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    Say Yes to the Dress
      Mum Changes Her Mind after Seeing the Dress On! | Curvy Brides Boutique

      Deanna wants to try on a flouncy gown, however her mum isn’t too keen on the dress. Will mum’s opinion change after seeing the wedding dress on the bride to …

      Plum Luck

        I wish I could visit this shop. They are so supportive and kind and absolutely lovely. I'll be married later this year and I won't be able to go (live in the U.S.) but I'm glad that they are helping us plus size girls see ourselves differently than the rest of the world wants us to.

        Alba Velazquez

          It's beautiful and she looks so beautiful in it


            she's soo pretty πŸ’•

            I am not Soap girl

              #early squad


                You had to mention her size because…?

                Max Suarez

                  This girl is the prettiest thing I have ever seen, so beautiful I love everything about her. The girls are going to look beautiful on the big day. Much Love Peace and Happiness to you both πŸ™‚

                  Patti Ng

                    I don't think she looks fat at all. I see some gorgeous curves and lovely bride to be πŸ™‚.

                    Bhumika Sethi

                      She is so pretty


                        I guess I broke the law because I never tried on a princess dress

                        Hiza Razik

                          she has an amazing fashion sense πŸ˜‚β™₯️!

                          fatima jawed

                            You guys have extremely fabulous, simple, sober, sophisticated and beautiful designs than others.

                            Olivia Filo

                              She isn’t fat what omg

                              Creepypasta Lover

                                OH she's not fat. She's beautiful no matter what shape or size she is she shouldn't call herself fat

                                sara vaezi

                                  She is not fat. Just al little chubby.

                                  The Oreo Jedi

                                    I wish there were more curvy boutiques that had this much compassion. I've always feared wedding dress shopping because I don't like my body shape. I got time but man does it scare you.

                                    madaleine k

                                      She's realy pretty


                                        She looks beautiful

                                        Lolita Crasta

                                          Wow red hair

                                          Om Twom

                                            Traditional way.

                                            Vanessa R

                                              I love when the comments are open, just to tell you… Thank you! I love these ladies. And everything they do for us, curvy girls.

                                              Invoke the 25th Amendment.

                                                What a lovely girl love the hair.

                                                anthalia jeelani

                                                  YES TO THE DRESS LOGIC:

                                                  (Bride puts on a shopping bag)
                                                  No one likes it
                                                  (Puts on vail dress magically turns into a beautiful dress)
                                                  Everyone likes it and cries

                                                  it’s yazzy

                                                    2nd one was sooo ugly on her

                                                    C B

                                                      She is little. What the heck?

                                                      Reb Ruc

                                                        Yup, the dress she picked was a winner. She looked fabulous!! Thx&see yaπŸ˜ƒ

                                                        J F

                                                          She has wonderful colouring.

                                                          Athira Jayan

                                                            Her smile speaks everything

                                                            Namjoon’sHER [MONO]

                                                              #loveislove πŸ’œ

                                                              Namjoon’sHER [MONO]

                                                                Beautiful bride! she and her hair reminds me of Brave's Princess Merida 😍

                                                                Paige Leigh

                                                                  I absolutely love these ladies and I watch every show.

                                                                  Sally Sammy

                                                                    She's so stunning and the dress just enhanced her beauty even more… Omg I absolutely love her hair color…

                                                                    Demon _soup

                                                                      2:18 hit or miss I guess they never miss hu

                                                                      Katie Got Klaws

                                                                        She seems so sweet!

                                                                        Steve L

                                                                          The store looks like its located in some type of farm house or barn in the middle of nowhere!! Who goes shopping there?

                                                                          Sharmin Akter

                                                                            That "oh wow" at 3:02 sounded so fake –_
                                                                            (Not hating just saying ._.)

                                                                            Katja Pia

                                                                              She is really beautiful, no "fat" at all, it hurts me, when she labeled herself at the end. Love from Spain πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ

                                                                              Rashi Koranne

                                                                                You're not fat if you don't feel fat. I am size 6 and I am not comfortable with my body at all. I am working on it but its hard. She's beautiful and I am glad she said that she doesn't feel fat in the dress. ❀

                                                                                Honey Lindsay

                                                                                  She's pretty

                                                                                  Neelam Singh

                                                                                    I love the sister in law.
                                                                                    She's so adorable!
                                                                                    The bride looks awesome tho.

                                                                                    Stolen Queen

                                                                                      You can just see the way that she was talking about her gf that she is truly in love

                                                                                      Kk dragon

                                                                                        She has an amazing figure and all the dresses look great on her 😊😍

                                                                                        Beauty Beauty

                                                                                          You now girl you should not care on what your weight is ever women has got a good finger to there body πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

                                                                                          Kk dragon

                                                                                            I love the coulor of her hair. ❀

                                                                                            Linnie_ mouse

                                                                                              I want all the dresses in the shop!!


                                                                                                she has an amazing figure!

                                                                                                Nicola San

                                                                                                  Congrats to her. I hope they both have a blessed married life!

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