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      My 3 Favourite Sunscreens

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      P Heart

        Supposed to snow here Sunday. Any recommendations for chilblains and frostbite?!

        Julia Fox Nagel

          Thanks for the video, Ruth! Such summery vibes going on :)! I'm very pale and have sensitive skin and have tried a fair few so just putting my number one recommendation out there for others in the same boat: Avene Reflexe Solaire SPF50. It's the only one that doesn't make my skin even more sensitive and doesn't burn when applied (- looking at you on this unfortunately, Anthelios! ). Also, I'm trying to get better at wearing a cap/hat when I'm out and about because that is going to be even more effective when it comes to keeping skin safe.


            Let me just say, you are such a gorgeous, funny, intelligent, amazing human being! xx

            Katie Metcalfe

              I love your garden. Thanks and take care. I hope you are all well.

              Sallie C

                Hello, have you tried Suntegrity with primer? Non toxic sunscreen.

                Christina Bellen

                  Yay I need a sunscreen that works and then you posted this!! Thanks! Enjoy your sun! 🙂

                  MK H

                    I bought the Arden cream in your recommendation up our winter trip to Spain this year, Ruth, and you are SO RIGHT. It is perfect. I don’t usually like fragrance in my skincare so I have had to overlook that but it’s not overpowering and fades quickly.

                    Paula H

                      Have you tried Ultrasun? No need to top up and great for sensitive skin 😊


                        I can’t stop looking at your garden. Garden tour?

                        Kirsty Jones

                          I have given up on Western sunscreens since discovering the wonderful Japanese and Korean formulations a few years ago. They are so lightweight and don't tend to be fragranced. Labmuffin has a good video featuring some of my favourite ones.


                            This video has come at such a good time for me. I’ve just discovered that my favourite facial suncream has been discontinued, so I’m searching for a replacement. The difficulty for me is finding something right for my skin which is also factor 30 instead of 50. I’m very fair, but if I wear factor 50 then I don’t tan in the slightest!


                              I need to wear spf every day due to taking immunosuppressant medicine and I swear by the La Roche Posé! Even the thicker formula one goes beautifully under make up and never makes my skin break out x

                              Emily Sheffield

                                I recently bought thr pitz buin one day long factor 30 just because it reminds me of my holidays from 10 to 15 years ago. The nostalgia alone make me WANT to wear it everyday. Bonus x


                                  I find that I’ve become more and more sensitive to the chemicals that I taste them in my mouth (when I was younger I didn’t find this a problem). I switched to Australian gold mineral tinted sunscreen 50 spf. I love it! Tinted so perfect for summer days that you don’t want a lot on, but have some coverage and no residue and good spf! Thanks, Ruth for your faves and total weather envy! Ha!

                                  Katherine O

                                    Absolutely devastating but the body shop have changed the formula this year. It’s far more heavy and leaves a white cast! Old formula was perfect for me. I’m very pale and had full laser skin removal a few years ago so depend on spf all year round. On the hunt for a new go to, going to give Elizabeth Arden a try!

                                    Elizabeth Yates

                                      Awsome video!! I always go to you for skincare and makeup advice, you are absolutely the best xxo


                                        A little add on question, do you think if I switched from the Elizabeth Arden to The Body Shop I'd be disappointed, the formulation of the EA seems perfect at the moment but I do want to see if I can switch to something a little lighter on the wallet?!


                                          Adore the Elizabeth Arden SPF – wasnt sure on the scent at first, but its grown on me! so lightweight and almost a moisturiser/ primer hybrid. I'd love to see a top facial tanner video 🙂

                                          Jill Morris

                                            Thank you 😊 Anthelios definitely did burn my eyes but was fab under makeup… Gotta try the body shop next 😃

                                            Liz Fawcett

                                              Very distracted by your gorgeous garden, and your glamorous set up 🙌 will try the la roche Posay. I still love piz buin for body, it's never failed me! And I, like you bake myself every summer in the med, ahhh cant wait for a beach holiday!!!!

                                              Doctor Anne

                                                Who cares about the tractor, that background is lovely!

                                                Josephine Robertson

                                                  My problem is they all melt and run into my eyes. : I would give just about anything to find a facial sunscreen that doesn't melt and end up stinging my eyes. I literally have no other requirements. 🙁

                                                  aunty lainey

                                                    PS good to see you are wearing a hat!

                                                    aunty lainey

                                                      This is what I am looking for ,thanks!. The La Roche-Posay is a very good product I have used it for a long time without any problems and I have sensitive skin ,but I am going to try the other two as well ………was wondering what to use post makeup application when out and about…(.who knows when that will be) will be buying the LRP invisible spray mist as soon as I can …..watching you over a late breakfast from Canada .Cheers … the way ,found you via Nadine Baggott (you are both entertaining ,fun and informative ! x

                                                      alexandra badea

                                                        Γειά σας, Ruth! I wonder who wears makeup at the beach, seems so useless if you're not a model doing her work, for example shooting something for a magazine or a calendar. Nevertheless, I do enjoy all your videos, you have such a serene vibe and pleasant voice! La Roche Posay has a new spf50 mist without fragrance, the Invisible Mist ( Anthelios range for kids).


                                                          So, England looks like Provence or Tuscany now…
                                                          Is there absolutely nothing you can rely on, in this times😳😳

                                                          Ashley Miranda

                                                            Haven't you had problems with the Elizabeth Arden sunscreen? I've seen reviews of people saying it's too drying so idk maybe I'll just stick to Laroche 🤷🏻‍♀️


                                                              Love the La Roche Posay one. It’s cheaper in Uk than in Hk so I bought it at boots when I was in London last year. Should have buy more~

                                                              Amber Roark

                                                                I am so jealous of your garden! Lovely lady.

                                                                A Woman of a Certain Age

                                                                  Your outdoor setting is lovely! As is your hat.
                                                                  The La Roche-Posay site says: "Do not spray directly on the face. Spray on hands and apply to face. Do not apply in windy conditions. Use in a well-ventilated area. Avoid inhaling or exposing others to spray."
                                                                  The Colorescience SPF mineral powder is a great way to top up your sunscreen over makeup.


                                                                    Tan is just the outward evidence of changed skin cells for ever. Just saying. Think of meat being seared. Sun damage often doesn’t appear for decades. I feel v strongly about this as my mum and my 37 yr old niece died ( 6 weeks after having her first child ) through melanoma Keep safe and keep pale.


                                                                      Beautiful video, it looks like you have a lovely garden 🙂
                                                                      I think I will try the body shop one as I'm looking for a good SPF 50

                                                                      Janet Hothersall

                                                                        Loved look fabulous…and this video made me smile…a lot! 😊


                                                                          Altruist! Cheapest most ethical suncream there is! Influencers with their deals and collabs from big commercial beauty companies recommend the expensive tiny bottles of suncream. For the full SPF you need to use half a tea spoon several times a day which is so rarely cost effective! Altruist is £17 for a whole litre! Don't be tempted to spread out your suncream just because it was expensive. Look after yourselves from skin cancer can be budget-friendly! <3

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