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      My 5 Best Summer Beauty Buys

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      Jane Levey

        Isle of paradise is a wonderful self tanner!


          Great as always. Thank you. Ruth, what are you reading? I love your book recommendations. Enjoy the rest of your summer season.


            Ruth, La Roche Posay (as well as Vichy) do a face specific SPF50 spray (in a tiny 75ml can). Not sure if the body mist you're using isn't too "heavy" for face use.

            Mickey Mouse


              C Mulvenna

                Oh tanning drops are amazing. I’ve tried the Balance Me ones. So easy to use (add to moisturiser), so natural, no smell of fake tan. Love them they just make me look more healthy, which is what I like. I’d recommend them for sure 💖 Fab video, thanks for all the info!

                Liz McCarthy

                  Bioderma have a fabulous hydrating moisturiser for sensitised skin with Spf 30 for around €18 really fab under makeup, i have combination skin . Ps totally agree body blur is amazing but really expensive 😀

                  Gill Yeandel

                    Which moisturiser do you mix hylamide drops with Ruth? I always find that the moisturiser is ridiculously runny by the time I’ve added the drops. Am I doing something wrong?! Also does your tan still build up if you use acids on your face? Love your recommendations and reviews!


                      How do you stop the body blur from transferring on seats e.g. in the car or in Restaurants ? Because mine is always transferring when I sit down 😫

                      Lorna Becker

                        Hi Ruth, your nails are beautiful what do you have done? And what colour?

                        Adventures of Barbarella

                          makes me want to get on the self tanner again 🙂 I haven't worn in forever, I get so fed up with brownish pillowcases and underwear

                          Rebecca Hope

                            I used the Tan Luxe Super Glow, I used 3 drops and I looked like an Oompa Loompa 😡

                            Mariangela Bruni

                              Love you Ruth!! 😘 And love your makeup in the video! 💄😍 Thank you so much for always posting your recommendations you’re truly one of the few people I trust on YouTube meaning you and Caroline 🤗 much love from Italy

                              Oana Iuşan

                                I will definitelly give isle of paradise a try !!!!! Also did you also recomend the Clarins drops the gradual tan ones….because you always have the most glorious recomandations!

                                Becky C.

                                  Love the hylamide drops and I have the Vita Liberata for the face that I mix with a light lotion or bb cream.

                                  Nicole Makris

                                    Lovely video funny as always (you crack me up)but would love to see more vlogs a day or week in the life of. Hope everything is going well with building work. Hope the kids are well!! Take care xxxxx

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