my alarm didn't go off… 5 MINUTE MAKEUP!

Main my alarm didn't go off… 5 MINUTE MAKEUP!

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      my alarm didn't go off... 5 MINUTE MAKEUP!

      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Here’s my go to look when i’m running late & have to get out the door soon! I hope you guys enjoy! Thanks for watching! xoxo!


        Hey guys….
        So I wasn’t going to post a video today because I wasn’t able to film over the weekend…. (I’ve been in and out of meetings trying to finalize all the steps to launch lights lacquer) so I thought I would film something quick for you guys this morning. It’s nothing special at all but I just wanted to say hi and chat with you’ Please bare with me while I get settled behind the scenes!!! Good stuff coming soon!!!’ Love you all. Thanks for your patience!

        Vicky Nixon

          I don't like straight sided mugs and it has to be a big mug 😂

          Twin Peaks

            My top 3 would be a brow gel ,mascara, and chapstick for sure and a pop of glitter on the eyes . Love glitter so much

            Angel Paterson

              No one:

              🎶*HURISE N SHINEEE* 🎶

              Alexandra V

                I want to see the video with Jessie you guys always make me laugh 😂❤️

                Viviana Ibarra

                  Upload ittttttttt, latinos know him!!

                  Amanda Lewin

                    You know we all want that video lol

                    H_ Nguyen

                      My literally 10-minute routine: wiping face with a cotton pad soaked in toner – sunscreen – concealer (only under eyes and T-zone, blend around in 10 secs) – blush – mascara – lipstick
                      My 5-minute version: wiping as usual – sunscreen – a light layer of powder foundation on my undereye area and T-zone – colored lip balm
                      My 2-minute version (which I do almost everyday lol don’t judge me): wiping as usual – sunscreen – lip balm – rise and shiiiiiiiiine


                        Walter Mercadooo lol can’t wait 😂

                        Iridian Arellano

                          Uhm Kathleen can you post that Walter mercado video??!!! That’s my childhood!


                            I like those round ones, kinda like the one you have, or a stereotypical round one.

                            Alejandra Picazo

                              girl lets be honest, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US would watch ANYTHING that has you and Jessi in it

                              Angelica Pacheco

                                I'd like to say that quirky cute mugs are best but honestly, the wider the better. If a bowl had a handle on it, I'd probably drink coffee out of it

                                Ami Menjivar

                                  POST IT!!! Walter Mercado me in the childhood feels (that sounded so weird but I know you get me lol). In typical fashion though I have to watch it with my mom telling me to be quiet until he was done talking about Taurus lol

                                  Reychanelle Saints

                                    There’s something diff with your jaws or cheeks i cant tell lol what is it?

                                    Juan Rodriguez

                                      You need to post that "waaaa te me ca do" video asap lol I still know his intro lol besides if you dont post it you're literally keeping him from so many people who dont know all about him lol

                                      Leilani Tennyson

                                        Too three would be. Mascara, lipgloss, and concealer

                                        Bonita Michellita

                                          KATHLEEEEEN after all our years together you still question whether we will like a video!!??! My mother would throw anything in reach if we spoke when he said Pisces 🤣 give. it. to. US!

                                          Danielle England

                                            Anything with you and Jessie we love. You two could be going to the grocery store and I'd watch it!


                                              Walter Mercado?!? Hell yeah!! Omg..PLEASE post it! !!

                                              Jackie Medeiros

                                                My top 3 would be; Bronzer, Mascara and lip gloss.

                                                chailey baskins

                                                  Must have eyes brows and bronzer for sure!

                                                  crf crfo

                                                    I'd watch the Walter Mercado vid!

                                                    Janessa Soto

                                                      Please post it!

                                                      Nicole Tinsman

                                                        My favorite coffee cup is the kind I can put my whole hand through the handle. 🤷🏻‍♀️

                                                        Cassie Quach

                                                          I'm so mad. You've been raving about the hyaluronic acid mist from CP because of the mist, but mine is defected or something. There's a clog or something in mine because it streams at me in one spot. Aggressively. So sad 🙁

                                                          Alexis Vasquez

                                                            Concealer, bronzer, mascara


                                                              Kathleen twerking at the beginning made me laugh so hard! Honestly if I only have 5 mins to do makeup, I’ll just skip it completely and go all au natural.

                                                              Lisette Enriquez

                                                                "Pero sobre todo, mucho, mucho, Mucho…Amor!" Lol post it!!!

                                                                Audrey Eli

                                                                  THE BEST MUG has a small bottom and a wide top SO IT FITS ON A MUG WARMER!! Mugs with a large base don’t fit and make me sad

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