Mum Wants Bride to Pick a Dress That Covers Her "Chubby Arms" | Say Yes To The Dress

Main Mum Wants Bride to Pick a Dress That Covers Her "Chubby Arms" | Say Yes To The Dress

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    Say Yes to the Dress

      Lisa wants her daughter to get a ball gown with sleeves to hide her arms but bride, Angelica, isn’t too happy about that. Catch Say Yes to the Dress on TLC – Sky …

      Raegan Holsted

        God publicly body shaming your soon to be bride daughter that's a new low


          Her mother just wants her daughter to look pretty

          Christine in Nornia

            Ugh, what is it with some Mother’s and their daughters image😫

            bonifus sisters

              Klienfield does not have much collection for chubby brides..curvy bride’s boutique is the best for that


                Moms should tell the truth but should not be so rude,but the dress her mom picked is so beautiful


                  If she were my mother, I would never speak to her again. No one deserves that in their life.

                  Annie Harding

                    Imagine living with that, the bride is more mature than her mother. You’d have to have such a thick skin, the mother made me self-conscious and I’m only watching this

                    Sammie Marie

                      That mother Is so mean

                      Maryam Charles

                        Mom seriously??? Body shame ur child like that..seriously mom…she need slap..

                        Minjinsor Ganbaatar

                          You go girl!!! Wear what you makes happy. Anyways you are beautiful😘


                            Holy cow! The mom is awful! I remember when I wore a sleeveless dress and I was super insecure about my chubby arms, and my mom was the one to comfort me

                            vartika gaur

                              Half way into the video and i already wanna throw a brick at her mom. How can a mother be so demeaning, wtf? Her daughters are so beautiful, if only she could see that.

                              K S

                                Why is the fat mother picking on her daughter who is smaller than she is.

                                Princess Koko

                                  I have very VERY similar issues with my mom. She always talking about my stomach. All I hear when I’m looking for clothes, taking pics, or anything “suck it in” or “we gotta use material to cover it. Needless to say I stopped living with her LONG ago and I avoid functions with her. I’ve been to 3 wedding dress shops I haven’t brought her yet and I’ve had questions. I’m gonna show them this video next time ppl ask me

                                  Cinnaman TV

                                    Hahhah this is my mother and Me is it our Italian culture idk were super honest

                                    Dona Jose

                                      The bride has an amazing body and she is super confident about it! You go girl 🙌

                                      Lan Friesen

                                        Her younger sister is more mature than her mother…

                                        anonymous wanderer

                                          But mum…a sleeve does not make a chubby arm a slim arm🙁 and the bride is beautiful so is her sister

                                          rokhshana islam

                                            Seriously!!! This mom is totally mental!

                                            Sarah-Anne Carney

                                              I couldn't watch this it was too disgusting. If you read this bride, youre gorgeous. Not oh youre bigher BUT none of that shit. Youre straight up gorgeous inside and out. Your mum seems like a bit of a jerk and I hope she works through her insecurities.

                                              Ker Bear

                                                Shame on that mother.

                                                Victoria Nichkhun

                                                  I’m getting tired of the panina dresses😒

                                                  Lauren Nasca

                                                    Her mom is horrible

                                                    Kai !!!

                                                      The mother is going to tell her that she looks fat no matter what dress she wears.

                                                      CS Magix

                                                        what if it was scripted


                                                          mums like this are the reason why people have eating disorders. honestly really don't like the mum at all

                                                          Tenisha Wilson

                                                            Her arms are not chubby, what they mainly need to be concerned about is her breast not popping out during her wedding.


                                                              Both are beautiful girls.

                                                              Klaudia W

                                                                She looks so much better without the sleeves, so much more flattering for her figure than covering it up! That mum is crazy to shame her daughter like that especially if she said it herself she feels good!

                                                                emily jay

                                                                  Her mum is so rude

                                                                  spoly 813

                                                                    It's moms like this one that give girls a lifetime of insecurity and lack of self confidence. The mom should look in the mirror first before commenting on her daughter's weight. Horrible woman!

                                                                    Kayla Robinson

                                                                      The second is gorgeous

                                                                      KitKat W

                                                                        Who say the girl at 2:40 in the background snap chatting the cameras

                                                                        Lps Frostbite

                                                                          Her arms are beautiful. HER ARMS ARENT CHUBBY

                                                                          Audrey Suit

                                                                            she looks like Ashley graham, absolutely gorgeous!!

                                                                            Kayla Robinson

                                                                              The first dress is amazing

                                                                              eunice cristi

                                                                                I'm chubby but she's pretty while I'm not haha

                                                                                Olivia Cruz

                                                                                  her mom is so rude, moms are supposed to make there daughter feel good about themselves and boost their confidence not make them feel insecure and ugly

                                                                                  Jemma J

                                                                                    Honestly, just cuz ur mum body shamed u until u lost ur confidence, doesnt mean u transfer this negative energy to your daughter. Horrible 🤐

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