shelves for your shoes you can maybe turn them around so that you don’t see the words!!

                          Maddy Kelley

                            Okay but what do you put on a shelf labeled rock hahaha previous owner sounds interesting

                            lilyluvs dolphins

                              Hey Tara! Congratulations on your new house. Teacher hack for your home: magic eraser will take off the permanent marker. 😉

                              Caleb Dix

                                12:51 not even a week and you already have a psycho neighbor

                                Kelsie King

                                  “Its coming from that light, EH?” Such a Canadian 😂

                                  subi subi

                                    Remember TO SWITCH OFF the WIFI at night.
                                    Btw….instead of changing out the cabinets and counter tops…why any you just stick CONTACT PAPER on them??? Much cheaper.

                                    Alexis R

                                      I know you said you have the down town apt till the end of the month but my don’t you get a u haul and take it all in one shot ?

                                      Candela Mendez

                                        Love it 😍

                                        Anna S

                                          does anyone know where the pillows on her bed are from?

                                          Andy Chouin

                                            Quick fix for your shelves that were written on : just put washi tape 🙂

                                            Julia Walker

                                              Use rubbing alcohol to get rid of the sharpie in the closet

                                              Haley Haitz

                                                Love the patio! so cute! ps: you're gorgeous and I'm so happy things are working out between u and taylor! life's on your side.


                                                  Girl you should have got a uhal! Move everything in one trip lol


                                                    I love your place! And I’m so happy you’re keeping it real and not living beyond your means. Surely the difference between buying what you need and buying what you want. CONGRATS!

                                                    Kailey Williams

                                                      Yay! So excited for you! I love the wood floors in your house! They’re so pretty! Love moving vlogs! ☺️


                                                        If you draw expo (dry erase) marker over the permanent marker and wipe it off it should come off!

                                                        Karissa Barajas

                                                          I have the whole set of those anthro glasses . LOVVEEEEE THEM

                                                          Missy Glitter Vlogs

                                                            When I moved into my new apartment I had to have a air mattress too,because I don’t have a bed at all! I love your new home! It’s beautiful Tara! 😍

                                                            Ridah Zaman

                                                              Hey Tara! You can get off the sharpie by rubbing it with some nail paint remover

                                                              Missy Glitter Vlogs

                                                                When I moved into my new apartment I had to have a air mattress too,because I don’t have a bed at all! I love your new home! It’s beautiful Tara! 😍


                                                                  Use a magic eraser to get the sharpie off walls 🤗

                                                                  Brittney Lynn

                                                                    Love your house and SO happy for you! How does the google WiFi work? Do you still pay monthly for WiFi?

                                                                    Andrea Calix

                                                                      The adventures of moving somewhere new and meeting the nice* neighbors 😂😂😂 , love the place tara💕

                                                                      Jessica Ramintang

                                                                        Hi! Can I ask who’s the singer and titled the song on 2:25? Thank you 🙂

                                                                        ALI BUZZELLI

                                                                          I'm so curious what the previous tenants stored on that rock shelf hahaha

                                                                          Nalisa Talks

                                                                            I feel like this neighbor is going to be…a handful lol

                                                                            Alexis D

                                                                              I love that you bought a house that you get to do renovations too that you’ll love!!! Can’t wait for all the videos!!! Love you 😭

                                                                              alyssa carbonell

                                                                                haha so used to the videos being in the house now from your vlogs that i was shook when you started in your apartment

                                                                                Jelitza Palomino

                                                                                  Hey girl! I’ve been LOVING your move in vlogs !! I was wondering what camera you use to vlog? Love the quality of your vids

                                                                                  Shawdi Alahverdi

                                                                                    UGH I LOVEEE MOVING VLOGS! also you're going to make this house so cute and pinteresty i can feel it! love you tara! and shoutout to taylor for all the help! 🙂

                                                                                    Kadina Connor

                                                                                      “They’re fancy shmance“ I love the way you said that

                                                                                      Kadina Connor

                                                                                        I just finished watching the videos in your vlog channel and I’m not even bothered

                                                                                        SNEAKY FAM!!!!!!

                                                                                        Molly McArdell

                                                                                          I love your Colorado crop top. I'm from Colorado!


                                                                                            Wait question?! How come you didn’t sleep in the actual bed? Or was it like the box bed?

                                                                                            Bettiel H

                                                                                              I know you toldd us where u got your slippers from but i forgot!! Pls remind me??❤️

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