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      Mrs Freezing of Lapland

      I made a little video for Ted and Angelica so that they can see what I get up to when I’m away from home. You have been warned: I use my Mummy voice.

      Blue Note

        omg, love it already. made me go back in time when i was a child

        Swati Pai

          What a lovely video. Watching this made my day. Plz do more of these. I felt like I was there.


            Ooooh, I like your rally driver look…😎😎✨🌹✨

            Karolina Riihinen

              Hello! Greetings from Finland 🇫🇮

              The road ahead of us

                If my mother had asked me wether to build a treehouse or not I would have screamed YES! 😀

                E Andrews

                  Great idea, bet you little ones loved watching it. May I just ask what brand are your thermals (racing outfit lol), please? x

                  Jo Leipold

                    And, oh, btw, pretty nice digs on the airplane. Pretty cool if you ask me.

                    Pam Marriott

                      What a beautiful video, please do more❤️

                      Tamara Botha

                        I am here for the Treehouse Office idea!

                        Jo Leipold

                          Man, what I'm doing awake at 5:20 am, US time? WATCHING ANOTHER HYSTERICAL VIDEO FROM RUTH…YEAH, THAT'S WHAT I'M DOING!!! Tra la.

                          P Heart

                            You look like a Bond girl in an as yet unwritten novel. You only freeze once Mr Bond…

                            Melanie Hall

                              Lovely memories for you and your babies xx

                              Melanie Hall

                                Lovely memories for you and your babies xx

                                Dóri Seregély

                                  What a lovely video! You look like Nemo in your snow jacket!

                                  Nina Lappalainen

                                    I hope you had great time in my home country. ^_^ <3


                                      Lol, I got my daughter that so I jacket for Christmas, hope u having a fab time!

                                      Jane Lowe

                                        I love you explaining your mummy voice 🙂 x

                                        Adonis de lima


                                        Viewing 19 posts - 1 through 19 (of 19 total)
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